November 20, 2014


New Lorain High graduates first class

Lorain High School graduates march to their seats to “Pomp and Circumstance” on Tuesday. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

Lorain High School graduates march to their seats to “Pomp and Circumstance” on Tuesday. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

LORAIN — Four years after the merger of Admiral King and Southview high schools, the first class that spent all its years at Lorain High School graduated Tuesday.

Graduates reflected on their unity despite the disruption of moving to a different building in 2012 to accommodate construction of a new Lorain High School. Valedictorian Chelsea Greenfield said high school taught her things she couldn’t learn in a textbook.

“Lorain High taught me how to be tolerant, patient and humble,” Greenfield said. “We moved from building to building, but one thing never changed. The Class of 2014, the first class of all Titans, always had each other, and I believe we still do.”

Greenfield saluted her teachers, whom she said went above and beyond on a regular basis.

“They are idols, mentors and sometimes even guardians for the students who need it most,” said Greenfield, who is planning to major in political science and law at American University in Washington, D.C.

Like Greenfield, classmate Hiatt Hernon said life lessons learned were an important part of his high school experience.

“In 2010, we still liked LeBron James,” joked Hernon, a high school sports broadcaster planning to major in media arts at Ohio University.

The class includes 50 students who earned associate degrees in addition to high school diplomas. Three earned two associate degrees.

“Not only did we pass, but we passed with flying colors,” Hernon said.

Olivia Williams, senior class representative, challenged classmates to strive for greatness.

“Do not let the sound of other people’s opinions overcome your own decisions,” said Williams, who is planning to major in marketing at Kent State University. “Go out there and make it happen. Because if you believe in yourself, it will happen.”

The graduation was the last for Principal Diane Conibear, who took over in 2008. Conibear is becoming director of pupil personnel at Polaris Career Center, a Middleburg Heights-based adult education and high school vocational school.

Conibear asked graduates to be positive, unselfish and not limit their expectations.

“Always challenge yourself to learn more and achieve more,” she said.

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Lorain High Class of 2014

Lorain High School’s Class of 2014 has 341 graduates, with an additional 48 graduating from the alternative schools.

  • 61 percent of graduates plan to attend a college or vocational school.
  • 8 percent enlisted in the military.
  • 5 percent plan to enter the workplace.
  • 24 percent are undecided.
  • 14 percent earned an associate degree in addition to a high school diploma.
  • $3.6 million anticipated acceptance of scholarship money.

SOURCE: Lorain Schools

  • oldruss

    First, congratulations to all of the graduates. This is a mile stone for each of you, and, hopefully, not the last one.

    Secondly, did the band bother to play or did the audience bother to sing the Lorain High School Alma Mater:

    On the shore of old Lake Erie,
    Where the coal and iron meet,
    Stands our dear old Lorain High School,
    Full of joy and mem’ries sweet,
    And the spirit that we find there
    Growing up so strong and true,
    Brings us back to friendships made there
    L.H.S. we stand for you

    When our days of school are over
    And a name we try to make,
    Back to us will come those mem’ries
    Of the high school by the lake.
    Then we’ll long to see the teachers
    Who have helped us on our way.
    Oh, we love you, Alma Mater!
    L.H.S. by you we’ll stay.

    Lorain High School, Lorain High School,
    We’ll always think of you;
    And no matter what befalls us,
    Lorain High we’ll e’er be true.

    • Bruce Tennant

      is it still the alma mater ? Serious question not a snipe. The mascot and colors have changed so I’m wondering (as a Lorain High Steelman grad) if it’s even the same alma mater

      • oldruss

        No, I am afraid it is not. There is nothing left of Lorain High School, except for the memories, and except for the name of the school, which has been purloined by this new high school.

  • stillsleepyeyes

    out of all the grads………………….a lot didn’t show up