November 26, 2014


Animals rescued from North Ridgeville house fire

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Firefighters rescued three animals from a North Ridgeville house fire on Tuesday evening.

A neighbor called 911 at about 8 p.m. to report seeing smoke coming from the second floor of a house at 35862 Laurel Court, according to the North Ridgeville Fire Department.

Crews arrived and found the fire confined a dresser, bedding, mattress and other content in an upstairs bedroom. The fire was extinguished after about 30 minutes, according to the Fire Department.

A family dog was found semi-conscious in the bedroom, and was rescued along with another dog and cat that were found on the first floor. The animals were given first aid, the Fire Department said.

The homeowner, Larry Coreno, was not home when the fire started, but arrived at the home as crews were battling the fire.

North Olmsted, Westlake, Avon and Olmsted Township fire departments provided mutual aid.

No one was injured in the fire.

The entire house sustained heavy smoke damage, and damage was estimated at $50,000.

The cause of the fire is under investigation

  • Tom

    They made sure to rescue those animals because if not, there would be another protest…

    • Bob

      So true.

      But it is funny how none of them are commenting on this story. I guess because they have nothing to complain about.

  • John Q. Taxpayer

    They were out protesting in another city where squirrel crossing signs are not posted.

    • Bob

      I saw a dead raccoon on 301 this morning and I started looking for the protesters.

  • reallyoldfarts

    Why have to wonder why the CT chose the headline it did for this report. “5 Alarm Fire Damages NR Home”, “No Injuries From NR Home Fire”, “Owner Away During House Fire”. Just had to mention the animals and NR in same headline, didn’t you?

  • Roseann Laird

    So glad they rescued the animals 2 dogs and a cat !!! May God Bless them!!

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    In an unrelated news story; Officer Accorti arrived on the scene and shot the dogs and cat. Police Chief Freeman and Mayor Gillock both praised Accorti’s actions as quick, correct and within city policy. Accorti was presented with a key to city hall, which is in the basement of the F&G Taxidermy building.

  • Tom

    In a related story, residents of North Ridgeville are protesting outside this home because firefighters weren’t able to save the dust mites inside the home. Protesters are saying that it was inhumane to let the insects die in front of the children…

  • John Q. Taxpayer

    Fire Marshall concludes fire was started by raccoons playing with matches.

  • INavon

    Why are 5 fire departments needed to put out a fire in 1800 sq feet?