November 26, 2014


Elyria police investigating claim ‘officer’ demanded money

ELYRIA — Police are investigating an incident after a woman told officers that a Lorain police officer called her home, demanding money for an outstanding warrant.

At about 4 p.m. Thursday, a woman arrived home to the 200 block of Oberlin Road and listened to her answering machine. On the machine, she heard a message from a “Sgt. MaCay, badge 4421” with Lorain Police Department informing her of an outstanding warrant for “contempt of court.” The man provided a phone number for her to contact him.

The woman called the number and was informed that she needed to take care of the outstanding warrant. The man told her the bond was for $1,000, but he was “willing to help her out and reduce the amount to $450.” The woman explained she did not have the money and that she only had $130. She told Elyria police that the man said if she came up with $200, he will “erase the warrant from the system.”

According to police, once she had the money, she was ordered to go to Rite Aid and put the money on a Green Dot Money Pak.

An Elyria officer attempted to make contact with “Sgt. MaCay” using the phone number provided to him by the woman. Elyria officers also ran her information through a police database and she was clear.

Contact was made with Lorain police to confirm if a “Sgt. MaCay” is employed, but the Lorain Police dispatcher advised that they do not have anyone by the name in the department.

The incident remains under investigation.

  • Mark B

    How stupid is everyone , did no one read the article by The CT “Sheriff’s office advises of telephone scam”
    Or do Police departments in the area not communicate with one another .
    They had the perfect opportunity to catch the guy and blew it .
    I guess no one around here is going to make Detective .

    • Bill

      Hey Forrest, Stupid is as stupid does. In your haste to bash anyone and everyone including the police which is your norm, try checking the date of this article compared to the article with the link you provided.

  • Sis Delish

    This tactic is no different than an Elected official proposing a Tax Levy.

  • Otter

    I haven’t gotten that one, yet. I have gotten one, that “my computer was sending several error signals” I played with him for a while, asking lots of questions, then told him we had no power…he hung up on me.