November 24, 2014


FBI recognizes Elyria Police for role in sex trafficker case

mack jeremy.jpgELYRIA — After a year of investigations, court cases and testimonies, six police officers who investigated the case of convicted sex trafficker Jeremy Mack were recognized for their work Monday.

“These guys are working hard without any recognition,” Todd Wickerham, a member of the Cleveland division of the FBI said, adding that they went “above and beyond” in the Jeremy Mack investigation and should be recognized for their work.

The investigation began last spring when officers raided a home on Tattersall Court and arrested Mack, who they believed was giving young women drugs and forcing them into prostitution.

Mack was convicted of sex trafficking, drug distribution, conspiracy and witness tampering charges in February.

On Monday, Elyria police and the Cleveland division of the FBI met to thank officers who worked on the case.

Sgt. James Welsh, Det. Michael Fairbanks, Det. Mike Grooms, Det. Eric Grove, Det. John Davidson, who couldn’t attend the meeting, and Officer Joe Figula Jr. were given awards by the FBI and thanked individually for their contribution to the investigation.

“We don’t usually have the luxury of seeing the impact we make in the community,” Welsh said, adding that he was touched to receive the award.

During the meeting, members of the FBI thanked the Elyria police for making an initial break in the case and providing helpful testimonies during the court proceedings.

“His testimony at trial should’ve been recorded so you could play it for generations to come,” FBI member Kelly Liberty said of Figula’s testimony.

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  • Creepy Gun Toting Cracker

    Wow, it’s refreshing to read a story about good cops, not violating someone’s civil rights, or shooting a dog. Congratulations guys !

    • Arietta Sullivan

      i agree. unfortunately, good people makes bad decisions&we all know that wearing a uniform,doesn’t make ya any different. great story though. congrats guys

  • Mark B

    Now if they could convince the OSP that they don’t need them showing EPD how Elyria should be policed .

  • Phil Blank

    But they never tell you what has happened to the women.
    Were they arrested too?
    Were they seen by medical?
    Are they in drug rehab?
    Did they put them back on the streets or what?

    AND did the police ever arrest the prostitutes hanging out between 6th & 8th street on Reid Ave. in Lorain?

  • Anna

    There are so many more stories about all the good work that police do every day, they just don’t get put in the paper. All the good they do certainly outweighs all the bad we read about, and this is an excellent example.

  • DonMega

    Good work busting this dirtbag.

  • stillsleepyeyes

    yeah, they awarded for doing their jobs…………….wooo hooooo

  • golfingirl

    The Mack family has wasted far too many taxpayer dollars with their criminal behaviors.

    Their family tree, is like a dollar tree, sucking away tax dollars with criminal proceedings and incarcerations.

    Just put an end to it and send him away forever!!