November 23, 2014


Ohio woman critical after rock dropped on car

AKRON (AP) — An Ohio teacher was in critical condition Tuesday after police say some teenagers deliberately dropped a rock from a highway overpass onto the windshield of the family’s car as they drove through Pennsylvania on their way to New York City.

Sharon Budd, 52, was struck in the face by the rock dropped onto Interstate 80 near Milton, Pennsylvania, on Thursday night. Four teens are charged with assault for dropping the 7- to 8-pound rock from an overpass.

Her husband, Randy Budd, told the Akron Beacon Journal Monday that she was is in critical condition at a hospital in Danville, Pennsylvania, and was to have another surgery Tuesday.

Sharon Budd, a language arts teacher in Perry, was sitting in the front passenger seat when the rock blasted through the windshield at around 11:45 p.m. Thursday.

“It was the most gruesome thing that you could ever imagine,” Randy Budd told The Repository newspaper of Canton, Ohio. He and his 19-year-old daughter Kaylee — who was driving — were not injured.

Sharon Budd lost an eye and needed emergency surgery on her brain to reduce the pressure from swelling, her husband said. She’s been heavily sedated since then.

Randy Budd said his wife had just finished speaking with their eldest son, Lucas. The 28-year-old was scheduled to leave for Afghanistan with the Ohio National Guard this week for a one-year deployment. After hanging up the phone, she asked him to send her a photo from his station in Fort Bliss, Texas, which he did.

“He wrote back, ‘I really miss you mom,’” Randy Budd said.

  • luvmytoaster

    Wow, what punks! I would think that at the very least they should be charged with attempted murder, not assault…..I hope she recovers.

    • 3boyz4us

      I agree…was that their idea of fun? That whole family could have died considering the turnpike is 70 mph

  • Joe Smith

    Sickening, they should be forced to wait on her hand a foot until she recovers.

  • Marie Nerad Faren

    This goes back to the early 70′s and this one article ( why this tragedy has stayed with me I don’t know …but has haunted me since ) was about a Cherie Fulmer on a St. Rt.a passenger I do believe when some not so nice person(s) decided to drop a big boulder down on her car as they
    while they were driving thru a underpass..why are people so damn stupid ..THROW THE BOOK AT THEM.I SAY LIFE SENTENCE..i don’t know if they ever found Cheries killer from dropping that rock sad..i have always when driving for fear of somebody standing on bypasses..i always look.Pray that this lady survives..

  • Erica Hall

    Thoughts and prayers are with this family. Why were these kids out this late the parents should be held accountable as well

  • Scout

    This is just horrible. I certainly hope the court system does it’s job on this one and they get the maximum that is allowed. I agree with Erica that he parents of those teens should be held accountable as well. And I also agree with Marie that I too check the overpasses when I’m driving.

    • luvmytoaster

      I too check the overpasses when I’m driving but would you see someone at midnight standing on the overpass ready to throw a rock into your windshield? Probably not.

      So sad and unbelievable that the perpetrators would think that this would make for a fun evening.

  • Pamela Norris

    Thoughts and Prayers to the family. Hopefully our judicial system will step up and they will receive more then a slap on the hand.