October 26, 2014

Mostly clear

Newspaper box destroyed by firecracker

ELYRIA — An M-80 firecracker is suspected of being used to destroy a Chronicle-Telegram newspaper vending box early Friday.

Police received complaints about fireworks being set off in the 1100 block of Garden Street shortly after midnight Friday and when they arrived in the area, they found the newspaper vending box in pieces over an area extending many yards, reports said.

A woman said she saw two black males wearing white T-shirts near the newspaper box shortly before it was blown apart. The two men left the area in a white vehicle shortly before police arrived.


  • golfingirl

    No body buys the CT anyway, so the box will not be missed.

    • Phil Blank

      Not true!
      Sometimes they are all gone at the store.

  • Phil Blank

    Was the paper box made out of plastic?

  • Mark B

    No need to call EPD about fireworks , they will do nothing !