June 25, 2016


Critter Chronicles: Sweetie


Sweetie was living on a large property with around 20 other adult dogs in southern Ohio. The family that owned and lived on the property had a big heart taking in stray dogs. However, they did not have the money to spay/neuter the dogs or care for them when they were sick or injured. They did the best they could to feed them and provide them with shelter. The neighbor’s however were not so nice and were annoyed by the 2 dozen dogs living on the property and reproducing. The neighbor’s took matters into their own hands and started running over the dogs if they saw them near the road and shooting them.  Sweetie was one of the dogs the neighbor shot. Knowing she had puppies and needed medical care along with another dog who is totally paralyzed from being hit by a car, the family led a rescue group in the area and asked for assistance. Sweetie is being treated for her broken leg as a result of the gun shot and will soon have the bullet removed that is lodged in her leg. Sweetie is a Boston Terrier/Beagle mix. She is playful and loves her dog bed. She does not have any interest in toys, we believe she may have never had any. She can be ball a of energy, since the bullet has been removed she still periodically limps. But that doesn’t slow her down

Boston terrier/beagle mix
SEX: Female
NEUTERED/SPAYED: Yes, spayed; shots current
AGE: Young
SIZE/WEIGHT: Small, less than 25 pounds
ORGANIZATION: Multiple Breed Rescue
CONTACT: rescue@mbrohio.com

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