November 22, 2014


Lundy, Williams discuss debate formats

Tom Williams

Tom Williams

Matt Lundy

Matt Lundy

ELYRIA — State Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria, has challenged Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams to two debates that would be moderated by journalists and broadcast on local radio stations.

Williams, a Republican whose re-election bid is being challenged by Lundy, said he has no problem with the two debates, but he also maintains that he’d like a debate that would be moderated by local union leaders.

Lundy has rejected Williams’ suggested format, which would see each candidate given five minutes to answer questions about themselves, their qualifications and what they would do if elected. Neither candidate would be allowed to attack his opponent under that format, Williams has said.

Lundy has dismissed Williams’ proposal as speechmaking, not debating.

Under the terms Lundy laid out in a letter sent to Williams and his campaign manager, Kipton Mayor Bob Meilander, each candidate would get to make opening and closing statements as well as alternating questions with a chance for rebuttal.

Both Williams and Meilander said Thursday they have not received the letter, which Lundy said he sent by certified mail earlier this week.

Williams said Lundy and his campaign manager, Sheffield Mayor John Hunter, have been ignoring their calls, emails and Facebook messages seeking to discuss the debates for weeks.

“If he can’t talk with me, how is he going to handle (being) a commissioner?” Williams said.

Jim Slone, president of the United Auto Workers’ CAP Council, said he didn’t understand why Lundy doesn’t want to participate in a union-led debate, something that he said could play a role when it comes time for the union to hand out endorsements in the election.

“I want to know what his problem with unions holding the debate is,” Slone said.

Lundy said he was surprised by Slone’s comments, especially since he helped Slone with debate preparation when the union leader was running as a Democrat against U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, in 2012.

“It’s time to give some other groups, be it newspapers or radio stations, the chance to moderate,” Lundy said.

Lundy said he and Williams already have done a debate moderated by the AFL-CIO and the CAP Council. That debate in April was a more traditional format, although Williams has accused Lundy of using it to launch unfounded attacks on him. Lundy has said he was challenging Williams’ record.

Also Thursday, Lundy put out a news release blasting Williams for signing a petition that would have put a proposal to reform how county government is organized before voters in November.

Citizens for Equal Representation, the group behind the proposal, didn’t gather enough signatures for this year’s ballot, but former Republican county Commissioner Dave Moore has said the group will try again next year.

Lundy and other Democrats have criticized the plan, which would create a seven-member county council that would appoint many positions, such as county treasurer and recorder, which are now elected positions.

Williams said he never really took a position on the reform plan, but did sign the petition. He said he routinely signs petitions to put issues on the ballot, even if he doesn’t agree with them.

For instance, although he opposes legalizing marijuana, Williams said he signed a petition that would have put medical marijuana and industrial hemp before Ohio voters. That effort also failed to gather enough signatures to make it on the November ballot.

“I believe people should have the right to vote on any kind of change to any type of government,” Williams said.

Lundy said he found that answer surprising.

“I just believe people sign a petition when they support a petition and don’t sign it when they don’t support a petition,” he said.

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  • grannyof6

    Didn’t Williams lie about his positions of being an “engineer” at Invacare before his election? After he was elected and was asked to give back like 2% of his taxpayer’s paycheck he said “No, because he was going through a divorce and couldn’t afford it”. Just wondering why he didn’t tell the truth before he was elected.

    • SniperFire

      Nice fake quotes (lies), granny. But you are a Liberal, and daily lying is expected.

      • grannyof6

        You have no idea what I am! Does it matter? I know I’m not a “liar”!!

        • Bill

          If not a liar then severely misrepresenting the facts……

        • SniperFire

          So is Williams an engineer, or were you attempting a pathetic lie? LOL

        • golfingirl

          Looks like you got your above comment deleted “granny.”

          Time for your nap. Hope you wake up in a better mood.

    • Commissioner Tom Williams

      I have several degrees, including a Bachelors of Science in the engineering field from Akron University. In addition to my degrees, I have several certifications including a Green Belt in Six Sigma. I am currently preparing to enter a graduate program to earn my MBA.

    • Scout

      Did Williams ‘lie’ to you during a personal conversation with him or did you read it in the paper? If it was from the paper remember the they print what they want you to glean from their articles. As to giving back 2% of his ‘taxpayers paycheck’, you can’t be serious. No one else does in the county except those two that work with him to just make a statement. When someone is going through a divorce it can get quite expensive and him being the man in the case probably had to shell out money for the ex wife. Remember, he also said that his name isn’t on the board outside of the Board of Elections building because he didn’t think the taxpayer’s should pay for the sign. Obviously his priorities are more grounded in that he knows where he needs to spend his money….and the taxpayer’s monies.

  • tickmeoff

    I am a Democrat who also believes in checks and balances. I feel comfortable with how it is now. A representative government is just that, You can’t put three foxes in charge of the Hen house, and have no Hen keeping check of the foxes!

  • SniperFire

    ‘Lundy has dismissed Williams’ proposal as speechmaking, not debating.’

    Sort of like one-sided journalism in a leftist rag newspaper.

  • GreatRedeemer

    In my opinion, County voters are, pro jobs, pro low taxes, pro smaller
    do more with less government.
    I want my county government to control some of the outrageous salary, sick pay payouts, over generous benefits, I want to see county resources spread across the county.
    The electorate will decide come November, but the quotes from the recent AFL-CIO forum seem to suggest more taxes, larger government and union friendly labor.

    “There’s only one pro-labor candidate in
    this race, and you’re looking at him right now,” Lundy said to applause from
    the 100 people in the audience at Lorain County Community College. “I have a
    nearly eight-year record, that’s a proven track record of working for working

    Lundy said Williams’ opposition to tax
    hikes to fund public transportation and county government epitomized his
    pro-corporate, anti-government beliefs.

    • Pablo Jones

      If the voters were pro jobs, low taxes, and smaller government then most of the people that are in office or have been in office would never have been elected over the last 30 years.

      The sad truth is people want as much as they can get from the government by having other people pay for it and not paying for it for themselves. Those that promise to hand out the most usually win the election. Add in blind party loyalty, voter apathy, and lack in voter knowledge on current issues and we have what we have. Don’t expect a change any time soon.

    • oldruss

      And what is wrong with opposing tax hikes?!
      And what is wrong with opposing shoveling more money at a transit system that is used by very few taxpayers?!
      And what is wrong with opposing shoveling more and more money into county government (like the unneeded tornado alert system)?!

      • SniperFire

        You won’t see that viewpoint, which is the majority opinion of Lorain County denizens, ever being presented in the C-T.

        You will only see thinly-veiled advocacy for ultra-left causes.

    • golfingirl



      “Opposition to tax hikes?”

      Williams has my vote!

      • tickmeoff

        You are a Republican. Like that surprises us!

        • golfingirl

          And you must be a socialist……like that surprises me.

          Take what others earn, and give it to the government for redistribution. This is socialism!

          We already have redistribution of income….it is call a progressive tax system…but that is still not enough for you, is it? You want redistribution of wealth and ownership.

          Actually, I am not Republican. I vote on principles, not party.

          • tickmeoff

            You are so wrong. I believe in Capitalism. You are the one who made the comment about “D” , not me.
            If it walks like a Duck and it quacks like a Duck, maybe it’s a Swan. I wouldn’t have a problem being called a Republican, or a Democrat, or a Libertarian. I apologize, you are not a Republican!

          • golfingirl

            I am a conservative, and my support goes to those who believe in conservative principles.

            Occasionally even a Democrat shares those views. If so, I support them.

            In this case, Matt Lundy does not.

            He feels the government is the solution, I think they are the problem.

  • golfingirl

    “Lundy has rejected Williams’ suggested format, which would see each candidate given five minutes to answer questions about themselves, their qualifications and what they would do if elected.”

    What is the issue with this?

    Isn’t this exactly what the voters want, and need, to know to make an informed decision on how to cast their vote?

    • Pablo Jones

      Format doesn’t matter. How many people do you really think will watch it? The majority of voters will only know what was said by what they read in the newspaper, and the paper will just say what they want.

      • golfingirl

        Majority will only see the letter “D” behind the name and go with that!

        • tickmeoff

          You can’t control others.You can only control yourself. A lot of that vote is probably people voting in their own self interests, people in local government,Police,Firemen,
          Teachers, people living off the public’s taxes. So that is one big voting bloc. Like all human beings, they are voting in their own self interest. That may be why they ” see the letter “D” behind their name and go with that”!

          • golfingirl

            And are being told who to vote for, instead of making an individual, informed decision.

    • SniperFire

      ‘What is the issue with this?’

      None. It is manufactured negative news against the incumbent.

  • golfingirl

    Politicians acting like…..well, politicians.

  • Sis Delish

    Electing Lundy is like Electing Joe Bundy…

    Lundy’s days in government are long gone… go sell something, Matt. I hear Bill Grace is looking for a Partner.

  • golfingirl

    Now that Lundy is term limited and can’t run for another term in the House, he is running for Lorain County Commissioner.

    He simply wants to feed at the public trough the rest of his life!

    Career politicians have to go!

    Democrats, Republicans….all of them.

  • Joe Flabetz

    Hey Matt, how’s it feel to be a lifetime union supporter to now have labor show up and try to embarrass you. Especially a guy you tried to helped during his failed campaign run. Tom has it figured out, give them everything and agree with everything and deliver nothing.

  • Cascade Black Bear

    I too will sign a petition to bring issues to ballot whether I agree with them or not, as voters should be in charge of deciding, with their voter voice. I take from this article that Mr. Lundy will stand in the way of issues coming to ballot if he disagrees with it, undoubtedly out of fear what he disagrees with may just be supported by the majority. I worry about politicians who believe they know better than the voters.

    • JoyceEarly

      Any time an issue can be brought to the voters is a good thing. The petition was to allow the issue to be brought to the voters; That’s it. Taking sides would have been only if it made it to the ballot. I really don’t think Lundy has the smarts to do this. He can’t tell the difference between bringing the issue to the forefront and taking sides on the issue? He has something against giving voters a say? It’s like he lacks basic knowledge of the petition process and the voting process. Please voters no Lundy!

  • Christine Camarillo-Winrod

    Re-elect Commissioner Williams who is a checks and balance to the Board, fairly represents all county residents, faithfully carries out his official dities, always stands for what is right, and really cares about our county!