November 22, 2014


Jury acquits Avon man accused of stabbing girlfriend

Lonnie Sherrill

Lonnie Sherrill

ELYRIA — A Lorain County jury has acquitted an Avon man accused of stabbing his girlfriend in the head of felonious assault and domestic violence charges.

The jury’s decision on the charges against 59-year-old Lonnie Sherrill came Monday after about an hour of deliberations following a trial that began last week.

Anthony Baker, Sherrill’s defense attorney, said the trial came down to whom the jury believed, his client or the alleged victim, Tina Nagy.

“She was lying and she was drunk and there was no physical evidence tying him to the alleged stabbing,” Baker said.

An Avon police investigation determined that Nagy was stabbed in the head during a heated argument on Aug. 27, 2013. In a request for a search warrant in the case, police wrote that “Sherrill was the only person who had the opportunity and motive to commit this act of violence.”

Baker said it appeared that Nagy had actually fallen and struck her head on a heating unit inside her home, and then tried to blame the injury on Sherrill.

He said his client left the Center Road home about 5:30 p.m. and was at a friend’s house until about 8 p.m. Nagy, whom Baker said wasn’t injured when his client left, called Sherrill twice during that time. Baker said that was important because the calls took place after Nagy claimed she was attacked and there was no blood on the phone.

When Sherrill returned to Nagy at 8:19 p.m., he found her bleeding and called police, Baker said. He said she was hospitalized and received five stitches.

Baker also said that police recovered a knife with bloodstains on it that officers suspected was used in the attack, but the blood didn’t match the DNA of either Sherrill or Nagy.

County Prosecutor Dennis Will said there were some inconsistencies in Nagy’s story, but investigators attributed those to the injuries and trauma she sustained. In the end, he said, the jury felt Sherrill’s version of events was more believable.

“It came down to a question of credibility,” he said.

Baker said he expects his client will be released from the Lorain County Jail soon. He was still being held Monday because he was on probation for an assault conviction in Tennessee when he was arrested in connection with Nagy’s injuries.

Now that Sherrill has been acquitted, Baker said he expects the allegations that he violated his probation will be dropped.

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  • Marie Nerad Faren

    lets see if he goes back to her after he is released…most idiots do..

  • Arietta Sullivan

    it sucks being on the other end,sober&dealing with someone who’s drunk. at times,people can’t handle their alcohol&is too drunk,to have any sense of reality around them&throws assumptions out on people. i know this fact to be true from experiences,in my past,from working around a group of drinkers.i’m happy to hear this man here was acquit in a crime he didn’t do.

  • Edith Bevins

    He’ll just hook up with another woman that has an addictive personality like his and do the same thing to her… I have no solid proof, but he was with my sister when she died, the family still thinks he had something to do with that one… Warning to his NEXT victim… BEWARE!!! You have been warned…