November 23, 2014


Police: Man fatally shot after altercation in Elyria

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ELYRIA – A man was fatally shot following an altercation with 30 people last night, according to police.

Officers were called to the 1100 block of Garden Street at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday for a report of subjects pounding on the front door of a house, according to Capt. Chris Costantino.

While officers were en route, dispatchers advised officers they had received another call reporting “multiple” gun shots coming from the area. A responding officer in the area of Infirmary Road and Garden Street heard what appeared to be a gunshot in close proximity, Costantino said.

When officers arrived in the area, they were flagged down by a female screaming for help, Costantino said. The female was holding a black male who was bleeding profusely and appeared to be unconscious.

The 24-year-old male was transported by LifeCare Ambulance to UH Elyria Medical Center emergency room, where he died from his injuries, Costantino said.

Witnesses told police that the victim had been involved in an altercation with about 30 subjects in the area, and he was shot as he attempted to run away.

The name of victim, who has a Lorain address, is being withheld until his family is notified.

The Lorain County Coroner’s Office was notified and will rule on the cause of death at a later date.

No arrests have made been made at this time. Anyone with information should contact the Elyria Police at (440) 323-3302.

  • tommtomm

    that area should have 24/7 policing. its a shame elyria once was a nice town to live in.

    • luvmytoaster

      Was that before or after housing projects were built?

    • Annette Osborn Boyce

      We have police drive down this streets about every 5 min. Its on the way to the sheriff station

      • Rebecca Baker

        The Sheriff Dept turns a blind eye to all that is going on.

        • stargazer2012

          It’s out of their jurisdication.

        • jz

          What are they supposed to do? The Sheriff’s use that route to and from the jail and courthouse. Unless a crime is happening right in front of them what do you expect? The statement turns a blind eye to all that is going on is ridiculous.

    • TruthWhisperer

      The 1960′s were a lot of fun

  • Pat Holbrook

    Now this should be real easy to solve.

    • oldruss

      There may have been 30 or so people there with whom the victim was arguing, but I’ll bet there isn’t one WITNESS.

  • Crazy

    It’s normal living to these people. Everyday something happens and police reaction times are terrible. It’s almost 5~10 min reaction time as if the police don’t want to get involved. I see all these people take of running with a head start cuz they know it’s a long time till police show. Can’t wait to move from this unhealthy place. If Westway Gardens cared about the people here they would do something but it will take more then a drug test.

    • aric bowens

      Who is “these people” what about “you people”and all the unjust crimes you were never charged with? (Now wonder who “you people”are im referring to.. Smh

      • Crazy

        “These people” are the ones who choose to be stupid causing problems and then evacuate the seen but leave their loved ones in danger!! “These people” who choose to not better their self!!! Thanks Aric!!!

  • Cascade Black Bear

    Elyria is still a nice town to live in.

    • golfingirl

      Where do you live? In a cave?

      Oh sorry…..I just realized you were a bear…..laughing.

  • oldruss

    This reminds me of the almost daily stories in The Plain Dealer/, where multiple shootings are reported in Cleveland, East Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, etc..

  • Cascade Black Bear

    Admitted that a lot of problems such as these are seemingly concentrated in the low income project type housing areas such as Westway Gardens and Middle Avenue, also Wilks Villa. It would be of a service to the city as well as residents of these projects if these places ceased to exist, and that the residents of these places were forced to find their residencies in single/multi family dwellings throughout, intermingled with general residences, away from full-fledged housing projects. The housing projects seem to create a subculture and that subculture seems to trend as we read, about guns, drugs, violence. The new deal was of good intentions.

    • Crazy

      I’m not here to argue but the low income housing has helped me when I lost everything thing I had and I think it’s helpful but I feel it should be a short period of time also push them to better. I have gotten back up and ready to get out but applications take time. So it’s positive thing but they allow terrible choices of people to live there!!

      • luvmytoaster

        You are correct, isn’t that what Wilkes Villa was designed for in the first place – temporary housing? Or am I wrong?

      • golfingirl

        Good luck….nice to hear someone has actually used low income housing as it was intended to be used…..temporarily.

    • oldruss

      As long as there are public housing projects, paid for with tax dollars, put serious armed security there 24/7. Institute a zero tolerance policy. ONE violation of any of the housing board’s rules, by anyone using a resident’s unit, resident, family, visitor, whomever, and your lease is terminated automatically and immediately. And while I’m a Second Amendment supporter, these havens for criminal behavior demand extraordinary measures, ban all weapons. These housing projects are, and have been for decades, a breeding ground for trouble. Clean them out, or close them.

      • Crazy

        I agree 100%. At the moment I recently heard their is fraud going on within these public housing projects. Another reason I want to move.

      • Mark B

        Zero tolerance for Drugs , Alcohol and Tobacco , if you are to the point that you need government assistance , then you DO NOT NEED . Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco. when you can totally support yourself , then you may do what you choose , but if you are living on the taxpayers Dime then Zero Tolerance.

        • Crazy

          I feel the same way about welfare!!! Why put a roof or food to someone who spends on waist?? All these people got fancy cloths and cars but can’t get out the hood to prosper but instead our government flourishes these people instead of bouncing them back on there feet and out the door!!

          • Bob Dobbs

            Not to be a grammar Nazi but, why do we waste tax dollars on trying to give someone an education: “spends on waste”, “fancy clothes”, “on their feet”. Sentence structure grammar are important when you are calling someone else stupid.

          • Joe Smith

            Where did he call anybody stupid in the comment you are responding to?
            Comprehension is important when you try to make an accusation.

          • Crazy

            Thanks Grammar Nazi but just as Joe said I didn’t call anyone stupid!! Let’s be honest though, a lot of people today don’t have top grade education!! Some came from nothing and could be your boss!! I’m not saying I’m the brightest but I do think I have a great head on my shoulders!! But as I said before I’m not here to argue!!

        • Razorback Twou

          Are you saying that if you’re not on government assistance that you then NEED Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco?

    • Rebecca Baker

      No better in the township.

    • Simon Jester

      Yeah, because spreading the crack houses around into nice areas is a FANTASTIC idea.

      Hell no.

      • Calvin

        Most of the drugs are in the nice areas maybe you should open your eyes and look around

        • Simon Jester

          If I thought you’d be able to understand the point, I’d link the actual instances of integrating Section 8 housing into otherwise decent neighborhoods.

          Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures so I doubt it would hold your interest.

  • Cletus

    Where is Dirty Harry when you need him?

  • Tamra Tury

    No matter where it happened this is someones child. My condolences go out to his loved ones.

  • golfingirl

    Must have done something real bad, to have 30 people after him at the same time.

    Looks like the fireworks are getting started a little early in Elyria this year!

  • Arietta Sullivan

    do i feel retaliation tonight at the park? bad timing for this crap to go down the night before the fireworks that was donated,for this city,after 5 years. wow

  • Sis Delish

    Should be very interesting how this plays out.. on the Eve of the 2nd of July Fireworks, which is this administrations Biggest Challenge Yet!

    “Witnesses told police that the victim had been involved in an altercation with about 30 subjects in the area, and he was shot as he attempted to run away.”

    Thirty-Subjects? History, Accounting, Biology? Great Reporting…

  • FlightMediaFilms .

    If the city is falling apart what do you expect, downtown is barren, the job opportunities are dwindling, the shopping areas are run down. When you wrangle up depressed, poor and oppressed people this is what you get. Crime is statistically higher in all POOR regions. So let’s not get on our high horse, instead go out and make a change or simply leave. I’m so glad I moved out of there because I was stagnant in Elyria due to lack of opportunity. I moved and my whole world opened up, I will be attending a great accredited school and working hard. The city needs MONEY AND HELP not criticism.

    • luvmytoaster

      I don’t think anyone would disagree with your last sentence regarding money and help……but people grow up poor everywhere, everyday – that doesn’t mean that they lie, cheat, steal and murder someone!

      • FlightMediaFilms .

        Look at statistics, crime is higher in poor regions. Plain and simple…..NUMBERS do not lie

      • Mark B

        You could give Elyria a unlimited budget and the Unions would squander every penny and NOTHING would change

      • Annette Osborn Boyce

        To many young people solve problems with a gun. When I grow up we used our fist.

  • Annette Osborn Boyce

    I live across the street from this housing development. For the most part its quite it can get loud at times, an it seems to me all the folks who live over there have jobs. Unless you live in bubble this could happen in Amherst, Grafton, North Ridgeville. I moved here because I love this house moved from Amherst where I lived for 44 years an Amherst has one of the biggest opiate dependant towns. Lets not label everyone cuz of a few.

    • Mark B

      But yet EPD is called to Melvin Ln at least a 3 or 4 times a day

    • FlightMediaFilms .

      I know many people in that housing area, been in elyria all my life, believe me when I say, not everyone has jobs and not everyone is living comfortable. I’m speaking from experience

  • TruthWhisperer

    30 plus of them and the Gun Owner still needs to be a coward and shoot when they are leaving.

    Typical Coward Gun Owner, Cant go bare knuckles like a real man, Instead shoot when they leave.

    • Bob

      Correction. Coward criminal with a gun. Anyone who legally gets a gun and goes through CCW classes isn’t a coward.

      The only cowards are the punk a$$ criminals.

      • Joe Smith

        Yep a gun is a tool, it is misused when in a criminals hand and used properly in a honest citizens hand.

  • Starryeyes63

    And I am SURE this was a legal gun carried by a law-abiding citizen. NOT Sorry I have no sarcasm font.

  • DonMega

    If all 30 people was at home sleep because they had to get up and go to work it wouldn’t of happened.

    • Sis Delish


    • SniperFire

      Why work? Vote Democrat!

  • Rob Bennett

    It isn’t the people that are the ones that are responsible for the leases. It’s their kids. Then you have the people getting people to sign leases there so the crooks with the records can live there. The adults aren’t trying to make where they live a war zone. All this kids fighting over territory, how can you claim something as YOUR territory when it is Goverment owned land and housing? Level them, level all of the projects. Let them move to some other city. Pretty bad that when I was growing up Lorain was the bad place where we weren’t allowed to go hang. Now it’s Elyria rampant with heroin and other drugs, gangs fighting for territory and trying to play big boy games and be tough. These kids are getting eaten alive in the jails. I’m so glad I left that city to give my kids a safe place to grow up

  • bROWNS77

    They do have police there all day that we pay for.
    Glad that place is tucked away.
    Should cage it up and see what goes on there!
    Then they will find out who really is to blame , and who made it the ghetto. Take responsibility instead of blaming ” the man” or whatever.
    When your Mother doesnt work , your Dad lives with you but says he doesnt so you can get section 8 .
    Kids see that and have no morals and no work ethic.
    Just sit on the porch all day, giving people dirty looks after they wake up at 2 p.m. just like there parents!
    Pants on the ground!
    Real tired of seeing underwear butts after yesterday!
    My 6 year old said to me “Dad! why do those people have there underwear butts sticking out ? Its gross”
    .There really should be a law for that!
    Can i wear underwear and walk down the street?
    Just weird, creepy and disgusting.
    You should see them hurry across the intersections , holding there pants up!