November 23, 2014


Amherst Schools bus aide placed on leave after altercation among students

AMHERST – An Amherst Schools bus aide was placed on administrative leave after breaking up horseplay involving four students on a bus last month, Amherst Schools Superintendent Steve Sayers said.

The bus carrying the students left Lorain County Academy in Oberlin at the end of May.

“Some horseplay resulted in two students getting into an altercation,” Sayers said.

A bus aide intervened and broke up the fight but was placed on administrative leave shortly after the incident so the school district and police could investigate “the way he intervened,” Sayers said.

Amherst Police Chief Joe Kucirek said the Police Department is still investigating the incident and is reaching out to witnesses on the bus for more information.


  • luvmytoaster

    ….and had he not intervened he would have been fired…..of course we don’t currently know “the way he intervened”…..

  • Otter

    Next time, have the driver stop the bus, call the police, and let little Johnny, and Billy have at it till they get there.

  • Tom

    Not sure if this article can be any more vague… might as well just waited until you had the actual story…

  • Bob

    This sounds like a Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, sort of thing.

    If he would have let them fight it out. Then the parents would have been all fired up because no one stopped them.

    How he intervened?? He got them to stop fighting. Sounds good enough to me.

    • Mark B

      But did he do it without leaving marks on any of the kids ?

      • Steven

        sadly, touching is enough to get him fired… let alone arrested.

        • Brian_Reinhardt

          When 2 students are involved in a physical altercation, adequate physical force is allowed to separate the students. If a student then turns his aggression on you, you are completely within your right and legally allowed to DEFEND yourself.

          You would be considered derelict in your duties if you were physically capable of stopping the altercation and didn’t.

          If a weapon is involved then you react accordingly…many things can be used to disarm a student to keep them from hurting others.