June 30, 2016

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50th Anniversary – Anderson

Eleanor & Roger Anderson

Eleanor &
Roger Anderson

It was a casual afternoon
stroll and a second glance on
the “street corner” — now five
decades later, Eleanor and
Roger Anderson will celebrate
their 50th anniversary June 20,
2014. The couple was married
June 20, 1964, at St. Dominic’s
Church in Youngstown. They
honeymooned at the Hotel
Breakers, Cedar Point, in Sandusky.
To this day, family and
friends still have fun teasing
the couple about where they
Eleanor and Roger have three children, Christine, Cynthia
(Thomas), Brian (Kathleen); and three grandchildren, Maddie,
Zach and Jacob.
For their golden anniversary, family and friends can send
along best wishes and prayers to Roger and Eleanor. In honor,
their children and grandchildren will host a private Mass of
celebration at St. Jude Church in Elyria.