November 28, 2014


Brian Jury sentenced to 36 years for rape of Lorain woman

Brian Jury, of Bellevue, appears in Lorain Municipal Court during a hearing in November. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

Brian Jury, of Bellevue, appears in Lorain Municipal Court during a hearing in November. CHRONICLE FILE PHOTO

SANDUSKY — Brian Jury was leading a double life, Erie County Judge Roger Binette said Monday before sentencing the 39-year-old convicted rapist to more than three decades in prison.

Jury, 39, received the maximum 36 years in prison as a result of a November incident in which a Lorain woman was found bound, naked and lying by the side of the road outside Jury’s Groton Township home in Erie County.

The woman told police Jury abducted her from Lorain and raped her in his home in Erie County. Jury then drove away, leaving her naked and bound in his trailer on Strecker Road.

She was able push her way out of his trailer and roll herself to the road, where she was found by a passing motorist, she told police.

Jury had argued his innocence, saying during his June trial that the sex was consensual, but a jury found him guilty of two counts of rape, two counts of abduction and one count of felonious assault.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t remember that nightmare,” the woman wrote in a statement read in court on Monday. “You, me and the man upstairs know you were going to take my life that day.”

Jury acknowledged putting himself in a “bad situation” that day, but told Binette that he’d been attending church weekly since he was charged.

“I’ve lost pretty much everything that I’ve worked hard for all my life,” Jury said.

His close friend, Marta DeLeon, told the judge she continues to support Jury, calling him a “father figure” to her four sons.

“He’s always been a really good person. That person you’re trying to portray him to be, that’s not him,” she said.

Binette, however, pointed out that Jury was dishonorably discharged from the military in 2000, he’d had an incident in 2011 when Jury’s neighbor accused him of assault and that he had paid for sex on multiple occasions.

“You are two different people — one to your friends and family and one to your secret lifestyle,” Binette said.

Binette called the November incident “planned out,” and said Jury didn’t show any remorse.

“This court believes, had you gotten away with this, there would have been more victims,” Binette said, adding that the Lorain woman could have faced a worse fate had she not escaped.

“I don’t believe you were going to leave her there. She probably was right. She wasn’t going to live.”

Along with the 36-year prison sentence — the maximum sentence for the charges — Binette ordered Jury to pay a $15,000 fine and reminded him of the suffering he caused the Lorain woman.

“You probably have placed her in a prison of her mind and emotions for the rest of her life for what you did,” he said.

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  • Sis Delish

    The story has a Judge, Jury, but no Executioner?

  • golfingirl

    “Jury, 39, received the maximum 36 years in prison”

    Maybe Lorain County can “borrow” Erie County Judge Roger Binette for a few months, to help clean up the streets.

    Lorain County Judges……This is how it is done!

    • stillsleepyeyes

      they are to busy with the little stuff like getting people to join unions………..inspecting buildings………….starting programs to keep criminals on the street……….they don’t have time to deal with the court stuff………………….

      • givemeabreak1234

        let’s not forget a instigating prosecutor

        • stillsleepyeyes

          Well then…….might as well throw in the …………….I don’t have any money for you……….. commissioners………………unless its emergency warning package………………..that’s a free app anyway………………

    • Pat Holbrook

      this judge gave a 20 year old 23 years fir breaking and entering with a screw driver.

      • golfingirl

        Sounds like my kind of Judge!

  • brenda burge

    I’m so glad the JURY got what he had coming to him. Now maybe my daughter can get on with her life. But, I know she has a long way to go. She will never be the same after this man put her through Hell.

    • Joe Smith

      I am sorry for what your family went through, be strong

    • michelle

      I am so sorry this happened to your daughter. I admire her courage, and wish her the best.

    • Arietta Sullivan

      my prayers are with your daughter&family,be strong&pray,the power of prayer heals everything right along with time.

      • brenda burge

        thank you for caring it means alot

  • Arietta Sullivan

    how many of those 36 years is he really going to serve? he will still have that ‘good behavior’ crap,the court system offers for early release. i still say they need to put these men and women through hard core counseling while they are having their time in prison&part of it,allow the victims to have one on one time with an assailant&let them hear their story over&over again. release them then if none of the counseling works well there’s one other option&yes,that option, should be allowed in the United States.

  • Arietta Sullivan