November 23, 2014


Tracy Sprinkle pleads not guilty to charges stemming from bar brawl

Tracy Sprinkle

Tracy Sprinkle

LORAIN — Former Elyria High School football standout Tracy Sprinkle has pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a brawl Saturday at a Lorain bar.

Sprinkle, 19, was released from jail on a $2,000 bond following his appearance Monday in Lorain Municipal Court. He also has been dismissed from the Ohio State University football team.

Gerald Emig, an Ohio State spokesman, said in a statement that coach Urban Meyer decided Monday to remove Sprinkle from the team, where he was a defensive lineman. Emig said that Sprinkle’s status will be re-evaluated after the legal issues are resolved.

Sprinkle’s removal from the team came a day after Emig announced the player had been suspended.

Sprinkle’s defense attorney, Mike Duff, declined to comment on the allegations against his client.

Lorain police reported that officers were called to the Grown N’ Sexy Bar on East 28th Street about 2 a.m. Saturday because of a large fight. When officers arrived, they reported seeing more than 50 people, some fighting, in the parking lot and other people running out of the bar, where fights also were taking place.

Wayne Blue

Wayne Blue

Police reported that they first encountered Sprinkle as he was being restrained by several people while 23-year-old Wayne Blue was screaming at him. Blue was bleeding from his face, police said. Blue later told police that Sprinkle hit him in the face with a bottle when the fighting broke out in the bar.

Both men were told to leave, but didn’t do so. Blue was arrested when he tried to continue the confrontation. The group holding Sprinkle back told police, “We got him,” and pushed him toward a car, officers reported.

But police said Sprinkle didn’t leave and instead was seen arguing with someone else, at which point he was arrested. When an officer tried to handcuff Sprinkle, the report said, the football player “began to tense up and spin around on me, causing me to shove him into the SUV and grab his right wrist and cuff it.”

Sprinkle was taken to the Lorain City Jail. The officer who transported him reported that after dropping Sprinkle off, he checked the back seat of his cruiser and found two small bags of cocaine, weighing about 0.2 grams each, stuffed under the back seat.

The officer reported that he had one other person in the back seat that evening — a juvenile — and he had checked the back seat after dropping a juvenile off at home and found no drugs at that time.

Darrell Dukes

Darrell Dukes

Sprinkle is charged with possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and riot/failure to disperse.

Blue and another man, Darrell Dukes, 22, of Elyria, who also was arrested at the scene, were released from jail Monday and are due in Lorain Municipal Court today, according to court officials.

Lorain Police Sgt. Mark McCoy said police will record Saturday’s incident at the Grown N’ Sexy Bar in a log with other nuisance incidents at that bar. The Police Department takes legal action against a bar’s liquor license only after they have recorded multiple incidents at one particular establishment, McCoy said.

Sprinkle is due back in court July 31.

Reporters Anna Merriman and Lisa Roberson contributed to this story.

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  • oldruss

    The next to the last paragraph is of note: LPD only ask for an establishment’s liquor license to be lifted after there are, “multiple incidents at one particular establishment.” Looks to me like this ONE incident is enough to shut the place down.

  • golfingirl

    Almost a neck tattoo.

    Why do you frequently see a money sign, or the word “money” inked into their skin.

    It is like if they wear a billboard advertising their supposed “wealth,” it will lead people to believe they actually do have money.

    If you have to tell people you have money through advertising it on your skin, you probably don’t have any… least not any which was legally earned.

    • Mbills

      His tattoo has nothing to do with anything. He was attacked and fought back. And yes i do know this because he is my brother. He went out to have a good time for his birthday. Don’t judge based on appearances. He has had the same legitimate job for the past 6 years. Maybe you should think about the things you say before you say them. Especially since you don’t know him!

      • golfingirl

        I wish your brother well.

        • Mbills

          Thank you. And if I wasn’t clear, Wayne is my brother. It’s a shame this even happened. People cannot even go out and enjoy themselves anymore without some type of drama.

  • golfingirl

    “Sprinkle” a little coke on him and he will be fine.

  • Sis Delish

    His plea of Not Guilty didn’t resonate to OSU.

  • frustrating1

    Anything to keep these BLACK young people from their dreams!! Everyone would rather see them locked up as usual. What happened to innocent until he is claimed to be guilty!?

    • Steven

      He’s 19… in a bar that serves alcohol…yep, innocent til proven guilty… but someone has to play the race card.

    • golfingirl

      The race card has already been played in the discussions in previous articles.

      The only one keeping these “BLACK young people from their dreams,” is themselves.

      No different for white or blue young people. Their behaviors are directly responsible for turning their dreams into nightmares.

      I do hope he reaches his dreams, as I do for all young persons, but even putting himself in this position makes me wonder exactly how badly he wanted to achieve that dream.

  • Steven

    I wasn’t there, but something tells me he probably “stood his ground” like a real bad man in the bar, yet pleads not guilty in court. But hey, it’s our justice system and he does have rights…
    oh, wait, a 19 year old teen isn’t supposed to BE in a bar… guess the laws aren’t good enough for him.
    We will read about him and his entitled life again down the road I am sure.

    • Sherry Kurtz

      unless its 18 & over night= like it was!

      • oldruss

        And I bet you believe that no alcoholic beverages were being served. He was CHARGED with hitting another “party goer” with a BEER bottle. So, because it was “18 & over night”, it was okay for Sprinkle to assault a guy with a beer bottle; to riot; to fail to disperse; and to hide two envelopes of cocaine in a police cruiser?

      • Starryeyes63

        We were told earlier by supporters it was a private party so which is it?

  • givemeabreak1234

    all I can say is ” you are a dumb. a$$.” you make it to ohio state maybe the NFL and you blow it to show your ba!!s in dsucky lorain IDIOT. go sit with Hernandez

  • ekwaykway

    Sprinkle, Sprinkle little star, how we wonder what you are….

  • golfingirl

    If OSU was smart, they would just tell their players the Goal Line is actually a line of cocaine.

    Give them all a straw and let them run…..I bet we would see a lot more touchdowns next season!