November 27, 2014


Man gets 7 years for trying to kill girlfriend

Tim Loyer addresses the court during sentencing for domestic violence. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

Tim Loyer addresses the court during sentencing for domestic violence. STEVE MANHEIM/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — Despite the pleas of the woman he tried to kill, Timothy Loyer was sentenced Wednesday to seven years in prison.

The victim in the case, Jennifer Varney, told Lorain County Common Pleas Judge Christopher Rothgery that she didn’t want Loyer, who had just pleaded guilty to attempted murder, felonious assault, abduction and domestic violence charges, to be locked up for his crimes.

“I forgive him for what he did that night,” Varney said.

Assistant County Prosecutor Stephanie Malanowski had urged Rothgery to impose an even longer prison sentence, arguing that Loyer was dangerous and “will kill someone if he’s in the community.” She also cited Loyer’s extensive criminal history, including a previous robbery conviction.

She said that on April 12, Loyer choked Varney at a Lorain home, kicked her down the stairs and then choked her until she lost consciousness.

Police reported that when they arrived after Loyer’s sister called to report he was trying to kill Varney, they found Loyer on top of his girlfriend, still choking her.

Varney’s face was swollen and purple, and she had visible strangulation marks on her neck, according to police. She was gargling in an effort to breathe before she was taken to a hospital.

“It appears as though it’s a miracle she’s still alive,” Malanowski said.

Varney said Loyer attacked her only because he had been drinking and taking drugs that night. She said Loyer is dangerous only when he’s intoxicated. She also said she understands the dangers of addiction.

“It can turn you into a monster,” Varney said.

Loyer, who told police in April that he was trying to help Varney because she “fainted,” said he was taking the plea to spare his family and Varney further pain. He said he wanted to begin the “healing process.”

Varney also said that in a second domestic violence case that Loyer also pleaded guilty to Wednesday, he wasn’t actually choking her. Although Malanowski said Loyer had choked his girlfriend in the earlier instance, Varney said he was just trying to get her phone away from her.

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    The woman (girlfriend) needs professional help! She is the enabler here. Until she does, she will always be a victim. He is scum, and should rot in jail!