November 25, 2014


UPDATED: Elyria man gets life in prison for forcing women into prostitution

Jeremy Mack

Jeremy Mack

An Elyria pimp who forced drug-addicted women to work as prostitutes was sentenced Thursday to life in prison.

Jeremy Mack, 38, fought the charges against him during a federal court trial earlier this year, but was found guilty of sex trafficking, drug distribution, conspiracy and witness tampering in the case.

According to Elyria police and the FBI, which conducted the investigation, Mack used fear and violence to control several young women, including a 16-year-old girl.

The investigation determined that Mack would provide access to drugs to the women and when they couldn’t pay their debts, he would force them to engage in sex for money.

Ashley Onysko, Mack’s co-defendant, was sentenced Wednesday to 2½ years in prison for her role in the scheme. She admitted to posting advertisements for the women online at Mack’s behest and also managed the books of the operation.

Her lawyer, Roger Synenberg, wrote in court documents before Onysko was sentenced that she fell into the same trap as the other women, but ended up helping him run the prostitution and drug ring.

Both Onysko and Mack now are classified as sex offenders.

The 16-year-old girl, who now is an adult, said during an interview with The Chronicle-Telegram on Thursday that she first met Mack through his son, Toby Lewis, and began spending time at the rented Tattersall Court house where Mack ran his operation.

She said that at first she was there to give people tattoos and also did drugs with Mack. She said she didn’t realize what she was getting into because of her youth.

“I had no idea he was such a terrible person,” she said.

The victim said that although she had offered to pay Mack for the drugs, he always declined until one night when he began yelling at her and had a photo of her posted online advertising her services.

Before she escaped a few days later through the help of a friend and her parents, the girl said she was forced to have sexual relations with 10 or 11 people. She said it was obvious she wasn’t 18, but she thinks that made her more attractive to potential customers.

“I think they knew,” she said. “It’s sad that they knew and didn’t care.”

The victim said that since getting away from Mack, who was arrested during an April 2013 raid by Elyria police, she has taken steps to clean up her life. She said she has been sober for roughly 10 months and now works a full-time job.

Mack has previously denied forcing women into sex slavery.

“Now, I many not be innocent of all things, but those girls were no victims of mine!” he wrote in one document he sent The Chronicle-Telegram before his trial. “The many witnesses who were associated with myself and my girls, including the alleged victims themselves, know quite well who has victimized those girls. The same ones pressuring them to sell their souls by insisting they get up there on that witness stand and lie against a man who was nothing but good to them.”

But prosecutors and law enforcement said Mack forced women into a dark world of drugs and sex work.

“Jeremy Mack preyed upon vulnerable women and held them in conditions akin to modern-day slavery,” U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio Steven Dettelbach said in a news release. “His conduct is offensive to everything this community and this country stand for, but his victims persevered, survived and exposed his twisted world of sex, violence and drug trafficking. Jeremy Mack earned every day of this sentence.”

Lewis was sentenced to 3½ years in state prison on drug and weapons charges covering multiple incidents, including his arrest during the 2013 raid.

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  • luvmytoaster

    Okay, I will re-post since I can only assume that the CT had a problem with the word s*x….

    I am wondering how the women whom he prostituted are doing, did they find another pimp or were they (hopefully) able to get help for their addiction.

    Now Mr. Mack will know what it feels like to be forced into an act of an undesired nature…..

  • Arietta Sullivan

    i still don’t understand the ‘force’ part..i never will.

    • Jim

      Maybe Webster’s dictionary might help?

      force (noun): coercion or compulsion, especially with the use or threat of violence

      Hopefully that clears it up for you.

      • Arietta Sullivan

        well duh..i understand the definition but unfortunately, you wouldn’t understand my comment if you don’t have any knowledge of my previous thoughts on the story. so i hope that cleared anything up for YOU.

        • HankKwah

          They were threatened with physical attacks and/or death if they didn’t comply. Being addicted to drugs compounded the situation. Needing the drugs kept them from seeking out the police, not to mention his threats of the above if they tried to go to the police. They were in a bad situation to start with, he took advantage of it. Addicted and needing money, he had the money and the drugs (if I remember correctly), and they worked for the money and drugs. Going to the police, if they weren’t protected, meant that they’d have to worry about him finding them and they’d have to go through withdrawal which, apparently, is no fun.

          • Arietta Sullivan

            yea yea i get all that.well i hope they get help for the addiction so these stories can stop being the same song,same’s terrible to hear but the drugs is what crippled them before these men start forcing and threatening. they are not kidding in our school books&it’s reality on the streets. 1st&only lesson.

          • HankKwah

            I’m not doing this again with you. You didn’t get it before, you obviously STILL don’t get it. Suffice it to say, these women are victims of their decisions, and because of those decisions, they were taken advantage of. Period.

          • Arietta Sullivan

            i just explained my understanding of it. what part didn’t you understand ‘ but the drugs is what crippled them before these men start forcing and threatening.’ geez grow up&no i’m not going back out with you ;) lol have a good night :)

          • Arietta Sullivan

            in plain english..if they kicked the habit/s, their mind will be more stable to not be put in that situation again.

          • HankKwah

            And if you had wings you could fly. But you don’t, so you can’t.

            “i still don’t understand the ‘force’ part..i never will.”

            My mistake. I should’ve realized I was wasting my time. Again. G’nite. DEAR.

          • Arietta Sullivan

            i do have wings.i don’t pop them out until i see my signal in the sky. lol ;) you are wasting your time cause you’re wanting to argue,over the fact,that i get it,i get why they did it,i get why he did it. end of story. G’nite HONEY

  • Mark B

    People that commit Murder get less of a sentence , our justice system is not very consistent

    • Jim

      Nope, it isn’t. Especially when you compare charges at the state level versus the federal level. Not to mention there are some actions you can commit in some states that will get you 30 years in prison, and in another state that same exact act set of actions will not even get your charged.

      However, I don’t feel bad for Mack for getting the short end of this disparity. This wasn’t a one-time deal. He basically enslaved several women and made them sell themselves for him– on that level, he is of the same ilk as Ariel Castro.

      • Mark B

        I don’t disagree on his sustenance, I just think those who commit murder should also get life

  • SpaceTech

    Ba Bye……….just one more piece of human garbage off the street.
    One down………………another million to go!

  • Pablo Jones

    Following the abortion logic, it is their body if they want to use drugs and sell their body they should be allowed too. No crime here.

    • luvmytoaster

      Huh? What does this have to do with abortion?

      Yes they used drugs and were coerced into prostitution to pay for said drugs – obviously they need help in several areas of their lives. But to say that there is no crime here, I believe, is wrong…..

      • Pablo Jones

        Because a woman’s body belongs to them. They should be able to do whatever they want with it. That is the argument for abortion and legalizing marijuana. So if they can do whatever they want with their body they should be able to do drugs and pay for the drugs with their body.

        • Wheresmypocketprotector

          Got anymore red herrings for us?

      • Otter

        I think Pablo may have gotten his brain stuck in his zipper.

  • Simon Jester

    Get a rope.

    If we’re willing to confine the man forever, why not just end him?

    • Mark B

      Exactly , Why should it become the taxpayers responsibility to House and care for the POS .

      • Matthew Baldauf

        Execution is more expensive than a life sentance. Besides, capital punnishment is only used for people who ended someones life, generally with intent. And not just metaphorically.

  • golfingirl

    Goodbye “Mack Daddy.”

    I hope you have a wonderful night on your first evening of incarceration, since learning you will be spending the rest of your pathetic life in a small prison cell.

  • stillsleepyeyes

    He should of used the ole…………………….I had a rough upbringing method…………….

  • golfingirl

    Hey Mack Daddy….how was your Father’s Day?