November 23, 2014


Former animal shelter worker accused of forgery

Crystal Luli

Crystal Luli

ELYRIA — A Lorain woman who formerly operated a Sheffield Township animal shelter has been indicted on forgery charges.

A county grand jury returned an indictment against Crystal Luli, 39, who managed Ohio Pet Placement on North Ridge Road.

Luli is accused of using the personal information of Dr. Cathryne Wittlinger, an area veterinarian who worked at the shelter, to purchase medical supplies for animals being cared for at the nonprofit facility. The facility was closed in the spring of 2013 after 34 dogs, 16 cats and other animals were removed over complaints that the facility had no running water, electricity, trash pickup or gas service.

According to County Prosecutor Dennis Will, Luli is alleged to have opened a line of credit for a pharmaceutical company that services animals in Wittlinger’s name without her permission.

“When the doctor learned about this, she began backtracking to see how the account was set up,” Will said.

Wittlinger began receiving bills from the company, he said. She then resigned from the Ohio Pet Placement Foundation.

The amount of time between Luli being charged in March 2013 with forgery and theft by Lorain County sheriff’s deputies “took quite awhile because we were trying to verify whether there was actual intent to defraud,” Will said. “We were able to finally determine that Ms. Luli was not doing this with the doctor’s permission as part of a joint effort.”

At the time of her arrest, Luli told authorities she believed she had permission to apply for credit to buy animal medication by signing Wittlinger’s name.

Ohio Pet Placement Foundation began in 2005 as a nonprofit venture offering care to animals awaiting adoption.

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  • HankKwah

    Luli told authorities she believed she had permission to apply for credit to buy animal medication by signing Wittlinger’s name.

    I’m just dumbfounded. I can’t believe people anymore.

  • Jeff Kidder

    ONLY REAL pieces of crap harm rescue animals who people thought she was caring for!

    • jz

      I see nothing that indicates she harmed the animals. If anything she was trying to get them medication. But went about it the wrong way.

  • golfingirl

    Put her in the same cages she kept the animals for a couple months.

    Now that would be a “real” punishment, and one that would be appropriate.

  • Sis Delish

    There’s a job for her in North Ridgeville… “Caring for Critters”.

  • Jim

    Stealing is wrong, but I won’t be too quick to condemn this woman. It’s not like she used the money to go out to eat, go on exotic vacations, or anything else. She took in animals noone else wanted and tried to find them homes. As for the conditions of the shelter, it’s not suprising. When you are handed animals that are difficult to place, it’s very easy for your expenses to outpace whatever revenue you are generating.

    I think just as much blame belongs to the previous owners of many (but not all) of these pets who were quick to take on a pet, then when they found out it wasn’t as exciting and fun and more work than they anticipated pawned them off on a shelter instead of taking care of their own responsibility. It’s one step above dumping them on the side of the road.

    • Bob

      NO NO NO. There is only ONE PERSON to blame and it is this lady. She know it was wrong but yet she still did it. Why are you defending a criminal??