November 28, 2014

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LeBron’s decision made, we wait on Cedar Point

SANDUSKY — LeBron made his decision. Now we’re waiting for Cedar Point to make one, too.

Last week, Cedar Point officials tweeted to the world that they would rename one of the park’s 17 roller coasters after NBA superstar LeBron James if he returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron did just that Friday.

Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said Tuesday that park officials are standing by their pledge to re-name one of the park’s roller coasters in LeBron’s honor, but added the exact name — and which coaster — have yet to be determined.

“We are definitely doing this, but there’s no timetable in place,” Edwards said.

Edwards said the public has weighed in on which ride should be tabbed for the honor. “We’ve had a ton of suggestions,” Edwards said.

Asked whether most people were looking to one of the park’s biggest and best-known rides such as Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force or Magnum XL-200 to be re-named, Edwards said other roller coasters have been the focus of fan suggestions.

“Some have said it should be the Mean Streak, since LeBron was so mean when he left,” Edwards said.

The Mean Streak is the park’s biggest wooden roller coaster, which has a top speed of 65 mph, stands 161 feet tall, and is the world’s fourth-longest wood roller coaster at 5,427 feet.

Others have suggested the name change for the Wicked Twister, a 72-mph steel coaster that hurtles riders back and forth between two twisting spires.

“Some people said it should be Wicked Twister for the way we were left twisting in the wind waiting for LeBron’s decision,” Edwards said.

The park’s stand-up roller coaster Mantis even got into the act. “Some said it should be Mantis because of the way LeBron stood up for Ohio,” Edwards said.

The idea for the posting came from the park’s CEO Matt Ouimet, Edwards said last week.

Ouimet is a former Walt Disney Co. executive who served as president of the Disney Cruise Line and the Disneyland Resort in California.

Park officials said James visited Cedar Point a number of times when he starred for Akron’s St. Vincent/St. Mary High School, and later as a player for the Cavs before his departure in 2010 to join the Miami Heat.

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  • Diana Marie Barakat

    I will never go to Cedar Point again. Absolutly disgracful and disgusting is what I think it is.

    • Chan

      Good just one less person I have to wait behind in line.

  • Pablo Jones

    I’m going to top thrill dragster. Then they can adjust the settings so it never reaches the peak. Each failure will be called a Lebron.

    Or they could rename one of the baby rides after him. The king james frog hopper, The Lebron tea cups.

    • notsomuch

      The guy with three rings who took a paycut to come home is a failure? That’s odd.

      • Pablo Jones

        In Cleveland he was and will be. They will probably get to the playoffs but there won’t be a championship.

        • Oneday67

          If they get K. Love next year and Wiggins turns out to be the allstar I think he will be they have a good shot at a championship. Right now I think Irving is the true leader on the team because he is mentally stronger than Lequeen.

      • Oneday67

        3 rings? 1 ring ( because a lucky rebound out to the three point line for Ray Allen to hit at the buzzer) and ring 2 should have an asterisk because it was half a season which played into there favor because Wade is so soft. He did lose 3 rings though.

  • Sis Delish

    I seem to recall a Cedar Point Ride called “Disaster Transport”…

    Seems appropriate to bring it back for LeBron. The Ride left folks “in-the-dark” for most of the duration…

    • Pablo Jones

      The nice part of that ride was that the line it was air conditioned.