November 21, 2014


What you need to know about Route 57 road work

A road project in Elyria involving state Route 57 will get rid of the 49th Street bridge. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

A road project in Elyria involving state Route 57 will get rid of the 49th Street bridge. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

ELYRIA — The orange barrels have come to Elyria, and they will be around for some time to come.

It will be a long haul until August 2016 when the reconstruction of state Route 57 and the removal of the 49th Street Bridge is complete. Here’s what you need to know:

This week, crews will alter traffic patterns on side street intersections with Route 57.

The first is the intersection of Midway Mall Boulevard and Tillotson Street. The next is the intersection of Midway Mall Boulevard and Leona Street. Expect delays until mid-August.

There will be intermittent shoulder closures along Route 57 this week. Crews will be removing trees and shrubs as needed.

Most of this year’s work will be near Route 57 from Interstate 90 to Beechwood Drive and Schadden Road.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is heading up the $20 million project that aims to improve safety and reduce congestion in the commercial area around Midway Mall.

There could be times when lanes are restricted in the coming weeks, but ODOT has said at least two lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained.

  • Pablo Jones

    When will we start to see the tourism numbers increase?

  • Otter

    What you really need to know, don’t go near there, or at least make sure your insurance is paid

  • Linda Meadows

    Reduce congestion around Midway Mall? LOL, right? Wonder how old the research is for this project? What a waste of money!

  • stop ur whining part deux

    They should ship all the downtown scum over towards Trashway Mall, relocate Wilks Villa there as well. Then move all your stores to downtown Elyria and make it a Crocker Park like atmosphere.

    • Sis Delish

      Impossible. Westlake is efficiently run by business-minded, strong growth Repubicans. Elyria is not.

      • stop ur whining part deux

        Red vs Blue is misdirection. Sorry you buy into it. There are plenty from both sides that lead to Elyria’s demise.

        • Pablo Jones

          In most cases there is plenty of blame to go around. But in Elyria the city council has primarily been run by Democrats for decades and I’m not even sure when the last time Elyria had a Republican Mayor. The direction Elyria is heading is based on the decisions those in charge have made.

          • Sis Delish
          • Pablo Jones

            When was that? Late 70′s?

          • stop ur whining part deux

            Like you said, plenty to go around. We both are smart enough to understand that democratic control does not necessarily mean they had no say or no bad decision has ever been made.

            At least i will say this the city’s democrats and republicans at least agree on things from time to time and work together. That does not happen to much anymore.

            I get what you are saying, Elyria has definitely been run by democrats for a while but again, both contributed to the mess Elyria is in.

      • Rtgh123

        Everything would be fixed with a handful of Republican (or your spelling, RePUBICans) politicians. Please earn your GED and get back to me.

        • Pablo Jones

          No. We also need stricter laws on poverty, unemployment, and illness. Once we have tougher laws those items, they will go away and then the city will prosper. We can’t just sit around and do nothing.

          • Rtgh123

            Stricter Republican laws like “no poor people allowed, and if you are sick and don’t have healthcare we don’t care just go find a place to die or if you have lost your job we will cut your unemployment?”

          • Pablo Jones

            This isn’t a Republican or Democrat or libertarian issue. Once we make those items illegal they will go away.

  • billgreg65

    I would think for less than 20 million they could doze the entire area. Although fixing that intersection will certainly help when you have to flee for your life when getting held up at the mall.

  • golfingirl


    “What you need to know about Route 57 road work.”

    All you need to know is it is a waste of money.

  • Bruce Tennant

    What I need to know is: have we started the engineering work for the fix after this one for this oft worked on seldom improved interchange ?