November 26, 2014


Man overdoses on heroin, gets left in parking lot

LORAIN — After a man overdosed on heroin in a car, his friend pulled his unconscious body outside and left him in a parking lot of a McDonald’s, police said.

Olivia Debolt, 20, was charged with endangering children and criminal damage on Saturday at her house in the 300 block of Yorktown Place in Vermilion.

About 9 p.m. Saturday, police arrived at a McDonald’s restaurant at 3221 Oberlin Ave. to find a man having a spasm on the ground. Recognizing a possible heroin overdose, officers used two doses of Narcan and performed CPR on the man to revive him.

The man, later identified as Timothy Oestreicher, 22, was taken to Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain.

Police looked at video surveillance of the restaurant parking lot and saw Oestreicher leaving McDonald’s with a woman, a man and a young child, a police report said.

Police identified the woman as Debolt and found her at her house in Vermilion. Debolt told police she saw Oestreicher at McDonald’s and that he asked her to get him some heroin. Debolt called a dealer, bought $20 worth of heroin and gave it to Oestreicher to use in her car, she told police.

According to police, Debolt sat in the back seat with her 1-year-old son while Oestreicher shot up heroin in the front seat with her friend, Thomas Kess Jr., 24, of Westlake.

It wasn’t long before Debolt saw Oestreicher turn blue, according to the report. Debolt told police she and Kess pulled Oestreicher out of the car and left him in the parking lot while they drove away from the scene.

Officers took Debolt into custody and issued an arrest warrant for Kess.

Debolt was taken to Lorain County Jail where she was held Tuesday on a $2,000 bond. Her next court appearance is July 8 at Lorain Municipal Court.

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  • luvmytoaster

    Another Mother of the Year award……I hope they take her child(ren) away from her and give them to someone who will love, support and take care of them…..without endangering their lives.

    And Olivia, unless you can clean up your act, please do not have any more children, please get some help.

  • Jennifer Williams

    Wow! This is just disgusting!

    • Jennifer Williams

      Not only is she endangering her child she was letting a man die! They need to rewind the video maybe they got that dealer on video dropping off the heroin.

  • michelle

    What a sweetheart you are, Olivia! And, a mother of the year contestant, please stop breeding.

    • golfingirl

      Stop “breeding,” or stop “breathing?”

      • michelle

        I will take either, or both.

      • Wheresmypocketprotector

        Well played sir.

  • golfingirl

    Just another fast-food related near death.

    I think it was the chicken nuggets, and had nothing to do with the heroin.

    I think, the city should just place Narcan in metal boxes on every street corner. “Break glass in case of emergency.”

    Like fire extinguisers and alarms. Kind of like a self-serve kiosk.

  • DonMega

    All three need to be shot.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    this lifestyle they have chosen it but friends like this,who needs enemies.smh

  • Monique Guerrero

    They definitely should have consequences and it looks like the police did everything they should.

    Heroin has become an epidemic in even the nicest communities. I think we forget that addiction becomes a mental health issue and it can destroy good people, young lives and families with the strongest foundation. Shooting them, addressing the woman as an animal by using the term “breeding”; these are things that are destructive to community healing.

    How do we get people to open up if they are starting to have problems with drug abuse or they want to speak to friends and family about addiction, and this is how they feel they are viewed. Compassion is most important on the situations it is hardest to give.

    • golfingirl

      How about this for compassion…..only 5 years in prison, instead of 10.

      Addicts have to “hit bottom” first, before they seek help, or even realize they have a problem.

      Obviously, doing this with a child present means this “dealer” is still in denial…..and yes, she is a dealer.

      Maybe prison will change her perspective and finally take her, and the others, to their “bottom!”

      • Monique Guerrero

        I agree that she should be punished and if the law says that is years of prison time, that’s what she gets. My issue is that we send people to prison for years at a time and we don’t really focus on what is done to rehabilitate these folks. Even if she goes away for 10 years, she will be the authority figure of an 11 year old.

        The community is paying for her to be in jail. Most likely laying for the child too. If rehabilitation, coping and reintegration into society in a healthy way is ignored, we will pay for her jail stays for the rest of her life. We will more than likely pay for that kid for 18 years, and if that child’s environment does not improve and is still missing quality authority figures, we will pay for that kids jail stays too.

        Then when they are out on the street, we will be at more risk for break-ins and theft and possibly even violent crime.

        Drugs literally change how the brain processes everything, from basic movements all the way to emotional regulation and communication. Addiction has been listed as a disease for around 50 years. These people shouldn’t get a ‘pass’ because it is a health issue, but we need to start recognizing the ramifications of only treating them through the judicial system. There should be a combination of punitive consequences and medical/psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation.

        • golfingirl

          I don’t disagree.

        • brenda

          Oh yea she’s going to prison, I hope. Child endangering, and leaving that young man the way that they did, they should be charged with attempted murder along with the dealer!!

          • justice59

            Daddy big bucks owner of Angelos pizza will buy him a pass. Where do you think these rich kids get there cash. This is an epidemic in Westlake and Avon. If this boy dies I would not be surprised if tom kess jr and the girl are charged with allegedly attempted murder. Drug addict or not you do not leave a person for dead.

        • golfingirl

          “Then when they are out on the street, we will be at more risk for break-ins and theft and possibly even violent crime.”

          I agree with you here, so send them away and clean up the streets, making them safer for all.

      • brenda

        What exactly would you call rock bottom?? I dnt think tht I ever hit it. I’ve been clean and sober now for almost 9yrs. But anyone who has not walked in an addicts shoes cannot say what their “rock bottom” is!!

        • golfingirl

          If shooting heroin in a car, with a 1 yo present, watching your “friend” turn blue, only to dump him in a parking lot is not the “bottom,” then I contend you may never hit the bottom until you are neatly tucked away underground.

          If they do not realize, after going through all this, that they are at the bottom, then society has a responsibility to step in and declare them to be at the “bottom.”

          Compassion is not measured by sympathy, or pity, but by doing whatever is necessary to help a person correct these types of destructive behaviors.

          I would think, being sentenced to a couple years in prison, would help most addicts realize they have hit their personal “bottom.”

          • justice59

            Jail will be bottom.

          • HankKwah

            It will definitely give them time to detox.

      • justice59

        What about the other person in the car? Are they not culpable?

    • michelle

      I would like to say the behavior of these people are what is destructive to the community, and I have stopped having any compassion for them. I do have to wonder if she herself used while pregnant, or is using now. Recently being a victim of a break-in, certainly driven by the need for drugs, I am done with the excuses.

      • justice59

        I would agree with you. Drug addict or not those ADULTS are responsible for there actions. I am more concerned for that poor baby.

    • SpaceTech

      Yes, because compassion has worked so well to stem the scourge of drug addicts everywhere.
      Sorry, but drug addicts and drug dealers are destructive to communities.

      • brenda

        They can be. Majority of addicts are functioning addicts. Get up go to work, can’t wait to get off to go buy their drug of choice. Some wait until the babies are tucked away in bed, some dnt even make it home till late, if they go home at all. All in all there are all types of addicts in every area and in all walks of life. From the “ghetto” to the suburbs! From the richest down to the absolute poorest. All I can do is to continue to pray for the still sick n suffering.

    • ekwaykway

      Have a person shoot up in your car, watching him turn blue, throwing him out of the car, then leaving. I missed the compassion part. :-/

  • Krista Miller

    First off children services needs to yank her child. This story is disturbing on so many levels

  • golfingirl

    Says Olivia to Tom…..”Looks like Tim may have gotten some bad stuff. He looks kinda blue. Is he dead? Lets just dump him in the parking lot and get out of here.”

    Says Tom to Olivia….”Good idea. Open the door and I’ll throw him out. We need to get home anyway, the baby needs fed.”

    So what if they weren’t in a public place? Would have just dumped him and let him die?

    The surveillance camera, every criminal’s worst nightmare!

  • tomfeher

    on top of using, dealing, child endangering, they should be charged with littering too!

  • Chan

    Lets not forget that Timothy Oestreicher choose to shoot up dope in front of children.

    • michelle

      all three are wastes of skin.

  • justice59

    This kid Tom Kess, JR. is the son of the owner of ANGELOS PIZZA. Sandy and Tom Kess will not get parents of the year. Add in step mom LiSA Kess NO WONDER THIS KID HAS ISSUES. Who leaves a friend in a parking lot to potentially die. Thank God for this new drug. Parents have money he will get off.

    • Anonymous

      Do you know Sandy or Tom Kess? Really, who are you to pass judgment on two people you do not know nor do you know what it is like to be the parent of someone (an adult mind you) who is an addict. Seriously think about what you say before you blame and pass judgment on others.

      • justice59

        He left a kid for dead need I say more? More importantly, with a CHILD in the car. Sorry your statement he is an addict is irrelvent …you are responsible for your actions. Get the kids into rehab. Please…..parents are not stupid there were signs those kids were going down the wrong path the parents most likely looked the other way. Use your big bucks for a high powered attorney and rehab. Most likely they are all going to jail.

        • Anonymous

          you have NO idea the situation

          • justice59

            Lets let the court decide.

          • justice59

            Oh you would be surprised. Girl friends tell everything. Fact remains he left a human being to allegedly die. This drug will kill you or put you in jail get him to rehab you have the money and resources. Maybe a few less trips few less cars few less girlfriends and more time with your kids. Most importantly get your family in counseling.

        • Anonymous

          Its not as simple as you know your kid is headed down the wrong path and you can just simply do something and the problem is fixed. How do you know if they have not already gone to rehab? You really shouldn’t make judgmental comments about people you do not even know or even understand their background and situation.

          • justice59

            These comments sound like a family member. It will all get worked out in the court. And if kess jr left this kid he should go to jail. Period. Get new friends.