November 23, 2014


Eaton Estates residents blame township for flooding woes

EATON TWP. — Residents of Eaton Estates, fed up with poor drainage in their neighborhood, blame the problem for damaging homes and turning yards into rivers after rains.

Mary Renaldo, 51, 12104 Alton Drive, lives in the home she grew up in and said over the past year the neighborhood has flooded multiple times. She said she will be late paying her property taxes this year because she has had to spend so much money fixing flood damage.

“People have been trying to get the township to fix this and no one wants to do anything,” Renaldo said. “Every time it rains now, we’re all getting flooded. I’ve walked around and some of the drains aren’t even taking in the water. It’s just flowing over them.”

At a recent Eaton Township board meeting, residents asked trustees if there is a plan to fix the drainage. Trustee Randy Houston said drains in the neighborhood can’t handle large amounts of rain in a short time.

“None of that drainage up there is prepared to take three inches of rain in two hours,” he said. “That’s what we had the other night — 3.6 inches of rain at my house on Island Road in a couple hours.”

Houston said crews are removing debris, including a refrigerator and trash can, from ditches in the area.

Trustee Jason Monschein said the township is beginning to address poor drainage.

“Crews will work their way from (state Route) 82 up through the ditch (near Eaton Estates),” he said. “The second phase will be how to replace the (drain) tile.”

One problem is that Eaton Township has only three full-time workers to take care of ditch cleaning, drain projects and other township maintenance issues.

“We’re not a big city,” Monschein said.

Jerry Jarrett, 64, 12133 Eaton Blvd., attended the meeting to support Renaldo and other neighbors. Jarrett has lived in his home since 1980 and he said there never used to be flooding issues in Eaton Estates.

Although Jarrett’s home has not been damaged by flooding, he said his yard turns into a river that flows into Renaldo’s yard.

“It is a problem,” Jarrett said. “Eaton Boulevard looks like a river every time we get a hard rain. It looks like a river on both sides.”

Jarrett said until something is done, aggravation will continue to build.

“I see what’s happening and I’m lucky I haven’t been damaged,” Jarrett said. “But even outside, we can’t do home improvements. You can’t put mulch down or nothing because it all just washes away.”

Renaldo said she won’t accept the excuse that the flooding is simply a matter of heavy rains.

“All the drains need to be checked out and fixed,” Renaldo said. “I’ve pretty much been in this house my whole life, 51 years. When it rains, we should not get flooded like this. Everybody is running out of money.”

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  • Woytach

    Yes, my father is one of the residents on Alton Drive in Eaton Estates that is getting water. Yet when you try to call the County Engineer no one returns the call. I called back after the first flood in May and never received a return call, again I called after this last round of flooding still didn’t get a return call. I’ve been trying to contact contractors about coming out and giving estimates and can’t get them to even give me the courtesy of a phone call back or if they did schedule a time they never show up. At the most recent town hall meeting, they stated that the plan to doing the repairs would be available at the town hall. I went down there today and was told that NO it is not and that the only copies are with the county engineer and the construction company. Residents should NOT have to go all over the county to get information! They have a truck that was purchased last December that they can use to clean out the ditches but they have yet to use it. What are they waiting for? People can’t keep paying for repairs. The township needs to step up and help get this problem fixed. Many residents have lost everything, they can’t keep replacing lost items and many residents are retired and on fixed incomes. Money doesn’t grow on money trees folks, you need to help the residents out.

  • Jeff

    You go Mary !!!!

  • Sandi Smith Kinley

    Maybe when they are finished with the ditches they will decide to take a ride thru Eaton Estates. Yes I know it is not election time but really when does anyone from the town hall check and see what is going on in the estates, only in the winter our roads are the best. I pay my taxes and keep my property up and if you drive through our community you would think we are filming for Hoarders. Really you didnt know there was a refrigerator in the ditch line? Doesnt surprise me. I have made numorus request from the trustess as far back as at least 2000 and nothing has been done all I have ever heard is you people really we pay taxes too