October 25, 2014

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Road restrictions announced for Roverfest

LORAIN — Traffic will be altered near Black River Landing for Saturday’s Roverfest music festival.

Parking will be prohibited on the west side of Broadway 6 a.m. to midnight Saturday. Violators will be ticketed and towed.

Black River Lane will close from the Lorain National Bank parking lot, 401 Broadway, to the rear of the Lorain Palace Theatre on Saturday.

First Student Inc. will provide parking and shuttle service from its property at 3747 Colorado Ave. to Black River Landing for a charge.

  • Tim Brookes

    This is good for the city…
    Here come the negative comments by the C-Trolls, in, 3…2…1… :)

    • Sue Lawson

      That’s how the trolls roll…..

  • oldruss

    Did the city close off Broadway to parking during the Lorain International Festival and Bazaar, also held at Black River Landing?

    • 2muchgovernment

      I don’t think they did. I recall seeing cars parked on both sides.

    • rlm_Lorain

      They’re expecting about 30,000 people ALL at once. I don’t think the International had that many visitors during the entire event.

      • oldruss

        Then possibly the Black River Landing is not a good choice for this event. The city is going to be disrupted, traffic patterns altered, police and EMS services stretched, trash removal burdened, and always the potential for thuggish behavior spilling over from the concert to downtown and neighboring Charlestown Village, Lorain’s historic neighborhood.

        One example, should the Lorain Palace Theater be forced to cancel Saturday afternoon and Saturday night because their patrons cannot get to the theater? Who’s paying for the lost revenues that the Palace, and any other businesses on Broadway will lose as a result of this event? The bars may do a better business, but that’s about all.

        And one more thing. Don’t exaggerate the attendance. According to Scene Magazine, attendance is expected to be 10,000, NOT the wildly exaggerated number rim_Lorain used above. http://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2014/06/09/roverfest-sold-out-in-11-minutes

        • theadvocate76

          First world problems….

          Based on Rover’s “celebrity” and legal reputation, I’d like nothing more than this “fest” to take place in another city, but I don’t remember the Lorain City Council asking the constituency. Let’s hope for the best and try not to ALWAYS expect the worst. After all, it’s the city and its services I trust, and the behaviors this will to town in that I have apprehensions about.

      • stillsleepyeyes

        lol…………….during the whole time it was down at the landing…………..

      • johns62

        more like 15K

        • johns62

          meant for RIM