November 22, 2014


Sheffield Lake police seek escapee

jeremy frey

Jeremy Frey

SHEFFIELD LAKE – Police are searching for a prisoner who escape from custody Friday while being treated at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain.

Jeremy Frey was being held at the Sheffield Lake City Jail on a felony domestic violence charge when he complained that he felt ill and was taken to the hospital for treatment, according to a Sheffield Lake police news release.

While he was hospitalized, Frey removed his IV and managed to avoid hospital security and flee the building. the release said.

He now faces a felony escape charge.

Anyone with information about Frey’s whereabouts is being asked to contact Sheffield Lake police at (440) 949-7131.

  • Starryeyes63

    Looks like another winner………………..

  • TrollMajesty

    Looks like Sheffield Lake PD needs to rewrite their standard operation procedures. All prisoners with charges of violent or felony crimes should have a two officer guard while at the hospital, at least one should be in the room at all times. The prisoner should also be handcuffed to the bed, If you have to utilize mutual aid or put someone on overtime then you do it. If the city thinks that’s expensive, they should see the legal bill when an escaped prisoner hurts or kills someone.

  • givemeabreak1234

    the cop was standing right there lol

  • me101

    Why would the police expect the hospital security to watch him and not the police, who surely would have been there? (They did go with him, didn’t they?) My guess is the police are shifting the blame here, I’d love to hear the name of the officer(s) in charge here.

  • taxpayer89

    He probably joined the carnival crew and will be traveling to the next city as a carny.

  • Sean Owens

    Sheffield Lake PD has always done an outstanding job as long as I can remember(Meant sarcastically of course)

  • Sis Delish

    Where is the CT republican crew on this one?
    Guess they cannot bash a brother in blue like they do every other member of society.

    • golfingirl

      Looks like we have another Sis Delish wannabe.

      Could you be the “TruthWhisperer,” since you were just banned last week?

      So obvious!

      Mommy must have had another computer for you to play on, with a different IP Address.