November 27, 2014


Bicyclist who tried to flee police faces charges

Eric Payne

Eric Payne

LORAIN — A man who tried to flee from police on a bicycle later was charged with bringing crack cocaine into the jail, police said.

Eric Payne, 54, was charged with resisting arrest, possession of cocaine, tampering with evidence, illegal conveyance, obstructing official business, impeding the flow of traffic and riding a bike without a license about 10 p.m. Sunday.

Police initially saw Payne riding his bicycle northbound on Broadway into traffic, forcing vehicles to slow down to pass him, according to a police report.

When officers tried to stop Payne he told them, “I don’t have to stop for you,” and continued riding his bike, turning onto West 28th Street.

Officers cut him off at the intersection of Reid Avenue and West 28th, where they wrestled him to the ground, according to the report. Payne told police he didn’t have a license to ride his bicycle in the city and that he fled because he thought there was a warrant out for his arrest.

According to a Lorain city ordinance, it is illegal to ride a bike in the street or on a public path unless the bicycle has been licensed and has a license sticker.

Police took Payne to the Lorain City Jail where he was searched. A rock of crack cocaine was found in his belongings. Payne said the crack wasn’t his and started yelling at officers until another inmate told him to “shut up,” according to the report.

Officers searched Payne again and found more crack hidden in his sock, police said.

Payne was held at Lorain County Jail on Tuesday on a $25,000 bond. His court date is Monday at Lorain Municipal Court.

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  • Sis Delish

    Bicycle License? LOL

    What’s next, License to Chew Gum and Walk at the same time?

  • Chan

    He was stopped for riding a bicycle without a license? New World Order perhaps?

  • golfingirl

    Look out kids….your bikes are next!

  • JamalJenkum

    I usually don’t feel bad when someone does something idiotic like run from the Police, but a bicycle license? Jeez

  • oldruss

    Comments supporting this gentleman, and disparaging the Lorain Police apparently missed this in the article:

    “Police initially saw Payne riding his bicycle northbound on Broadway into traffic, forcing vehicles to slow down to pass him, according to a police report.”

  • luvmytoaster

    UGH, was he really trying to flee on a bicycle?

    Also…..”a rock of crack cocaine was found…..” I hate to ask where…….LOL

  • tickmeoff

    Hey! You people are missing the point. The officers are in the right, morally and legally. I ride a bike myself in the city of Lorain, and I do make sure I am not impeding traffic, or possibly causing harm to myself or others. The bike license is the least of his worries, perhaps the reason he was in the street is because he is high as a kite! I grew up in Sheffield, where you can’t pick your nose, with the cops not knowing. People get away with a lot here, though I understand the cops have much bigger fish to fry. On Elyria ave at both 28th street and 21st street, the right lane is a turning lane, yet you see cars going straight through the intersection, with many near accidents. On Broadway with the lights taken down, its become a raceway. It’s became dangerous for pedestrians. Nobody follows the 25 mph limit. Pulling out on Broadway at 18th and Broadway, you take your life in your hands, because people are illegally parked to the curb in front of Family Dollar taking away your view of traffic. I have called about this, but they ignore it or decide not to police it. If anything, people don’t follow the laws here. The Sheffield Village police would be having a field day here. The cops were in the right and doing their job. The bicyclist brought this on himself!

    • golfingirl

      So do you have a license for your bicycle?