November 26, 2014


Motorcyclist injured in Erie County crash

The Sandusky post of the Ohio Highway Patrol is investigating a motorcycle crash that occurred Saturday near state Route 61 in Erie County.

Chad Scott Rhoades, 42, of Cuyahoga Falls, was driving his 2010 Harley-Davidson westbound on Smokey Road when he drove off the right side of the road, struck a utility pole and was ejected from the motorcycle.

Rhoades was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash and was flown to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo with life-threatening injuries. The crash is under investigation.

  • HankKwah

    Why won’t bikers wear helmets? If you’re going to ride, doesn’t that make sense??

    • Razorback Twou

      For some it interferes with vision and hearing, are heavy, and push your head back as you ride.

      • Steven

        that razorback is a crock. “For some”?? Maybe. Were you aware ALL 50 states require seatbelts even though vehicle dirvers are protected by metal, airbags, etc… yet only about half the states have a helmet law?

        I wear my helmet but its not to protect me from myself. Its from the others out there driving but putting driving the vehicle as the second… third… fourth task…

        • Razorback Twou

          Sorry you can’t ride a bike and stay out of trouble. Maybe a “cage” is all you should operate.Some of us have better skills then others. You seem to fit in the “other” category. Sorry for your luck, must be hel* being you.

        • michelle

          I ride a 1200 pound horse, who has opinions, feelings, attitudes. Some of us wear helmets, some do not. I do not, and would like people to keep their helmet choices to themselves.

  • Steven

    Actually you don’t drive a motorcycle (although the dictionary term seems to fit). You operate it. Or ride it. But since I ride maybe its all me ;)