November 26, 2014


Former court clerk pleads guilty to tampering, theft


Sierra Dozier

Sierra Dozier

ELYRIA — Former Lorain Municipal Court deputy clerk Sierra Dozier pleaded guilty Friday to charges stemming from the theft of $31,000 in court funds during the seven years she worked there.

Dozier, 26, entered guilty pleas before county Common Pleas Judge Mark Betleski to four counts of tampering with records, two counts of theft in office and two counts of theft. She also pleaded guilty to three counts each of endangering children, permitting drug abuse and a count of possession of marijuana.

The tampering with records, theft in office, and possession of marijuana charges are felonies, according to court personnel. Sentencing was set for Aug. 4.

In March, she was sentenced to a year in prison after entering guilty pleas to mail fraud charges in federal court.

The charges against Dozier sprang from an investigation dating to a May 2013 raid at her home in regards to her live-in boyfriend in which Lorain Municipal Court traffic citations, checks payable to the court and other documents were seized by authorities.

Investigators eventually concluded that Dozier had stolen about $31,000 during her years with the city’s court.

She was fired from her job as deputy clerk in 2013.

Dozier admitted to stealing $200 to $300 a week from the court from people who paid fines, court costs or bonds, authorities have said. She wrote in a court filing that she used the money for dinners and other things.

She was ordered to repay the stolen funds.

The drug and endangering children charges against Dozier stemmed from the same May 2013 raid of a Lorain home shared by Dozier and her now husband, Julio Osorio, that netted police six pounds of marijuana and approximately $1,000 cash.

Osorio, 27, was sentenced in June by Betleski to seven years on a variety of drug charges including six counts of trafficking in drugs (cocaine), one count of trafficking in drugs (marijuana), two counts of possession of criminal tools and one count of possession of marijuana.

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  • HankKwah

    Take note everyone else that works with someone else’s money: You CANNOT get away with this. Regardless of how in debt you are, how much you might like a new car, or how you really need to go on vacation, you will get caught. Might take months, or a few years but, eventually, they will catch you, they will prosecute you, and you will do time. Unless you want your name ruined and mugshot painted across websites for a long time, think hard before you start pulling bills out of the till.

    • oldruss

      In some circles, getting arrested gets you street cred.

    • Sis Delish

      sure thing there Sis 2

      • HankKwah

        Not wasting any time racking up that comment count under your new name, huh?

        • golfingirl

          TW had his user name, IP Address and email banned.

          His mommy must have had another computer to use with a different IP Address….laughing.

          He is such a clever little boy.

          • HankKwah

            He’s probably at the library, at the corner computer kiosk, hunched over the keyboard.

          • Guest

            Resorting to name calling.

            Tisk, tisk.

    • Chan

      Totally agree, sad that people of all economical background is resorting to this type of get “rich” quick scheme.

  • Arietta Sullivan

    the criminals i bet loves corruption where it’s need it for them

  • cali corn ya

    Thank you investigators. Her boss should get fired for not catching her shenanigans.

  • DonMega

    I am glad they did not put a picture of her face in the newspaper like last time because she is ugly.

  • GreatRedeemer

    Her path is set, criminal on way to prison. She is pregnant
    presumably with the drug dealer’s child. She will get special programming privileges in prison. Then I’m not sure how the father will be supporting them while doing his prison time. She will get out, after a couple of years return to court for
    her expungement.
    I never understood why there presumably is no check and balance in the clerks office that this could go on for so long.

  • todd

    How the heck does the city not balance out every day to notice 200 to 30 a week missing. Lorain is such a hole an I wonder why. Their court system computers were/have been completely not working for months. Hand written receipts. REALLLY??? Stone age stuff from a court worried more about money than protecting citizens.
    Remember when the Mayor asked courts to be tougher? Never changed a darn thing.

  • golfingirl

    Did you really have to put that picture back up?…..laughing!