November 26, 2014


Teen heading to adult court in fatal Elyria shooting

Tristen Belfiore

Tristen Belfiore

ELYRIA — The 17-year-old facing aggravated murder and other charges in connection with the shooting death of Davion Strupe last week is bound for adult court.

Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will said because of the nature of the charges and Tristen Belfiore’s age, moving the case out of Juvenile Court is mandated by state law if prosecutors can prove there is probable cause for the charges.

Belfiore turned himself in to the Lorain County Juvenile Detention Home last week after Elyria police issued a warrant for his arrest following the July 1 death of the 24-year-old Strupe. Belfiore also had been wanted for violating the terms of his parole from the Ohio Department of Youth Services.

Juvenile Court records show Belfiore was sent to a state facility in November after being found delinquent of breaking and entering. He was released on parole in April, said Juvenile Court Administrator Jody Barilla.

Michael Towne, Belfiore’s attorney, said he has yet to see the evidence gathered by Elyria police linking his client to Strupe’s death.

According to police, Strupe was part of a melee involving at least 30 people outside 1143 Garden St. Police have reported that Strupe was targeted in the brawl, but have declined to say why.

Strupe managed to escape from the fight and was fleeing when he was shot in the back, police have said. County Coroner Stephen Evans has said that while Strupe had other injuries, he died from the gunshot wound.

Two other people, Martin Markus, who was arrested without incident on July 2, and Anthony Marcano, who turned himself in, also face charges in the case.

Elyria Police Capt. Chris Costantino said the investigation is continuing and other people involved in the melee could be charged.

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  • guest

    thank you lord.! thank I feel for the family this young man belongs to and how upset they must be it is nothing compared to Davion being taken from us as in his family and friends.we still cant make sense of this and I cant let him neighbors who don’t even know him cry for him.these men took a young mans life,a young man who decided this is not the life he wanted,he felt he could do better and wanted to prove it.i pray there is pain can compare to losing a love one.and as for all of you on the other stories commenting about his criminal record DOES NOT MEAN he was not many people are mourning him and I hope to god he gives us and his family justice for losing a friend who was a part of me.
    R.I.P Davion.

    • AmyS.

      Can you share funeral arrangements? We have not seen anything in the paper yet.

  • oldruss

    The law that makes transfer out of juvenile court to the general division of the Court of Common Pleas mandatory in cases such as this one is being challenged at the Ohio Supreme Court. See: State of Ohio v. Quarterman, Case Number 2013-1591, on appeal from the Summit County Court of Appeals, Ninth Appellate District.

    Depending on the outcome of this Ohio Supreme Court case, the county prosecutor may have to transfer this case back to Juvenile Court, for a full probable cause hearing.

    • guest

      either way if found guilty they will make him pay for his mistake?

      • oldruss

        IF he is found guilty in adult court, the sentence he could receive is much stiffer than anything he could get if he is found delinquent in juvenile court. It DOES make a big difference.

  • GreatRedeemer

    A few years ago, that Kovarbasich boy was 16, tried as an adult and got probation. Different circumstances but both left a victim dead.

  • golfingirl

    As it should be!

    “Belfiore also had been wanted for violating the terms of his parole from the Ohio Department of Youth Services.”

    He has proven the Youth Detention System cannot control him.

    With a name like Tristen, I bet he will be a “Bubba” favorite.

  • Jeff

    He wanted to act like a man now he will get the punishment!!!!!!!Hey boy pick up the soap!!!!!!!

  • John Demirjian

    What can we say… Just another representative of the black community in trouble again. Seems to be a pattern.

    • Chan

      I agree to extent, luckily for you community your pattern of behavior is to commit suicide and unfortunately your own kids.

  • Jason M. Schmidt

    If you’re going to give up on life, might as well do it early.