November 25, 2014


LCCC makes promise to future employers

ELYRIA — Lorain County Community College is so convinced its graduates can help local companies, it is willing to make a promise about their readiness.

The county’s only two-year institution is trying to erase the worry of hiring by basically guaranteeing that LCCC degree holders will be well-educated and prepared to work. On Thursday, the college’s Board of Trustee unanimously voted to adopt the MyEmployer Guarantee — the third phase of its “Our Promise” initiative.

This promise is not like the first two, which were geared toward students. Instead, the message being sent is to the business community: Hire our students, and they will be ready to help you grow your company — or we will educate them more for free.

Other promises have included a tuition guarantee and a pledge to help high school students map out a pathway to a bachelor’s degree by age 20.

College President Roy Church said the MyEmployer Guarantee is in line with the college’s role as an economic development driver in the county.

“When we have a workforce that is prepared to meet the challenges of today’s economy, both employers and employees win,” he said.

Officials from companies across the county are excited about what the promise could mean to them. Cheryl Giardini, human resource manager for Crane Aerospace in Elyria, said the company of about 250 employees anticipates a demand for skilled technicians and manufacturing engineers in three to five years.

Its workforce is aging and, through attrition, new talent will need to be brought on board, she said. In addition, the aerospace industry is poised to grow in the next three years with new planes, helicopters and equipment.

“I already know what my employee needs are going to be,” Giardini said.

With a two-year degree in an appropriate applied degree program, entry-level technicians can make as much as $24 an hour starting at Crane Aerospace, she said.

The MyEmployer Guarantee has a two-pronged approach.

First, it guarantees LCCC students who complete an applied degree program are prepared to do their job for the first three years after graduation or the college will provide up to 15 credit hours of coursework tuition-free to fix any deficiencies.

Second, companies who partner with the college’s Entrepreneurship Innovation Institution can receive up to 10 hours of free talent planning, recruitment and human resource services.

“We are being reactive by saying we will fix any problems with our students because we believe in our students that much, but we are also being proactive to help employers find and recruit the talent they need,” Church said.

It’s the kind of assistance that is ideal to a small company like LaserCraft Inc., said Production Engineering Manager Dale Hawkinson. The North Ridgeville manufacturer is a product feeder to larger companies like Diamond Products, Adrian Steel and Vitamaix.

“Programs like this help get the right talent and employees in place to meet the growing needs of our company,” he said. “We like to grow talent from within, but as our clients grow we need to be ready to grow right along with them.”

Hawkinson said the company has hired through temporary employment agencies, but found its most recent hire through a LCCC co-op internship program.

Leanne Taylor, 46, of Elyria, went through the program and quickly transitioned into a full-time job. She considers herself proof that LCCC programs teach what employers want.

“When I went for that interview, it was like their checklist was just like the classes I took in college,” she said. “It was like, ‘I did that. I did that and that, too.’ I knew I was ready for this job.”

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  • SniperFire

    ‘ help high school students map out a pathway to a bachelor’s degree by age 20.’

    LOL. Empty press release hype.

    How about a promise to just graduate 9% of your students in 2 years?

    • anyMo

      The reason why the graduation numbers aren’t as high as they should be is that many students transfer out to a four year institution. They don’t apply to graduate from LCCC and receive their 2 year degree. It doesn’t make sense to me why they wouldn’t, but they don’t. Pay no mind to the “graduation” percentage. The number of students who complete their chosen program of study is much, much higher.

      • SniperFire

        Bull. How many student’s transfer out to a four year institution within two years after starting a two year associate program? If you don’t know the number, you are just blowing smoke and hoping the taxpayer buys what you are selling.

        ‘LCCC graduation rates among state’s lowest’

        • anyMo

          Obviously you don’t do your homework. And you haven’t for years as your grammar and punctuation exemplify. Don’t start calling “bull” on me until you know your facts. Students go to LCCC because it’s cheaper to earn the first two years worth of education close to home before transferring out to a four year institution. The State Transfer Module makes this possible. Students must apply to graduate and pay a fee in order to receive their Associate’s Degree. Most aren’t interested in doing that as it is not their goal. A simple Google search revealed a press release that explains all of this, as well as the many different ways that the attendance and completion numbers can be measured and interpreted. You’re welcome…next time, do your own homework before calling someone out.

          When transfer students are added to the equation, LCCC has a
          graduation rate of 42 percent, placing it in the 47th percentile of all
          colleges nationwide, according to

          Ballinger said another examination of data done by the National
          Student Clearinghouse and the Joint Center for Policy Research shows
          that LCCC has a 76 percent graduation rate, with 76 percent of students
          graduating, transferring or persisting over a six-year period. That data
          ranks LCCC second-highest in the state for completion, she said.”

          • SniperFire

            Bull. You still didn’t answer the question.

            Let me know if I need to dumb it down. Wish me luck.

            How many student’s transfer out to a four year institution within two years after starting a two year associate program? Stop running your mouth if you can’t answer the question.

            ‘ Most aren’t interested in doing that as it is not their goal. ‘

            Prove it. And why is the article raving about two year programs if you are telling us nobody wants them? As I said, this is an empty hype puff piece.

            How many kids will take advantage of the ‘tuition lock’ nonsense, expressed as a percentage? Remember the massive advertising campaign and the C-Ts free press releases touting this? Can you say…. 8% or so?

            How many kids will use LCCC to gain a 4 year degree ‘ by age 20? The answer is VERY few. This is empty hype.

            Most of taxpayer money is wasted at LCCC on programs which people never finish. Fact.

          • anyMo

            You have NO clue what you’re talking about. The fact is that people DO finish their chosen programs. These studies, as the article states, don’t count those students, because they are only gathering statistics about graduation rates. This includes the students who attend the Partnership Program. Since they don’t graduate from LCCC, they are not included in the graduation rate. RATES are expressed as percentages, not specific numbers. Since the student base at LCCC is composed of such a diverse demographic, they do not deal with individual numbers. However, if you really want to know that information I’m sure that you could contact the college and they could provide it to you. I can tell you firsthand that MANY students take advantage of the tuition lock. I, myself, was one of them. Anyone who attends as a full time student is taking advantage of it. I am a successful graduate of LCCC, having earned 2 Associate’s Degrees, With Honors, in 3 years. I am one of many who has taken advantage of all of the great things that LCCC has to offer. Taxpayer money is definitely NOT wasted. I’ve been a taxpayer in this county for all of my life.

            Let me ask you…have you been to LCCC lately? Have you attended classes? Have you talked with anyone who does? Have you bothered to contact the Administration to ask these burning questions? You don’t need to “dumb it down” for me…I’m a proud and successful graduate of LCCC, and I’m thankful that I was able to begin working on my Bachelor’s Degree there as well. I hope to return and complete it soon. Stop knocking what you don’t know about. Go visit the campus. Take a class…you might learn something.

            Let me ask

  • Sis Delish

    Maybe the Mayor of Elyria should take Roy Church up on that “guarantee”?