November 26, 2014


Suspect arrested in arson at Ely School


Donovan Perkins

An Elyria man has been arrested for allegedly setting a garbage bin fire at Ely School.

Elyria police were dispatched to Ely School, 312 Gulf Road, at 9 p.m. Sunday for a report of the fire.

Three witnesses told police that they saw a shirtless white male and what appeared to be a pregnant female light a T-shirt on fire and throw it into the bin near the school, according to police. The witnesses told police they thought something had exploded inside it, and said that flames were as high as the school building.

The Elyria Fire Department extinguished the fire and contained it to the bin, which was located within a few feet of the school. The bin’s plastic lid was melted and its contents were burned.

The witnesses told police the male and female left the area on foot heading toward Walgreens.

Sgt. Thomas Wade stopped two people matching the suspects’ description on Pasadena Avenue near Cleveland Street. He identified them as Donovan Perkins, 21, of Fairlawn Avenue in Elyria, and a 17-year-old female.

Perkins said he and the female were coming from a friend’s house near Ely School. When told that witnesses had seen him throw a lit shirt into the garbage bin, Perkins said he was “sorry,” and told officers he didn’t think it would start the bin on fire.

Perkins was arrested for arson and transported to the Lorain County Jail.

The juvenile female was released on scene.



  • Joe Smith

    Looks like a member of the Amish Mafia

  • Sis Delish

    Was it a LeBron Shirt?

  • golfingirl

    What is wrong with people these days?

    Must still be upset that he had to repeat second grade three times!

  • Bruce Tennant

    another case of fire pit envy gone to extremes

  • Bob

    Perkins said he was “sorry,” and told officers he didn’t think it would start the bin on fire.”

    What?? This guy doesn’t looking like he is going to win any science awards. But even my autistic 7 yo know that when you light a shirt on fire and put it into a trash bin, thing will catch fire.

  • Pablo Jones

    Breaking Amish comes to Elyria

  • Pablo Jones

    Oh course if he were in a union and picketing no crime would have been committed.

  • golfingirl

    Just grab him by the lip ring and pull it out.

    That will teach him!….laughing.

    Or is that a match sticking out of his mouth?

  • golfingirl

    It was all a misunderstanding.

    The schools levies ask for everything, including the shirt off your back.

    He was simply trying to help out when he took off his shirt and “gave” it to the school, as requested.

    He is innocent, I tell you!