November 24, 2014


Lorain man accused of punching neighbor

Christopher Shreve

Christopher Shreve

LORAIN — A man accused of involvement in a brief standoff with police about midnight Sunday faces charges.

Christopher Shreve is accused of refusing to let police into his home in the 200 block of Florida Avenue, according to a police report.

Police said they were attempting to question Shreve about accusations that he choked and punched a neighbor. He also was accused of choking a neighbor and spitting on another neighbor in a separate incident Saturday night and police said they were called to the home three times in less than two hours.

Officers said they had to break open the front door to arrest Shreve, whom they said had threatened to have his pit bull attack them. Officer Brent Payne wrote that he had to punch Shreve in the face three or four times before he consented to being handcuffed.

Shreve, 27, was charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest and criminal trespass. He was being held Monday night at the Lorain City Jail in lieu of a $3,500 bond. Shreve is due back in Lorain Municipal Court at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 4.

  • Chan

    “Christopher Shreve is accused of refusing to let police into his home in
    the 200 block of Florida Avenue, according to a police report.” I don’t realize that refusing to allow them in your home is against the law?

    • Bob

      It is when they are trying to arrest you.

      The guy screwed up and knew it. That is why he wouldn’t let them in his house.

      • Chan

        Thanks Bob, I didn’t know that.

  • givemeabreak1234

    Really Payne you had to punch him in the face three or four times? I feel a lawsuit here. Payne why didn’t you just release your untrained dog?

    • Bob

      Really. The guy was resisting arrest and you want to blame the officer.

      Typical. Let’s make the law enforcement out to be the bad guys. Not the douche bag breaking the law.

      • givemeabreak1234

        I’m just saying that seems extreme and can the tax payers afford to give this DB a big fat check because one of the cops may have gone a little to extreme? where is your concern when you are mad because a cop jaywalked and six months later Dennis Will is bringing him up on charges. did it matter how he did his job then or is your attention on what a bad cop put him under the jail.

    • Bill Love

      Why is it always the cops being the bad guy for you

    • rlm_Lorain

      But it’s OK for this DB to punch his neighbors and spit on them??? I don’t care HOW the police get the job done, as long as they are protecting the rest of us.

  • michelle

    glad the dog wasn’t sic’d on the police, which would have resulted in injury to the cop, and death for the dog. doesn’t look like he got punched too hard in the face,either.

    • Bob

      Not to mention, that the death of the dogs would have resulted in every animal lover getting upset that the officers killed the attacking dogs.

  • Joe Smith

    Isn’t he that “Wolverine” dude?

  • jeff

    he looks like he slept in a dumpster

  • michelle

    it is incredible how ugly he is, has anyone else noticed that?