November 28, 2014


Lorain County Community College cuts 22 jobs

ELYRIA — Twenty-two positions were eliminated at Lorain County Community College, effective July 1, as a result of an academic consolidation plan as well as an annual budget review.

Nine jobs were affected by the academic consolidation plan and 13 positions were eliminated in the budgeting process.

The consolidation plan was announced on campus May 5.

Tracy Green, vice president of strategic and institutional development, said nine total positions were eliminated as a result of the consolidation. Three academic dean contracts were not renewed, and two of the three were interim positions. In addition, six support staff positions were cut and of those six, two were temporary positions and three retired.

The three divisions being merged are Health, Physical Education and Recreation, the Academic Foundation and the Business Division.

HPER will be aligned with Allied Health and Nursing, and the Business Division will join with Engineering and Information Technology and the Division of Social Sciences and Human Services. The Academic Foundation will go into Science and Mathematics Division.

Green said the college simultaneously went through its annual budgeting process and as a result several jobs and initiatives that were temporary or supported through grants were not absorbed into the college’s budget.

In total, 13 of those types of positions were eliminated.

Eight temporary positions, including seven full-time and one part-time, were eliminated. Green said temporary positions are not part of the college’s permanent staffing table.

Two additional contracts were not renewed due to a change in funding and three positions will not be renewed following retirements.

“This is something we do every May and June,” Green said. “Each year, the college assesses all contracts and associated funding sources, especially of temporary positions as a part of its standard budgeting process.”

The college closed out its fiscal year June 30.

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  • Sis Delish

    Coming Up: “Hey, we cut some staff, now we need more money to hire them back”, sez the Tax Vacuum on N. Abbe Road.

  • SniperFire

    They probably added 86 in other areas.

    • Bruce

      Nope, cutting staff and hours. I know, my family works there with less hours now.

  • Bill

    But the dummies keep approving levies for LCCC who then waste no time in announcing sweeping layoffs and job eliminations after passage.
    I’ll continue to vote no for whatever that’s worth.

    • SniperFire

      Thinking people wonder why LCCC would put out this press release (disguised as news courtesy of the normal useful idiots) touting their great fiscal contraint of cutting some part time workers.

      Did they announce how many new hires they added at the taxpayer expense courtesy of the huge levy that passed? Of course not.

      The public is being played, courtesy of the C-T and LCCC.

  • Otter

    When did they cut the grounds keeping crew? It’s as bad as the “roses” on 57….

  • SweetScarlet

    Actually, they DID cut 5 full timers from the Maintenance department. All gone. Along with the others that were also let go. And no, the college is NOT hiring ANY new people. The college is on a very strict hiring freeze. All other workers are having their hours cut. Don’t forget–these are your community neighbors too. People losing their jobs is nothing to be snarky about. My heart goes out to all those who lost their jobs.