November 24, 2014

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UPDATED: Cedar Point tries to entice Lebron, too

Cedar Point has offered to rename one of its big roller coasters after LeBron James if he signs with the Cavs. (AP file photo)

Cedar Point has offered to rename one of its big roller coasters after LeBron James if he signs with the Cavs. (File photo)

SANDUSKY — If LeBron James finally decides to come back to Cleveland and the Cavs, the folks at Cedar Point are pledging to rename one of their big roller coasters after him.

“We are serious about this,” Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said Wednesday in response to questions about the legitimacy of a Twitter post by the park that read:


Edwards confirmed the idea for the posting came straight from park CEO Matt Ouimet, who succeeded the retiring Dick Kinzel, who guided the park through its years of biggest growth.

Ouimet is a former Walt Disney Co. executive who worked for Disney for 17 years in positions including president of the Disney Cruise Line and the Disneyland Resort in California.

“Matt is very passionate about this area of the country and a big supporter of Ohio,” Edwards said. “He thinks this is a great place to live and visit. Matt also wanted to lend our support to the Cavs, who have been a great partner of ours.”

James has been known to have visited the park a number of times during his high school days as a star standout for Akron St. Vincent/St. Mary High School, Edwards said, and later during his years with the Cavs when he won Rookie of the Year honors, was the NBA’s MVP twice and led the team to the NBA Finals in 2007, where they lost to the San Antonio Spurs.

“Hopefully we can bring him back to the area,” Edwards said. “We hope he takes us up on this offer.”

James’ departure from the Cavs in 2010 came during a nationwide ESPN event promoted as “The Decision” in which he said he was taking “his talents to South Beach” to join the Miami Heat.

That led to bitter disappointment and anger on the part of many Cavs fans, who felt James had betrayed them and his hometown.

His possible return has been the source of wall-to-wall sports coverage for the past several weeks as James continues to talk with several teams, including Cleveland.

Should James decide to return to Northeast Ohio and the Cavaliers, Cedar Point officials will meet to decide which of its record-breaking roller coasters would be renamed in his honor.

“And we’ll gladly listen to his suggestions as well,” Edwards said. “We hope this is another way we can showcase this awesome area of the country.”

The park’s signature roller coasters Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force and Magnum XL-200 would appear to top the list of possible candidates to be renamed.

Twitter reaction to Cedar Point’s announcement was immediate.



Not everyone was as enamored about the park’s promotion.


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  • Sis Delish

    Oh Great! A roller coaster that quits just as it gets exciting… should be some ride.

    • Brian_Reinhardt

      That was funny as he11…

  • oldruss


  • Otter

    Just one more reason for me not to go there….

    • golfingirl

      Forget naming a coaster after him….how about the merry-go-round!

      No, I guess a coaster would be more appropriate, since he “coasted” in the playoffs against the Celtics before he left.

  • ken m

    if they do this, please boycott this place…let your kids know, he sold out for the money,not being proud of Cleveland like he should of been…

    • Sean MacNair

      Of course he went for the money. Someone throws millions of dollars at you, you would take it too.

  • golfingirl

    Sorry, but in order to use the name “King James,” LeBron will demand royalties.

    Coaster renaming rights are going for $2M per year these days.

    • Mark B

      Would that name not be offensive to “Real Kings”
      News Flash — The Majority of people couldn’t care less about Labron James. personally sick of hearing about him.

      • golfingirl

        You mean he is not a real king?

        Are we not his servants and beggars, groveling at his feet in an attempt to have him throw a piece of leather through a metal ring in Cleveland again?

        Offering to not only pay him a ridiculous sum of money, but naming amusement park rides and even a hamburger after him?

        I find it amusing how those who once despised him for leaving, are now so happy that he may be returning.

        Just shows how desperate Cleveland is for a championship, in any sport.

    • Ex_Subscriber

      LeBron does not own the trademark “King James”. If he did, he’d be demanding royalties from a certain edition of the Bible.
      Hey, wait a minute….

  • Ex_Subscriber

    I have a couple of suggestions:
    Rename the Corkscrew the “Cavs-Screw”.
    Or, if you don’t like that, let’s rename the Gemini “Two Faced”.
    Just a couple thoughts.

    • luvmytoaster


  • cali corn ya

    That rollercoaster must really have to travel,lol. How bout King Flop.

  • HankKwah

    If he comes back, it’s because he wants maximum money. Please Cedar Point, don’t do this. The entire family loves the park, and we all believe no one should bend over backwards to bring him back. And to have to be reminded of him every time we come to the park is just not a good thing.