November 28, 2014


Second Westlake pastor facing sex charges

Jordan Endrie

Jordan Endrei

ELYRIA — A second pastor at Westlake’s Church on the Rise has been indicted on sex charges by a Lorain County grand jury.

Jordan Endrei, 26, is charged with a single felony count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Endrei, who is listed on the church’s website as assistant pastor, is the second member of the church’s leadership to be indicted in the past week on sex charges.

County Prosecutor Dennis Will said Endrei is the son of Paul Endrei, the senior pastor at Church on the Rise. The elder Endrei, 53, was arrested last week after being indicted on two counts of sexual battery and four counts of gross sexual imposition.

Jordan Endrei is accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl between June 2010 and June 2011, Will said.

Paul Endrei is accused of molesting the same girl beginning in 2005, conduct that also occurred in 2009, 2010 and 2013, according to the indictment. He also is accused of having sexual relations with the girl in 2010 while he was in a position of authority over her.

Will has said Avon police launched an investigation last year after the victim reported the sexual contact.

A woman who answered the phone at Church on the Rise on Wednesday said the church had no comment on the latest indictment.

The church released a statement last week in which it identified the relationship between Paul Endrei and the alleged victim. The Chronicle-Telegram does not typically identify those relationships to protect the identity of sex crime victims.

“We pray that this troubled adolescent receives the help and counseling she needs,” the statement said. “The Church believes in our legal system and that the truth will come out.”

The statement also said that Paul Endrei maintains his innocence.

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  • Jeff Kidder

    The sexual predator apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Like father, like son.

    • Otter

      The family that preys together….allegedly.

    • golfingirl

      Like Adam and Eve, they both bit the apple.

  • Bob

    MMMMM two in less then a week. Sound to me like there is more going on at that church then “praising god”.

    To use their words. I hope the church get counseling. Because it sounds like they need to choose their leaders a little better.

  • Sis Delish

    Should be fun to watch the other congregations advertise for new members…

  • golfingirl

    Just makes me suspicious when a pastor lives in a half-million dollar home and belongs to a country club. (RedTail)

    He is certainly entitled to do so, however I think it just sends the wrong message, when asking for money from many who have a lot less. Just seems a bit hypocritical.

    I suppose the Church on the Rise clergy are not required to take vows of poverty, or obedience; if so, Paul Endrei, and now his son, may have broken both.

    May be time to find a new pastor and move on. These charges can’t be helping their collection basket!

    • Otter

      Check out daddy’s FB page….Big smiles all around, with Joel Osteen. They are no better than any other scammers, but kind of stupid to flaunt it.

      • golfingirl

        Joel will pray for him, and then get as far away as possible!

    • concerned parent

      Gandhi and Mother Theresa didn’t live like this….high on a hog.

      • golfingirl

        Don’t expect them to live in poverty, but at least a moderate lifestyle, given that their possessions and income are derived from their congregation.

        But I suppose if people are willing to freely give their money, so he can live as he does, more power to them.

        It is their money and their decision. Something just does not seem right about it….my opinion.


    This congregation in this church is brainwashed. How do you listen to 2 accused child molesters explain how their innocent all the while blaming the victim.

    • Bob

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • golfingirl

      Religious leaders can be very “persuasive.”

      Too often, their flocks follow blindly.

    • concerned parent

      Some people don’t mind drinking the Kool Aid

      • Bob

        Wow good reference.

        Or setting fire to their compound and killing themselves and their kids. Waco, Tx

        • concerned parent

          lol true but sadly majority of people don’t care because they are too busy, selfish, etc. I give this girl credit for being brave and speaking up. I’m sure she is not the only victim. It wouldnt suprise me if they like so many others get away with it.

  • golfingirl

    So, if she was 14yo in 2010, and this started in 2005, she would of only been about 9 years old.

    He is one sick person, if found to have committed this crime.

    Oh well, good bye country club life style!!!!

    He will be trading in the golf shirts for an orange jumpsuit.; and the Titlest irons for iron shackles.

    Should also take away his putter and his “golf balls.”

    • tickmeoff

      With where their going, I don’t even want to think of them using their putter and golf balls!

  • concerned parent

    Within the same week of Pastor Paul getting arrested I discovered that my son was physically assaulted at Albert Einstein Academy. The whole thing was recorded. I immediately withdrew him because the principal refused to fire the teacher. Come to find out this teacher is a close personal friend of the principal and even lived with him as a foriegn exchange student for a few months. The principal informed me that it was not the first incident with the teacher or other students. When I found out about the Pastor I immediately called the principal because AEA students use the church for some classes. Although my child no longer attended I questioned him about sending the students to the church for classes. I was told yes they will still go but the pastor will be in his office only! I told him this was wrong but he didn’t care. Later that day, I heard of several students witnessing Pastor Pauls son being arrested at the church. One student even video recorded it. It’s digusting how this school and church allowed the children to be in harms way. Beware of this school. I was waiting for this article to come out so I can warn everyone of AEA. Do what you want with this information.

    • concerned parent

      AEA just sent an email out to parents that children will longer go to church for classes. Too bad it took a second arrest and lots of heat from parents. Just be aware that an abusive teacher is still teaching at AEA.

      • PK-EMT

        How did I miss the article about abusive teachers at AEA? I will say though I understand not wanting them to go to the church at this time, they are still innocent until proven guilty.

        • concerned parent

          I wrote the above about the abusive teacher (don’t know why I’m showing up as “guest”). Anyway, it wasn’t made known to the public. The principal and higher ups are refusing to do anything about it so that is why I posted it on here. First the abusive teacher incident happened then the arrest of Pastor Paul. I confronted the principal about both and he said he didn’t view the teacher or pastor as being a threat”. Three hours after confronting him the pastor’s son was arrested at the church. Long story but all week I reached out for help from AEA here in Ohio and California as well. Nothing was resolved. They made excuses instead. I removed my son from the school after seeing the video of the teacher. After he refused to fire the teacher and kept the classes at the church I told the principal I planned on withdrawing my son from the school after finishing the school year. However, I wanted him to finish all work from home. He insisted my son finish in the school or receive an “I” for incomplete. I told him absolutely not and he said he would withdraw my son himself if I didn’t. I find it funny that he would remove the victim and not the violator(s). As it now stands, the school board said they would allow my son to complete the rest of the year at home (til the 11th) as long as I “give it a rest”. Well, here I am letting everyone know because it’s the right thing to do. My child begged me not to go to police and I dont want to put him through that bc he is already stressed by this. Its time for us to move on. I was hoping the principal, school officials, and other parents would step up but they didn’t. We will get past this and are happy and excited about home schooling (musuems etc; make learning fun), the summer, and life. I just feel I have an obligation to inform others about what I know about AEA.

          • DZSLOVAK

            Why haven’t you notified the Police?

  • DonMega

    Was this a pervert church.

  • golfingirl

    Oh well….if there was DNA found, it is all over.

    Just ask Bill Clinton….laughing. Even he couldn’t talk his way out of that one!

    • Kevin Jenkins

      I see this it a witch hunt. Lets just burn em at the stake.

      Goofygirl you make dumb people look smart.

      • golfingirl

        Ahhhh….the Godfather rears his ugly head again.

        You have a lot of nerve even showing your pallor face here.

        Didn’t you “steal” my identity about a month ago? Photo and all!

        Pretend you were me and post negative comments about others, under my name? Oh, I forgot, you added an extra “G.”

        I was at least glad the CT deleted ALL your posts.

        Stay away you identity thief and liar!

        By the way, are you the fugitive they are looking for in the other story this week? Talk about a resemblance!

        Straight stringy black hair, parted down the middle. Shallow face, black clothing, pale complexion…..and very creepy looking.

        You should know something about “witch hunts,” since your physical features resemble one.

        Get lost! Or are you here to steal my identity again?

        • concerned parent

          “pallor face” lol

  • PK-EMT

    I find it funny that every other sight posted who the “victim” was except this. I also see this is the only site that people commenting aren’t waiting to hear facts but just laying blame. Says something about the readers I suppose.

    • Bob

      Ok three things;

      1) it’s Site as in Web Site, not Sight as in see.

      2) the paper already said that it wont and never will post the name of underage victims.

      3) Laying blame??? So the “church” can write a statement basically calling the girl a liar. But we can’t defend her??

      The “church” showed everyone whose side they are on when the wrote that sickening statement. That statement should show EVERYONE what kind of church that place is. Like I said anyone still going there is just as guilty as these two men (if you can call them that) are.

      To sit and defend someone suspected of a crime like this is insane. When it comes down to crimes against children. I will believe the child before I will believe the predator. No matter what sort of office the PREDATOR holds. And yes even it was my own father or brother.

      Let me guess you go to this “church”???

      • a+teacher

        The “church” is owned by Paul Endrei. He has a sham Board of Elders who basically do whatever he says. Non one knows how much money he takes in or how much money he takes as a salary. We used to go to that church and were very uncomfortable with the fact that Endrei reports to no one.

        • Bob

          If we are lucky he will be reporting to Big Bubba when he gets to prison.

        • concerned parent

          I have to say, I was introduced to the man once and got such an uneasy feeling from him and I felt horrible bc I knew he was a pastor but I couldn’t shake it. My friend who introduced us seen my uneasiness and said to me “are you okay”

      • concerned parent

        Bravo well said Bob! That is exactly how I feel esp about believing the child. Amen brother

    • golfingirl

      “this is the only site that people commenting aren’t waiting to hear facts.”

      Really? Please enlighten us to those sights which are so unbiased and fair.

      Are you referring to the Church on the Rise website?

  • Kim Van Heuveln

    Innocent until found guilty by a court of law. Don’t be so quick to judge.

    • golfingirl

      I really hope you are correct and this child was not subjected to the horrors she claims against her own father and brother.

      Someone here is not telling the truth. Only time will tell.

      • Kim Van Heuveln

        So do I. None of us know until this is tried in the court.

    • Bob

      Two word for you:

      Branch Davidians.

      All you people defending these two scumbags sound just like the Branch Davidians people, well up until the point they set their compound on fire and killed themselves

      • Kim Van Heuveln

        We don’t know the truth yet. I sound like a branch dividian because I said innocent until proven guilty.ok… You obviously have a lot of emotions tied into this event. More than usual. I think we are all disgusted by the act itself. But innocent until proven guilty is fair. I wish you well.

      • Kim Van Heuveln

        Probably 30 years ago, a couple was accused of molesting a teenage girl they took in. He was arrested and charged with sexual molestation. He almost lost his house, paying for attorney fees, when the truth came out the girl admitted she lied. It also cost him $30,000. Not every accuser is truthful. She may or may not be. Wait until this is tried before persecuting someone.

        • Bob

          So you are basing you opinion on something that happened 30 years ago??

          I have no ties into the situation. What pisses me off is the so called church accusing her on lying from the get-go.

          But I have heard that the member’s of that church follow this pedophile no matter what he does. Just like the nutcases in Waco, Texas did.

  • brenda

    That poor child. But all are in my prayers. I am a child of God, even evil people need prayers.

  • David Bly

    Just remember the bus driver sent to prison because of a 5 year old, that said they was having naked dance parties. This was in the 60′s.. The kids grew up and the people involved was set free.. One more David Aryles accoused of murder in CMGA projects, spent 13 years behind bars and was found not guilty. He got 13 million, but lost those years..