November 25, 2014


Westlake pastor pleads not guilty to sex charges

Attorney Jack Bradley stands with his client Paul Endrei, the senior pastor at Church on the Rise, as he is arraigned on sex charges. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

Attorney Jack Bradley stands with his client Paul Endrei, the senior pastor at Church on the Rise, as he is arraigned on sex charges. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — Paul Endrei, the senior pastor at Westlake’s Church on the Rise, pleaded not guilty Thursday to sex charges during his first appearance in Lorain County Common Please Court.

Endrei, 53, is accused of molesting a girl he knew beginning in 2005, with sexual conduct also occurring with the girl in 2009, 2010 and 2013. He also is accused of having sexual relations with the girl while he was in a position of authority over her in 2013, according to court documents.

He faces two counts of sexual battery and four counts of gross sexual imposition.

His son, 26-year-old Jordan Endrei, who also is a pastor at Church on the Rise, is accused of engaging in unlawful sexual conduct with the same victim, when she was about 14 years old, between June 2010 and June 2011.

The younger Endrei is due in court for his arraignment next week.

Avon police conducted the investigation, but neither they nor prosecutors have released many details of the allegations against the pair.

Lorain defense attorney Jack Bradley, who represents both Endreis, said his clients deny any wrongdoing.

Bradley said he hasn’t seen the full scope of the evidence against the Endreis, but said the alleged victim has a troubled past, including prior sexual abuse claims that have been proven false.

“When we get the discovery and see if there were any forensics, like DNA, we will be prepared to supply prosecutors with our information,” he said.

The Church on the Rise has backed Paul Endrei against the allegations against him in a news release.

“We pray that this troubled adolescent receives the help and counseling she needs,” the statement said. “The church believes in our legal system and that the truth will come out.”

The church has declined additional comment since releasing the statement last week.

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  • Bob


  • golfingirl

    Time to “lawyer up.”

    Wonder who is paying for his defense?

    The congregation I am sure, since that would be source of income. Directly, or indirectly, they are paying.

    Time to keep that money out of the collection basket, until this is settled.

  • oldruss

    Let’s just wait until all the facts are known.

  • DonMega

    Stop calling him a pastor.

    • PK-EMT

      Why? That is his title

  • concerned parent

    Wow he looks proud and happy in the pic. It’s ashame that the girl has to be revictimized by the church’s statements.

    • Otter

      I would have gone with smug….

      • concerned parent

        Yes I agree! He does seem overly confident and proud in his belief that he will be acquitted. I feel sorry for this girl. I just hope she knows she is not alone, she did the right thing, and she can rise above this. This church should be called “Cult on the Rise”

    • Simon Jester

      Do you not understand the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”?? Or do you have some bit of damning evidence the rest of us haven’t seen?

      I can’t believe I’m sticking up for this guy. I don’t even particularly LIKE Christians…

    • tickmeoff

      At this point, it hasn’t been proven if she is a victim, so your statement is false and just plain mean!

      • Bob

        See right there. You have to be a member of this “church”.

        Who in their right mind would call any girl a lair if it is possible that she was raped.

        It hasn’t be proven that she isn’t a victim. But like you and that “church” you are going to slander the name of this child in order to help your cult leader. And that is just SICK. May you burn in what you call Hell.

        • tickmeoff

          Bob, get a hold of your emotions and rationalize! If he is found guilty I also hope he burns in Hell. Justice, true justice requires a trial. Nobody called the Girl a liar.
          Your rush to judgement is the problem, you are writing a review for a book that is in it’s third chapter out of Ten. Relax….He’ll get his punishment.

  • TruthWhisperer

    Another Republican homosexual child predator?

    What are the chances? thats like the 5th one this week.

    • tickmeoff

      There are good and bad Republicans and Democrats. Nobody gets a pass!

  • golfingirl

    A statement from the Church on the Rise:

    “We are aware that the allegations are coming from one of the children adopted by the Endrei’s.”

    So much for keeping the identity of the “victim” private.

    Either a perverted pastor, or an ungrateful child…..only time will tell. Stay tuned!

  • ExVaultDweller

    I never would have suspected this of Paul Endrei. SMH

    • tickmeoff

      Maybe you won’t have to suspect him of it, when he is proven innocent. Remember at this time it is an ugly accusation, the trial is yet to come. 90% of what you read everyday is meaningless or doesn’t come true.

      Just being accused of this is a punishment because of people jumping to a conclusion that hasn’t happened yet. One can feel sorry for the victim, if there is one, or one can feel sorry for the pastor if it is an accusation that was never proven. Only time itself and letting it play out will give us an answer.

      • golfingirl

        While I agree that we need to let the judicial process play out before passing judgement, I disagree that “90% of what you read everyday is meaningless or doesn’t come true,” at least not when it comes to criminal proceedings.

        If a grand jury indictment was wrong 90% of the time, we would have scrapped the system long ago.

        There are actually very few times an indictment, after hearing evidence, is proven to be “meaningless.” Normally the charged are found guilty through a jury trial, or plead guilty, often to lesser charges.

        Grand juries do not indict, without some basis for their decision to do so. They are not wrong anywhere near “90%” of the time.

        • tickmeoff

          90% of the news, not the Grand Jury.

      • ExVaultDweller

        Maybe suspect is not the correct word but when a person is in this position, a leadership position, they should be found without reproach before anything of this sort pops up. In other words there were some precautionary measures in order. Always have other’s who are the same gender around as witnesses when in the presence of a troubled teen of the opposite sex. I understand that when a person is in the role of a counselor that the client deserves privacy when in a counseling situation but I would cover myself nonetheless with whatever means I have at my disposal. I knew Paul maybe 20 years ago at Church On The North Coast when he left to pastor Church On the Rise and haven’t spoken with him since but my impression of him was that he was a man on fire for the Lord God of Israel.

      • Bob

        Two word for you and your fellow follower of this occult leader.

        Branch Davidians

        This guy and his son have got it in their heads that they are god and above the law. The only difference being, these two are pedophiles and David Kuresh was a gun lover.

        Oh wait Kuresh like sleeping with all the females and I mean all of them. So I guess there isn’t much of a difference.

        May these two scumbags Burn in what you call Hell.

  • Sis Delish


    Translation: What Would Bill Clinton Do? (Or was it Who Would Bill Clinton Do?)

    “I did not half sexual relations with that girl with my son…”

  • TRB SR.

    He could be in trouble, because I see that Jack Bradley is representing him.

    • Otter

      Jack, is clearly enjoying his 15 minutes, I wanted to reach into my TV, and slap that made for TV smile off his face.

  • ExVaultDweller

    Oh wow! I didn’t catch that in the reading, thanks for pointing that out! “The alleged abuse took place in Avon, where Enrei lives,”