November 26, 2014

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Child care worker faces endangering charge

Kellie Grayshaw

Kellie Grayshaw

ELYRIA — A child care worker is facing a misdemeanor endangering children charge for allegedly harming a 6-month-old boy in her care last month.

Kellie Grayshaw, 40, pleaded not guilty to the charge during an Elyria Municipal Court appearance Tuesday, according to court records.

Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino said Grayshaw was working in the child care services department at Child Enrichment Services, Linden at Wesleyan when the incident occurred June 19.

He said the mother of the victim discovered bruises on her son’s back and legs after picking up the boy from day care that day. The injuries hadn’t been there when she dropped her son off earlier in the day.

Costantino said police questioned Grayshaw, who admitted to injuring the child when the boy kept crying. He said she also told police that she had been responsible for several children at the time and became frustrated.

Connie Osborne, president of the Neighborhood Alliance, said Grayshaw has been placed on unpaid leave while the incident is under investigation, which she said is standard procedure.

In a statement released Tuesday, Osborne said the Neighborhood Alliance is cooperating with the investigation.

“Recently, one of our staff members was accused of not living up to the firm standards (to) which we are committed,” the statement said. “We take these allegations very seriously. Neighborhood Alliance has, and will continue, to fully cooperate with authorities in its investigation into these allegations involving a child at the Childcare Services, Linden at Wesleyan in Elyria.”

Grayshaw is free on a personal bond and is due back in court in August.

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  • Lisa

    No other staff around to see this? Maybe intervene? SECURITY CAMERAS SHOULD BE IN EVERY DAYCARE AND NURSING HOME IN THIS COUNTRY!!! (and animal shelters)

    • Lisa

      I honestly don’t even like the way this “lady” looks… I wouldn’t drop my child off in her care…

  • DonMega

    A retarded miss piggy.

  • Brian_Reinhardt

    If she admitted to harming the child what is there to investigate?

    Here’s a very possible scenario…

    She resigns immediately and then does like many do in Lorain County, plead to a much lessor offense and is back working at a daycare in the future.

    She should be terminated immediately…

  • SpaceTech

    That’s not a face I would entrust my children to.

  • Barbara Radke

    6 months? Seriously? For harming a baby? Babies bounce pretty good so for a 6 month old to have bruises it must have taken a beating. So did that stop the baby from crying you idiot. Can’t believe the light sentences given to scum that hurt babies that in no way can defend themselves.

    • Melissa Merrill Snyder

      She hasn’t been tried or sentenced. The baby is 6 months old.

      • LAB1660

        Six months old and DEFENSELESS against such a “caretaker.” She’ll be tried in the court of public opinion before she gets to a court of law.