November 28, 2014


Ohio State Highway Patrol cruiser voted Best Looking

The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s cruiser was voted the Best Looking Cruiser in the country by Facebook fans.

Ohio received 21,994 votes in the  the American Association of State Troopers’ Facebook contest. West Virginia finished second with 19,631 votes, followed by North Carolina with 4,658 votes.

As the winner, Ohio will be featured on the cover of the American Association of State Troopers national newsletter.

  • GreatRedeemer

    I read they spent over a half million dollars retrofitting the gun mounts because they didn’t fit the rifles.But, they sure look nice.

  • Bruce Tennant

    I’ll take comfort in knowing I was pulled over by the best looking cruiser should that happen…..

  • Sis Delish

    Certainly hope they upgrade the attractiveness of the Female Troopers who will drive these Cruiser-Cuties, the design of Citations to include a Glamour Shot of the arresting Trooper, and most importantly make the Fines more attractive to Accused Speeders by offering a Groupon for 1/2 off the Assessed Fine.

    Otherwise, why bother with a beauty contest for cars?

  • Edward Nonamaker

    I think the Ohio tax payer should be thanked……..right ? They paid for it !

  • tickmeoff

    They should simply rename this organization. State Highway Patrol is so antiquated. They are on the side streets, much more than the highways. State police is more like it.