November 23, 2014


Woman wanted for alleged food stamp theft

Shawuan Telfair

Shawuan Telfair

A former manager of a Westlake group home is accused of stealing food stamps from the home’s residents.

Shawuan Telfair, 28, of Cleveland, used the Ohio Direction Cards of three developmentally disabled male residents to make purchases totaling $749 that were not for those residents, according to Capt. Guy Turner.

Telfair was dismissed from her employment in November. The alleged thefts occurred during and after her employment, and were discovered by the home’s staff in May, Turner said.

Telfair is wanted for theft, food stamp trafficking and identity theft. Anyone with information on her whereabouts should call (440) 871-3311.

  • golfingirl

    “…..used the Ohio Direction cards of three developmentally disabled male residents to make purchases totaling $749 that were not for those residents.”

    This is as low as it gets.

    • levtrotsky

      A public flogging might get her attention!

      • golfingirl

        Or a tattoo across her forehead that says “THIEF.”

        Drive drunk, have to display the yellow and red plates……steal from others, you should be “marked” as well.

  • Bill Love

    hope she gets locked up for a long time that’s just sick.and I don’t understand why they don’t have to show ID when are using them cards

    • golfingirl

      Many Americans do not have the necessary identification that such a law would require, and would face barriers to receiving the benefits of such a program.

      A disproportionate number of these Americans are low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, and elderly.

      What are you, some sort of of racist? Or even worse, a Republican?

      Or of course they could all head down to the store in Elyria and cash the cards for cell phones and drugs, no questioned asked.

      • FoodForThought63

        I never quite understood that argument either-if it truly is a barrier to obtain an id then why not provide one at no charge to those on public assistance.

        • golfingirl

          They get every other kind of free card, why not just throw in an I.D.?

          But then, it would be one less excuse for many to use when it comes to “voter suppression.”

          Just put their mugshot on a piece of plastic and call it a day. Sort of like getting two for one!

          • HankKwah

            Why not have their photo ON the “One Direction” card? I know, the comment just screams “racist Republican”, but it would do wonders to stopping this BS.

          • golfingirl

            You answered your own question…..laughing.

            How dare you inject logic into this discussion!!!!

            They do have a PIN, but obviously she was able to convince them to give it to her, as she earned their trust or simply stole it from unsuspecting developmentally handicapped adults.

            She is such a nice person.

          • Joseph Slabaugh

            I think in places like that, that they have caretakers that have those pins to get food for them, and then they are supposed to give it to the guys, but apparently she kept it herself, as she needed it more than them.

          • Phil Blank

            You forget?
            We fought the Real I.D. you don’t want that back, do you?

            It being forced on people in Vermont now, got the emal last week from a friend up there. Gold Star on the I.D. too!

            Reminded me of the gold star the Nazis gave the Jews.

          • HankKwah

            As of January 2014, 21 states are compliant, 20 states and territories have been granted renewable extensions (until October 10, 2014), and 15 states and territories are noncompliant (but are eligible for extensions).

            Ohio is a compliant state. If someone is getting state aid, they need to show ID in order to get that aid. I think the gold star situation is a little bit different.

          • Mark B

            Why not put their picture right on the EBT card

          • Scout

            Novel approach.

      • Starryeyes63

        I could be wrong but I think you need an ID to apply for public assistance. . .

        • Joseph Slabaugh

          To apply for it, I believe you are right, I lived there in Ohio most of my life. But the question is, can a social worker or caretaker use the card to buy food for the disabled person. or a husband for a wife, and vise-versa.

      • Scout

        If they don’t have the necessary identification how in the heck did they get the cards in the first place? Maybe the state agency that issues the cards should also issue the identification. Then they could use that identification when voting.

  • Jeff

    Wow if that is her mug shot how arrogant can she be!!!!Saying under her breath “Yeah I got away with it and if you think I’m showing up for court youzzz crazy!!!!!!”

    • golfingirl

      Are those her front teeth?

      Looks like a goal post waiting to have a football kicked through them for 3 points.

      • Phil Blank

        Careful with that, that happens when your wisdom teeth are removed, mine didn’t show-up until I eas in my mid 50s.
        Also model & actress Lauren Hutton had the same thing, but had a insert she wore until she was older.
        Back then she was hot, she still is, just older.

      • Jeff


        • jamie

          I have alwayd had a gap before my wisdom teeth were pulled and after its heriditary trait on my dads side! I ddnt like it before but now that he is gone i find i like it a little more!

      • WTFnext

        And her teeth have what to do with the theft of food stamps??

        • golfingirl

          Nothing. Just poking a little fun at another dumb criminal.

          Maybe she just needed the cards to buy boxes of toothpicks?

          • Jeff

            Put a dollar between them and get four quarters back!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!

    • WTFnext

      I don’t think it is a mugshot since the story says she is wanted for the theft and not arrested for it yet.

      • Razorback Twou

        Might have been a pic from a employee ID card, one she may have used to steal from the handicapped.

      • Jeff

        Who cares what pic it’s from. This scum should not be smiling for anything after what she has done period!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arietta Sullivan

    sad story,there is some sick people out in the world so don’t trust no one&keep anything worth value put up in a safe place even if that’s with a trusted relative.

  • John Demirjian

    Another oxygen thief off the streets.

  • John Demirjian

    Goes on to provide foundation for the statistic that 12% of our population is Black and they are responsible for 50% of overall crime.

  • Donna

    Why should tax payers have to pay for everyone who’s on welfare to have an I.D., when half the stores around here let people use the ohio direct for phones and everything else..Just Saying.