November 23, 2014


Lorain woman chases son with a gun for not cleaning up

LORAIN — After she got into an argument with her son over cleaning up the house, police said a 53-year-old Lorain woman grabbed a gun and chased her son across their lawn, yelling that she was going to kill him.

Delora Hamlin, 53, was charged with domestic violence and inducing panic around 8:45 p.m. Friday at 1024 W. 10th St.

Hamlin’s son, Spencer Hamlin, 34, told police he went to his mother’s house earlier in the evening to see his fiancee and their children.

At the house, Spencer Hamlin got into an argument with his mother, who yelled at him for not cleaning up the house, according to the police report.

The argument escalated as Delora Hamlin started scratching and punching her son before the two were separated, and Delora Hamlin went inside the house, he told police.

He told officers that Delora Hamlin came out of the house moments later holding a silver handgun, according to police.

Neighbors told police Delora Hamlin started yelling that she was going to kill Spencer Hamlin and chased him through the neighbors’ yards with the gun.

Zachary Zgola, who lives next-door to Delora Hamlin, told police that there were about 10 children in Delora Hamlin’s backyard that afternoon.

As soon as Delora Hamlin started threatening her son, Zgola told police he took the children inside his house, afraid that Delora Hamlin was going to start shooting.

Spencer Hamlin told police he ran from his mother to a friend’s house where he stayed until his fiancee called him to come back to his mother’s house.

Police took Delora Hamlin into custody at her house and found the silver gun hidden underneath a couch cushion. She was taken to Lorain City Jail.

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  • Scout

    Gives a new meaning to ‘spare the rod….’.

  • Otter

    Another candidate for Mother of The Year, gonna be a tough choice.

  • tickmeoff

    If you don’t clean up, i am going to shoot you. It makes for small families, this policy! Can you imagine all the dead men after thanksgiving. The cops come in, it’s quiet other than for the game blaring from the TV.

  • Jamie Smith

    OH My…… Who’s your Momma ? That Momma Needs a few years in Prison to cool down. To think all those children around that situation. CRAZY MOMMA 4 SURE……Son, next time clean that house !! LOL