June 28, 2016


Mayfield man runs away North Coast Nautilus Summer Triathlon title

Grafton’s Michael Schaefer competes during the running portion of Sunday’s 29th annual North Coast Nautilus Summer Triathlon in Lorain. Schaefer had the best day among local men, finishing third overall —  just one second behind runner-up Jason Zangmeister.  AMANDA K. RUNDLE/CHRONICLE

Grafton’s Michael Schaefer competes during the running portion of Sunday’s 29th annual North Coast Nautilus Summer Triathlon in Lorain. Schaefer had the best day among local men, finishing third overall — just one second behind runner-up Jason Zangmeister. AMANDA K. RUNDLE/CHRONICLE

LORAIN — The only battle at Sunday’s 29th annual North Coast Nautilus Summer Triathlon was for second place, as Mayfield’s Kevin Malone ran away with the men’s championship.

A former soccer player for Rutgers University and Cleveland State, Malone was in a class by himself as finished with more than a five-minute lead. The former Division II All-Ohio center back for West Geauga cleaned up the course in a time of 58 minutes, 2.5 seconds.

In second, Fairview Park’s Jason Zangmeister, 28, edged Mike Schaefer, 41, of Grafton by a mere second. Zangmeister clocked 1:03:26.6 versus 1:03:27.6 for Schaefer. The two started in different waves four minutes apart so Schaefer could only roughly calculate the deficit or advantage to Zangmeister on the bike and run turnarounds.

Making her first course appearance in about 10 years, East Cleveland masters runner Martha Brennan, 43, won the women’s title over defending champ Paula Anthony, 29, of Berea. Brennan clocked 1:09:26.9. Anthony, who started one wave in front of Brennan, ended up second in 1:12:11.3.

The course consisted of a 0.25-mile swim, 14.3-mile bike and 5K run, which started and finished at Lakeview Park.

“Out and back courses are always nice and simple,” said Malone. “The game plan was to push it very hard on the swim and try to negative split it for the bike coming back (on West Erie Avenue). I’m training for age group nationals Aug. 9-10 at Wisconsin, then the USA Triathlon Elite Development Triathlon a week later in Detroit

Martha Brennan finished second for the women.

Martha Brennan finished second for the women.

“I took up triathlons last year. I had done the team thing my whole life and wanted to try something different. I first got into cross country cycling two years ago, biking from California to Maryland on a relay. It was called RAMP (Race Across America). The four-person relay I was with did it in 7½ days. “

Zangmeister is accustomed to close, tough races at the Lorain event so he wasn’t surprised at the late battle with Schaefer. Last year, Grafton’s Aaron Henely hung on to beat Zangmeister by 2.2 seconds for the win. Schaefer finished 50 seconds behind Zangmeister for third place in 2013.

“I knew exactly what to expect,” said Zangmeister. “Luckily the rain held off. I knew the difference would be in the bike and who could maintain the best cadence going out (on West Erie Avenue and Baumhart Road). The wind was just brutal. It was going out (on the bike) where the money was made because the wind was really rough.”

Zangmeister has raced five sprint triathlons this summer. Sunday’s race was Schaefer’s first triathlon since clocking a personal-record 4:58 for a half Ironman at Mohican State Park on June 21.

“The bike leg I pushed hard. It was my intention and my strategy today,” said Schaefer. “The swim was wavy. I lost about a minute in time.

“I tried tracking Jason throughout the race. He was only two minutes ahead of me at the run turnaround, which means I still had two minutes on him coming out of a different wave. I didn’t have a very good run. I left it all out there on the bike.”

The race was a tune-up for Brennan.

“I’m headed to duathlon nationals in St. Paul next weekend and then triathlon age group nationals on Aug. 9, so today was a good tune-up,” said Brennan. “Then I have world triathlon championships in Edmonton August 25 so I have a busy month coming up.”

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0.25-mile swim, 14.3-mile bike, 5K run


OVERALL: 1. Kevin Malone, age 27 (Mayfield), 58:02.5; 2. Jason Zangmeister, 28 (Fairview Park), 1:03.26.6; 3. Michael Schaefer, 41 (Grafton), 1:03.27.6

Age group results

20-24: 1. Jeanhyuk Park, 1:08:24.7; 2. John Sullivan, 1:11:04.1; 3. Jason Dulziak, 1:25:30.8. 25-29: 1. Brian Kuhn, 1:08:12.9; 2. Alexander Kuhn, 1:09:50.5; 3. Clayton Grubb, 1:21:51.9. 30-34: 1. Peter Finnerty, 1:08:02.7; 2. Jeremy Hinta, 1:10:40.7; 3. Russell Valliere, 1:12:35.7. 35-39: 1. Matt Geiss, 1:23:55.6. 40-44: 1. Kevin Krol, 1:08:27.3; 2. Kyle Amsdell, 1:14:07.8; 3. Mike Rainkerts, 1:22:54.1. 45-49: 1. John Korinko, 1:11:54.4; 2. Leo Doty, 1:18:22.3; 3. Frederic Cousin, 1:23:53.8. 50-54: 1. Chris Wynn, 1:15:02.9; 2. Paul Miotto, 1:20:46.3; 3. Fritz Heintel, 1:27:41.2. 55-59: 1. John Zangmeister, 1:07:57.1; 2. Dale Buran, 1:39:01.1; 3. Richard Deem, 1:47:02.3. 60-64: 1. Mike Gallagher, 1:17:44.2; 2. James Krumwiede, 1:35:13.7; 3. Steven Streitel, 1:58:07.1. 65-69: 1. Doyle Salsberry, 1:28:09. 2. Clydesdale: 1. Ian Hessel, 1:24:46.8; 2. Todd Allen, 1:25:34.0; 3. Kevin McDonough, 1:33:06.3.


OVERALL:1. Martha Brennan, 43 (East Cleveland), 1:09.26.9; 2. Paula Anthony, 29 (Berea), 1:12:11.3; 3. Megan Kolb, 35 (Wakeman), 1:16:28.4

Age group results

15-19: 1. Danielle Buzzacco, 1:26:20.1; 2. Elizabeth Dinevski, 1:37:02.4. 20-24: 1. Jessica Zangmeister, 1:18:37.8; 2. Bridget Lyons, 1:20:33.4; 3. Hannah Riley, 1:23:48.1. 25-20: 1. Lyndsey Williams, 1:32:09.3; 2. Angelina Joseph, 1:39:36.2; 3. Catherine Szeltcyk, 1:47:04.3. 30-34: 1. Valaria Fecko, 1:16:51.6; 2. Monica Asher, 1:28:49.3; 3. Rochelle Yoder, 1:31.35.0. 35-39: 1. Trisha Yourkvitch, 1:22:10.6; 2. Michelle Arguillo, 1:24:57.8; 3. Stacy Wlcinski, 1:25:10.0. 40-44: 1. Lisa Sidoti, 1:18:31.1; 2. Julie Osoteo, 1:20:08.4. 45-49: 1. Anita Woods, 1L21:11.2; 2. Jill Lanning, 1:28:23.5; 3. Bridget Walker, 1:37:53.3. 50-54: 1. Cathy Gallagher, 1:28:56.3; 2. Marilyn DeJesus, 1:27:34.8; 3. Ann Streza, 1:31:15.5. 55-59: 1. Judy Zangmeister, 1:23:10.7; 2. Denise Gross, 1:33:00.8; 3. Sandra Deem, 1:44:14.8. Athena: 1. Jennifer Varhola, 1:16:55.0.

5K run, 14.3-mile bike, 5K run


Overall: 1. Justin Parks, 30 (Westlake), 1:23:32.2; 2. Chris Staub, 42 (Gettysburg, PA), 1:27:16.3; 3. Brian Daniska, 45 (Massillon), 1:29:56.4.

Age group results

35-39: 1. William Rivera, 1:56:47.7. 40-44: 1. Anthony Schuester, 1:42.11.2. 45-49: none. 50-54: 1. Bill Robb, 1:39:28.6; 2. Danny Blowe, 1:50:41.2. 55-59: 1. Lawrence Hatch, 1:49:68.6.


OVERALL: Candace Rae Ristagno, 38 (Fairview Park), 1:57:22.6