November 27, 2014


Suspect who fled after traffic stop arrested

Tyrell Horton

Tyrell Horton

ELYRIA – A man who led police on a high-speed car chase following a routine traffic stop on Tuesday evening was taken into custody and charged for the incident on Thursday.

Tyrell Horton, 25, was charged with failure to comply and reckless operation at about 10:15 a.m. on Thursday near the intersection of Lorain Boulevard and North Ridge Road East.

The warrants for Horton were issued after an incident on Tuesday night when Horton was pulled over for nearly striking a police car when he tried to turn left from 11th Street onto West Avenue, according to police.

Officers who pulled Horton over discovered that he had a suspended license and smelled of alcohol. Horton passed field sobriety tests and police didn’t find anything suspicious in his car, leading officers to only issue Horton a citation for an expired license.

Horton cooperated with officers during the traffic stop and asked if he could get something out of his car. When he got to his car, Horton jumped inside and started driving.

Police followed Horton through downtown Elyria but stopped the chase when Horton, traveling about 70 miles per hour, turned eastbound on Hamilton Avenue.

Police issued warrants for his arrest and Horton was picked up on Thursday morning in Elyria.

He was taken to Lorain County Jail, where he was being held on a $11,250 bond on Thursday.

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  • GreatRedeemer

    So why take off after being initially cooperative. Bet you, tell it to the judge story be “I was scared”

    • Bob

      He not scared. He be stupid.

      (yes I meant to type it out that way)

  • Bob

    Wow this guy looks confused. I wonder if he will use that as a defense.

    What kind of idiot take off in the car that the police ran the plates on and knows your name. I am guessing he was in the same car when he was picked up.

  • John Demirjian

    Another oxygen thief proving that 12% of the population who is black is responsible for 50% of all the crime.

    • Mark B

      Politically Correct and proud of it

      • John Demirjian

        You’re a clown.

    • spoken

      Wow that’s a racist comment if I’ve ever seen one. You should do a little more research that 50 percent is based off of all minorities not just blacks. Have you even taken sociological the reason minorities crime rates are so high is because societies inability to let them prosper when you have no money you do illegal things to get it and end up getting caught I’m a sociology teacher and I’ve always been taught that white have it made and that’s the reason why they commit less crime

      • Stan K

        That comment was not at all racist,He was just stated the statistical facts. When it comes to privileges, Minorities trump whites these days. Look at the medical field. Do you know how hard it is for a white male to get accepted to medical school? It has become the equivalent of a black man winning the presidency, there are so many more opportunities presented to minorities vs Caucasians.
        How about trying to get a student loan?If you are white,you might get one at 6-11%.If you are a minority,you never have to repay it.

      • Bob

        What you are teaching your student is one of the reason why there is so much reverse racism in this country.

        I am a single father with two children who live with me full time. I WAS DENIED ANY HELP I APPLIED FOR, make sure you tell your students that next time. I am pretty sure I was denied because I am white..

  • Pat Holbrook


  • Mark B

    Another Mistake from the CT , Wrong Picture in the article title

  • tickmeoff

    As Forest Gump would say…Stupid is as stupid does. Talk about turning a molehill into a mountain. Hopefully he learns something called damage control. He is his own worst enemy!