November 26, 2014


Sheriff’s office advises of telephone scam

Residents are being warned of a scam caller who is pretending to be serving contempt of court notices over the phone.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office has received several complaints over the last week of a person alleging to be a law enforcement officer with one of the municipal courts or county’s clerk of courts office, according to a press release from the office.

The male caller advises the victim that he or she is in contempt of court, and needs to pay a fine to avoid being arrested immediately, the release states. The caller then advises the victim to either bring the money to the clerk of court, or attempts to get the victim to pay the fine over the phone.

The sheriff’s office warns that this is a scam. The sheriff’s office does not call people who are in contempt of court to pay fines over the phone, and the courts do not advise people about warrants over the phone, the release states.

Residents are reminded not to give out any personal, credit or debit card information over the phone.

Anyone who receives a call of this nature should contact their local police agency.

  • Phil Blank

    This has been making the rounds in oir area the last month or so, I don’t know the number, I do not answer it.
    They keep calling, I shut the phond off. I seldom use it anyway.

    • Arietta Sullivan

      just download a ‘block app’ for your phone,it works,trust me

  • oldruss

    And I suppose that the money is to be wired to a bank in Lagos, Nigeria; or possibly money is to be loaded onto one of those Green Dots (admittedly don’t know how they work).

    IF you have no wants, warrants, fines, etc., pending, how are you a sucker for this scam?

    • Jim

      The “deputy” tells you they mailed you a letter notifying you of jury duty sometime in the past, and you didn’t show. This results in a contempt of court citation and an arrest warrant. They then tell you that you can come down to the station, or pay your fine over the phone. It can be quite convincing for someone who doesn’t interact with the court system much.

      • Tim Brookes

        Or people who are intimidated by authority.

      • Arietta Sullivan

        i would think to call my local city&county police stations,first. i would do these steps,personally,before driving to the police stations. i’m sure an officer would come to your house&if you have a warrant,for your arrest,i’m sure,they wouldn’t have a problem of you turning yourself but i guess a few people could make the mistake if they are not knowledgeable of the court system&or interact with it.

      • oldruss

        And this is who we have sitting on our juries, deciding whether the drug company is liable for manufacturing adulterated products; or deciding whether or not the freight train derailment that released deadly chemicals into the air should result in a multi-million dollar damage verdict in favor of the townspeople; or deciding the guilt or innocence of a defendant charged with serial murder, and so on.

        That’s not real comforting.

  • Otter

    So much for the Do Not call Registry…

    • Arietta Sullivan

      that only works with the telemarketing calls..not the ‘caller id spoof’ numbers,usually used in scams

  • Arietta Sullivan

    it’s commonsense if you know you have a legal problem with the law or not. if you do,you,also,should have commonsense that the cops are not going to call you on the phone. download a ‘block app’ for your cell phone and a lot of nuisance goes away

  • Gillian Pluskota

    Don’t ask me how but this man called me a while ago mike Devers and it was over something I had on my credit like 10 years ago so I called the bank then followed the trail of creditor’s the bill was supposedly sold to once I hit a dead end I Google the last known people and it was garbage it said they only had 4 employees and no one from that place ever returned my calls so I didn’t pay and reported it to the attorney general’s office!