November 22, 2014


Lorain prepares for Roverfest concert

LORAIN — A Saturday concert that will host one of the largest crowds Lorain has seen in years may also bring increased exposure, commerce and tourism, according to some city officials.

Roverfest, an annual concert series hosted by Cleveland radio show Rover’s Morning Glory, will be staged at the Black River Landing on Saturday in Lorain and is expected to bring around 13,000 people to the city, according to Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer.

The event, now sold out, starts at 1 p.m. and goes until 11 p.m. with major artists P.O.D., T-Pain, Trapt and Lil Jon performing.

“It may bring people to Lorain and exposure from outside,” Ritenauer said of the concert.

Though Lorain has hosted concerts and festivals before — including Black River Landing’s own concert series — there hasn’t been anything as large as Roverfest in recent years, he said.

Despite the expected crowd, city officials and police — who are providing about 50 officers for security — aren’t worried.

“It’s a great, coordinated effort … we did our homework,” Lorain Port Authority facilities manager Ralph Bruening said.

Police officers from Lorain, along with security officers provided by Roverfest, will be in force on Saturday. Other police stations in Lorain County have been told about the concert and offered their support, Lorain police Capt. Roger Watkins said.

Bruening said the radio station and the city started planning the event in Lorain in February based partially on the success of previous concerts at Black River Landing.

“The planning that’s gone in is just incredible,” he said.

While the crowd may be a positive move for the future of Lorain, it could cause parking issues the day of the event, according to Ritenauer.

The Roverfest website details areas along Broadway and parts of Black River Landing as parking sites. However, the parking is limited. People should plan to take a shuttle which leaves Quaker Steak & Lube in Sheffield at 2 p.m., Ritenauer said.

Another Park and Ride on 3747 Colorado Ave. offers parking for $20 a vehicle, according to the Roverfest website.

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  • oldruss

    With 50 of the Lorain Police Department’s officers tied up with this event alone, who is paying the city and any neighboring cities or paying the county for all the overtime that will have to be paid? Who’s paying for the clean up after the event, not only at the Black River Landing itself, which is Lorain Port Authority’s problem, but throughout downtown and Charlestown Village? Who will reimburse the Lorain Palace Theater? From the Palace’s web site, it looks like the Palace has decided to go dark the whole weekend in anticipation of Rover Fest. The Palace is a venerable Lorain institution, which is non-profit, and does not have the resources to lose a prime summer weekend’s receipts.

    It appears that Rick Novak of the Lorain Port Authority, and Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer have conjured up a real witch’s brew, and have done it pretty much all on their own, without getting much, if any, input for those who will be affected by this steaming caldron.

    • stillsleepyeyes

      Not just the palace, but the other businesses along Broadway that utilize the parking on the river side. they too are going to be closed due to the city taking over the parking lots………………

  • herekitttykaate

    Time for Rick Novak to retire, and remember this mess election time. This Mayor has no idea of how many people he has ticked off. Voters will remember this, and if not I sure there are those who will remind. I am sorry for all who live near the event.

  • Ex_Subscriber

    I read elsewhere they’re talking 300 parking spots here, 250 there.. for 13,000 people, when on average most vehicles will have 2 occupants? There’s only one place you could park the number of vehicles they’re going to need to handle, and that’s at the old Lorain Ford Plant on Route 6. That would include the old employee parking as well as the lots they used to park the new cars/vans in when they rolled off the line. But, do the powers that be and the promoters think that way? Nah, they’d rather warn residents to stay off Broadway and out of downtown all day and evening Saturday. Just from a parking standpoint alone, this has the potential of being a gridlocked disaster and when headbangers get together and the tempers flare, I leave it to you to guess what’s going to happen. Herekitttykaate may be right – little Napoleon Ritenauer in City Hall and his “boys” think they can do whatever they want. This one, I believe, is going to rise up and bite them in the butt and not because of the type of clientele, but mostly because they’re trying to force ten pounds of stuff into a five pound bag.

    • 2muchgovernment

      “Type of clientele”? Please elaborate what that means. Have you ever listened to the morning show? Do you even know what type of people listen and call in to the show? Doesn’t sound like it because if you did, you would know that the age of listeners ranges from 17 on up into the 50′s, and the majority are average people. Not mass murderers (although I suspect your comment was intended to be more racist in nature). And, I find it interesting how people are quick to complain about businesses on Broadway suffering, yet I have not read or heard a complaint from any businesses that might possibly be affected. I doubt traffic on Broadway and surrounding streets will be a “free for all”. If they have auxillary police directing traffic for parades and other events, what makes you think they would not for this event? You bet there will be glitches as there would be for any event, but that doesn’t make it a “mess”.

      • jz

        Agree. Rap and hip hop are are the worst form of, I won’t even call it music but, the naysayers are exaggerating. Just hope the clientele doesn’t get out of hand and just enjoy their entertainment. I know it is in the eye of the beholder and I,m trying to be objective but that stuff really dummies down humans to the lowest common denominator.

        • Phil Blank

          Any one taking bets or odds on the number of domestic violence charges, rapes, fights, drunkeness, shootings, knifings, drug busts, property damage, robberies, muggings, drunk or drug driving charges, possible swimming in the river, jumping from the bridge, possible drownings, climbing the light and flag poles, sitting on pavilion roofs, urinating in public, etc.????  

          • Sis Delish

            Defense Attorney’s along Broadway will be Open for the duration, and Bail Bondsmen will be cashing-in as well.

            State Troopers will be cherry-picking on I-90 and local PD’s should do nicely as well… folks driving without shoes, etc.

          • jz

            Vegas should take odds. Back in the day the old stadium concerts were full of stoned/drunk folks. However, very little if any violence. Big difference between Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Santana, Stones, despite the one in California the Hells Angels ruined, Pink Floyd etc. and the young people who attended those venues. No comparison between the quality of bands and good vibes back then and the crap these young people will hear at this venue and like I said, lowest common denominator in human vibes. Many of them sons and daughters of Motown fans also. That was music. Today, grab yourself, point your finger, don’t even carry a note, can’t play a musical instrument, just make sure the mic is on and you are in business. They could not even cut their chops at a freshman talent contest from back in the day. Disgusting and sad at the same time. I,m sure somewhere out there is some talent and real music, just not at this venue.

          • Sis Delish

            That about Sums it Up.

            World Series of Rock at Municipal Stadium a group of 80,000 fans without texting, consumed with “selfies”, and actually comparatively well-behaved if not properly sedated.

            After all, at $8.00/Ticket, who would want to waste those big buck purchases passed-out in THOSE bathrooms.

          • jz

            Tidy bowl man would just step right over you.

      • Ex_Subscriber

        Type of clientele means younger people into rap and hip-hop music. The demographic for Rover’s show is reportedly the 18-34 year old male demographic, not mass murderers. Where did you get mass murderers from my post? For that matter, where did you get racist?
        Yes, I have listened to Rover’s show on occasion. Toilet humor doesn’t do anything for me so I’m not a regular listener.So, let’s see, I’m not a racist, I never said anything about mass murderers, I never used the terms “free for all” or “mess” in my post… did you even bother to READ my post? I don’t think so… Go rant and rave at some other post you read somewhere, it sure wasn’t mine.

      • Phil Blank

        Rover, a radio idiot is some Howard Stern want-a-be. Dam near kicked out of Cleveland,  so he is here.
        Do a Google image search for “Roverfest” , you will seen the fat barely dressed women.

        • jz

          Remember the song Fat bottom girls they make the rockin world to around? Just saw Queen 2 weeks ago in Detroit. Great concert even w/o Freddie Mercury. Nowadays, they are all fat and have type 2 diabetes ha ha by the time they are 30.

  • alreadyfedup1

    I wonder if Rover will bring fireworks this year to shoot off at other boaters who might be cops????

    • herekitttykaate

      He is on probation. I am sure he will be sleeping it off on his boat.

  • oldruss

    No one has said yet, nor has anyone asked yet, but is the city and port authority getting paid anything for the use of the Black River Landing and virtually all of downtown Lorain together with all access routes (Rte. 611, Rte. 2/south Broadway, U.S. 6) which will be tied up with traffic; getting paid for the police/county sheriff’s deputies needed for traffic and crowd control; getting paid for trash removal and clean up of downtown and Charlestown Village (a residential neighborhood that will be overrun and aversely impacted)?

    • loraineritchey

      According to Rick Novak and the Mayor ( see following) this was the plan. However, as the Co Chair of Charleston Village Society a 501C3 since 1993 who has been requesting a “parking plan ” for the past 6 weeks through our organization which I believe was not a big deal or a nay saying request… I personally have been lambasted called names etc on the show as a complainer. This event WILL impact our neighborhood and as the over flow parking for 2, 3 thousand vehicles along with the road work going on in our streets I believe we had a right to the information Apparently not – just a complaining ( you fill in the blanks) It seems if you raise concerns in this community you are seen as problem not as a taxpayer who will be part of this event whether you want to be or not.
      from Rick Novak and the Mayor According to Rick Novak of the Port Authority
      The Port of Lorain is garnering $5,200.for the rental of the facility plus utilities
      and from the Mayor-

      All security costs will be covered by Rover. A private security company will be here in conjunction with the Lorain Police Department as well as other local police departments. Lorain Police are putting together an action plan for the event and can certainly include some of your requests for security in the plan as it is being drafted. We would rather go too far with security and staffing than not far enough.
      While this event is on Lorain Port Authority grounds, it is the city’s responsibility to support the event by making sure we dedicate the necessary resources to safety and protection of those attending as well as those living in close proximity. As you think of more ideas, please share them as we want to make sure we have all angles covered. I live in Harborwalk and I, along with my neighbors, share many of the same concerns.

      • oldruss

        Thanks for the info, such as it is, on the finances. Neither city hall nor the Port Authority are particularly forth coming.

        If the event has sold 10,000 admissions as claimed, at $25.00 per ticket, they’re grossing some $250,000. It seems like a pittance that the Port Authority is getting the magnanimous sum of $5,200, and, apparently, Chase didn’t say anything about the city being reimbursed, the city is getting $0.

        With 50 Lorain police officers assigned to this, see article above, that’s only some $100 per officer, which is hardly enough to cover their wages for a 12 hour day, 11:00 a.m. to closing.; and, that money is going to the Lorain Port Authority, not to the city.

        • herekitttykaate

          Those who do not know how to market, should not be in the planning industry. Officers are only permitted to work 10 hrs and I think 4 hours overtime. I see no rest for the men and blue and for the residents that live in the area. It is not fair to them, nor it’s citizens that will have to tolerate this debacle. The event is shameful and those who brought it to Lorain, should be ashamed.

      • Otter

        Wow, $5,200.00…Setting the bar (pun intended) pretty low.

        • stillsleepyeyes

          Well it is lorain…………………

          • johns62

            Im sure the rental rate would be the same for say a bagpiper competition

          • stillsleepyeyes

            why yes I’m sure it would be

          • oldruss

            Why shouldn’t it be a percentage of the gross receipts, in this case, let’s say 20% of $250,000 or $50,000 instead of the paltry $5,200 the Port Authority (NOT the city) is getting? Plus, what about a percentage of the beer sales?

  • Phil Blank

    Why were they kicked out of Cleveland again? I looked into it but forgot.

    Only 50 cops for 10,000 screaming wild drunken idiots?
    Now we need the cameras to record the madness so Lorain can make international news.

    The city and the residence WILL pay dearly for this greed, You watch.
    Do a Google image search for “Roverfest” , you will seen the craziness.

  • Phil Blank

    You have two days, today and tomorrow to stck-up supplies.
    when the national guard is called in, you won’t be allowed oit of your home!

  • Phil Blank

    Now you know why all city police departments in the county, the sheriff, received unused military firearms and MRAPS.
    Tennessee is in trouble for this, may be us too.
    The Tennessee Sheriff oversees 31 officers and investigators, but his department received 161 military AR-15 FULL AUTOMATIC army rifles and pistols, including 71 M16 rifles and 71 .45-caliber pistols, grenade launchers.

    Tennessee  State Suspends Military Surplus Coordinator

  • Denise Caruloff 146k
    Rover Fest 2013 Woman Arrested With Pants Down

    To the Editor:

    Soon Rover and his Morning Glory will (as stated)
    “invade Lorain”. The banks of our Black River landing will be filled with
    potentially 15 thousand beer drinking fans. Seems that many do not know of
    Rover on WMMS or about his show….well here is just a snap preview of a show a short while back. It is a lovely image.

    In mid April 2014, the studio had been covered in plastic. Each of Rover’s meat heads drank a gallon of milk with the goal of puking… then dumping it into a self~ concocted leaf blower and spraying it into the mouth of the another….which ended up all over them, including on the ceiling and everywhere.

    They seem to be obsessed with vomit and how many ways they can use it. I suspect there will be plenty of vomit on the grasses of the Black River Landing Saturday. Perhaps someone from the crew can just scoop it up and use it again for another show. Just saying.

    I have heard reasons why our city felt the need to host this even this year 2104..but none have been reason enough for me (and I know I am not alone ) to embrace this type of trash into our city and on to the banks of our Black River.
    If the bar is set this low…surly almost any future event would be a step
    up….As I have said… Trash in. Trash out.

    • You’re Wrong

      Lorain IS the type of trash you are trying to keep out.

  • Jim

    From what I’ve gathered by the comments over the past years…..”why doesn’t Lorain try to get some of these events?”…..”why is Lorain hosting one of these events? Yep, that about covers it.

  • Sis Delish

    With the forecast calling for Thunder Storms/Showers on Saturday, the mixture of mud, vomit and urine should reflect nicely on the City of Lorain.

    Will someone call City Hall and have them post Cams on all Trash Bins? Thank you.

  • Chipper

    all I can say is hide the women and children, keep your doors and windows locked. If you have to go out, wear your bulletproof vest and brush up on your self-defense techniques.
    can’t imagine how much trash, vomit and urine in the streets after all is said & done. glad I don’t live anywhere near there. good luck Lorain…. you’ll need it.

    • Bob

      “all I can say is hide the women and children, keep your doors and windows locked. If you have to go out, wear your bulletproof vest and brush up on your self-defense techniques. ”

      That describes pretty much everyday in Lorain. Why would Roverfest happening on Saturday be any different??

      • stillsleepyeyes

        Straight to the point………………..people won’t like this comment……………

  • Thomas Calkins

    Hope it turns out well. Lorain could use the income and the attention (as long as it doesnt become anarchic)!

  • Denise Caruloff

    i was in avon lake at the art and antique festival they are having this weekend….I saw something I wanted to buy and she said I would have to come back at 4pm or tomorrow…I said no way…tomorrow is rover fest and I am not going to deal with any of the traffic…she had said..she heard our mayor was a push over..yukes!!!..well…anyway..she felt sorry for me..and sold me what I wanted earlier…thanks to who ever that kind lady was that had pitty on me…lol :)

  • guest

    the parents must be sooooo proud of all the girls going in booty shorts and underwear etc.good luck lorain,13,000 more idiots to ad to the list of lorain

  • brenda

    Its one day people damn!! Do you guys ever, I mean ever have anything positive to say about anything!! And yes I live very close to the black river landing. And yes it was very loud, but my God people one day. Let them do what they and then leave. You’re already paying taxes, but as long as they don’t knock on your door, call your phone and ask you to come lend a hand, stop with the damn whining!!