November 25, 2014


Child recovered in Elyria during sex trafficking crackdown

One child was recovered in Elyria as part of a sex trafficking operation by multiple law enforcement agencies.

The Cleveland Division of the FBI worked with federal, state and local law enforcement, including the Elyria Police Department, to conduct Operation Cross Country VIII on June 15 to 20.

During this operation, law enforcement arrested 12 pimps on state and federal charges, and recovered 16 children who were being victimized through prostitution.

“The success of this operation in Northern Ohio areas is unprecedented,” said Stephen Anthony, special agent in charge of the Cleveland Division of the FBI. “Selling children for sex is a heinous crime and will not be tolerated.  Protecting children is one of the FBI’s highest priorities and working together at all levels of law enforcement, such as we did in Operation Cross Country, makes it possible to identify, rescue and provide services for those children who become victims of crime.”

During last week’s operation, law enforcement recovered four children in Toledo, one in Elyria and 11 in Cleveland. All of these children were sold as prostitutes, according to the FBI.

The Cleveland office ranked second in the nation with the number of children recovered in this operation. The Denver office of the FBI recovered 18 children.

More information is expected to be released at a press conference, scheduled for 3 p.m. Check back for more information.

  • Phil Blank

    You say children.
    Were they children or young people?
    If its children, wouldn’t that be charges of sex with a minor, or crimes against children?

    • Bill

      Phil, take your time on these articles when you read them and then you might not have so many questions.

      “More information is expected to be released at a press conference, scheduled for 3 p.m. Check back for more information.”

    • brenda


    • Patricia Boggs

      Does it matter if they were children or “young people” as you put it? It is still a sick heinous crime, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

  • Bob

    MM I wonder if this story will get as many comments as the dead raccoon did, but I doubt it. Because people seem to care more about filthy animals then about kids now a days.

    • golfingirl

      Or care more about the treatment of the criminals, versus the victims.

  • Mark B

    it would be interesting to know the ages or age range, were the “Kids” kidnapped and prostituted? , were they runaways ?

  • Phil Blank

    I did find this from the Miami Hearld:

    “ The FBI recovered 168 children and arrested 281 people on pimping charges during a nationwide sting coordinated through federal, state and local law enforcement agencies last week, the bureau announced Monday, part of a decade-long effort to combat child s x trafficking. ”

  • Larry Crnobrnja

    If convicted, the sentence should be hanging to near death, emasculation, disembowelment, beheading and quartering.

  • ClevelandBill

    You know, prostitution has been illegal for, like, forever, and we still have it. Banning things always gets rid of it, sort of like Prohibition, when we banned alcohol. Nobody drank then. Recreational drugs are illegal, too, and that’s why nobody does them. Have you, I mean YOU, given any thought to legalizing prostitution?

    When prostitution is illegal, but still desired, it will take place in the dark places. It will be underground, out of sight, and governed by its own law. In fact, the law as we know it (cops and courts) cannot help those in the prostitution business, whether they be suppliers or consumers.

    Thus, a woman, desiring to earn a living doing this, must succumb to the law of the dark places. That means, usually, a pimp, for protection. And as in any business, there are gonna be better and worse pimps. The pimp makes his money by taking a cut of what the woman earns on her back.

    The pimps will protect their turf and their property. This means they will use violence if necessary to keep away the competition and to keep their women in line. A woman cannot decide to do a side job and keep all the money without paying the pimp’s commission.

    Keeping women in line is tough work. When they’re young, dumb, and desperate, its a lot easier. But they grow up, get smarter, get tougher, and then they wanna retire. So fresh blood is always good to keep around. Also, having an interesting product is important … exotic girls, of different backgrounds, looks, and AGES, can mean increased profits for the pimp.

    But not for the girls, so much. They’re tools in the pimps’ hands.

    So YOUR outlawing of prostitution drives women into the hands of criminals and organized crime and drives these criminals to get creative, like offering 16 year old girls up for rent.

    What if we LEGALIZED prostitution. A woman now OWNS her body and what she can do with it. A lot like a football player or a boxer or even a bricklayer (after all, the mind is as important to “sexy” as the body). She can freely make contracts with her customers. If one gets rough with her, she can call the cops, legally, for help. If one breaks his contract, she can use the courts. She becomes a citizen again.

    She also puts the pimp outta business. You know, when alcohol was illegal, it created Al Capone. You see guys with Tommy Guns shooting up the convenient stores to protect the booze-selling turf? Nope. OUTTA BUSINESS.

    That puts the whole business of buying and selling underage women out of business, too …

    Plus, in a marketplace where the supply (of prostitutes) can equal the demand (for sex services), there will be a whole lot of better serving of the customers in their varying tastes for sex. I predict there will still be an element of adult men who are into the young girls … but I also KNOW that the whole machinery for providing that will have gone out the window.

    So … legalizing booze after prohibition did not result in the end of the world, destroyed the mob, rumrunners, etc, and the world is a better place for it. HOW ABOUT WE TRY IT WITH PROSTITUTION???

    Or maybe you just hate women and think they should remain property …

    (and don’t get me started on the number of cops that have effective control over prostitutes through their contact with them in the field …)

    • jz

      Agree 100 percent.