November 23, 2014


Officer: Mob hunted down man on night he was killed

Todd Wells, left, and his attorney, Doug Merrill, appear at a preliminary hearing on Wednesday. Wells is one of four people charged with murdering Davion Strupe earlier this month. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

Todd Wells, left, and his attorney, Doug Merrill, appear at a preliminary hearing on Wednesday. Wells is one of four people charged with murdering Davion Strupe earlier this month. KRISTIN BAUER/CHRONICLE

ELYRIA — A large group was out looking for Davion Strupe the night he was shot and killed because he had been dealing drugs in the Westway Garden Apartments, Elyria police Detective James Homoki said Wednesday in Elyria Municipal Court.

Homoki said Strupe, 24, had been trying to sell drugs July 1 on Barbara Street, which led to an argument with Iesha Newson. As Strupe was walking away, Homoki said, he stared at Newson, who called her boyfriend, Dean Martin Jr.

Martin, who arrived about 15 minutes later, and several others began searching for Strupe and, after mistakenly accosting someone else, tracked him to 1143 Garden St.

Homoki said that several people, including Todd Wells and Markus Martin, who both face charges including aggravated burglary and murder, forced their way past the resident into the apartment and began attacking Strupe.

Davion Strupe

Davion Strupe

He said Strupe was dragged outside, where he was punched, kicked and struck with paver bricks and a lawn chair.

Elyria police Capt. Chris Costantino said after the hearing that witnesses told officers that Strupe also was struck with a child’s scooter, but that wasn’t recovered from the scene.

Homoki said Strupe was able to break away from the melee and flee, but stumbled and fell. The beating then resumed, he said, before Strupe was once again able to run.

At that point, Homoki said, Martin yelled out for the suspected gunman, identified as 17-year-old Tristen Belfiore, to shoot Strupe. He said police recovered 10 spent shells from the scene, although Strupe was shot only once.

He said the wounded Strupe made it to an apartment on the corner of Infirmary Road and was banging on the door asking for help. When police arrived, they found a woman holding the bleeding and unconscious Strupe, who died from the gunshot wound.

Attorneys Anthony Baker, who represents Martin, and Doug Merrill, who represents Wells, pushed Homoki to reveal the names of the witnesses who had told police about their clients being there and being involved in Strupe’s death, but Elyria City Prosecutor Scott Strait objected.

Strait said that there have been “credible threats” against witnesses in the case and revealing the identities of whose who had evidence linking Martin and Wells to the killing could place them in danger. Elyria Municipal Court Judge Gary Bennett, who found probable cause to send the charges against Martin and Wells to a grand jury, cited those safety concerns in not allowing Homoki to identify witnesses by name.

In addition to Wells and Martin, Anthony Marcano also is charged with murder in the case. Belfiore has been charged with aggravated murder and prosecutors expect to transfer his case from juvenile court into the adult criminal justice system.

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  • Chan

    Iesha Newsome should also be charged with murder.

    • Chan

      I don’t show her name listed in court docs, possible that she is singing like a bird?

  • jz

    Shot cus they don’t like drugs or Strupe was on their turf?

    • guest

      I think 80% of people are into drugs was over “turf”

      • brenda

        Good thing that you don’t get paid to think! Do you live out there? Have you ever been out there? Soooo let’s not speak on what we don’t know.

        • guest

          as a matter if fact I do live there.this is my second why don’t you not speak of what you do not know I live there,first time was for 6 months.been back for 2 months now.i don’t have a choice.
          thank you for your insight

  • michelle

    what jz said. wondered the same thing. I am going to go with the turf theory.

  • Bob

    Wow the did a Reginald Denny on Strupe. But with Denny, it was a cinder block and not pavers brick.

  • golfingirl

    As the truth comes out, we will learn they were not all the “good kids” many have suggested they were on this site.

    Deal drugs……the outcome is so predictable.

    • Mark B

      Don’t forget ” Play by the Gun / Die by the Gun

      • golfingirl

        Yeah, lucky others were’t killed as well. 10 rounds fired, only one hit the victim.

        The other 9 were just flying through the air. Lucky they didn’t go into someone’s home and kill an innocent child.

        • Starryeyes63

          well when ya hold a weapon “gangsta” style and fire ya ain’t going to hit much. Thanks God no innocent child was hurt.

      • Joe Smith

        I guess I missed the part where the person that was killed had a gun.

        • brenda

          Nope you didn’t miss it, he didn’t have one.

        • guest

          he was fleeing for his damn life..if he had a gun there could of been a chance he would still be alive.he didn’t have one

          • Joe Smith

            I agree, where did I say different?

    • Chan

      I don’t think anyone expected the murder victim to be an angel (after all he hung in the projects) but that doesn’t excuse what these animals did to him.

      • guest

        not everyone that lives in the projects are bad.i do and im in school,im working I take care of my kids.they are suppose to do drug tests and background checks yet somehow these people still get in there.its to help people get on their feet and these people take advantage of it.i left a violent house and I live here and I keep to myself.i do what I need and I don’t talk to anyone. all these people take advantage of why the place exists and they turn it into hell.they need to kick all the people who were involved out cuz as golfngirl said 10 shots,a innocent child or person in their home could of gotten hurt.they need to get these people out of there.!

        • Chan

          Not all but the bad out weigh the good. I don’t hear of too many success stories coming out low income communities such as Westway. I pray for the sake of your kids that you get an education and put them in a better environment. Studies show that children who grow up in project like settings have a different mentality than those who grow up on regular single family home residential streets.

          • brenda

            Not so. I have 2 great niece’s, a grandson, and 2granddaughters that don’t live I a house with a white picket fence with all the trimmings and all make at least the honor roll, the merit roll, and the principal award!! So again I say people should not speak on what do not know.

          • guest

            and did you not read my post? im in college in the a.m I go to work in getting us out of takes time.i have no family to help a single mom.we do what we need to do for our babies,ask any single don’t worry about the sake of my kids,i got them takin care of and im doing double shifts for them.all for them,9 times out of 10 people that live there don’t have the choice.this is the only option for a lot of these people,as for the behavior I cant explain why they act the way they one can,just stupid.

          • bdid.d

            I hope you’re taking English and grammar in college…

          • Chan

            Actually I didn’t read the entire post, there are 44 comments at the moment and my time doesn’t permit me to read each one and I was trying to be encouraging to you but since you don’t want that here you….You do double shifts for the sake of your kids? How about get an education, put money away and then decide to have multiple kids that you can afford to take care of on your own without public assistance? People have choices all the time, it’s called birth control, its called getting an education FIRST before you decide to procreate and expect others to assist you financially with your kids. Lastly, you work double shifts and go to school full time which means you aren’t raising YOUR kids, the streets, grandma, neighbors are raising YOUR kids.

          • guest

            im not going to sit on a blog and explain my life to you.people make mistakes.i have a part time job so double shifts for me would be a 8 hour shift,come home and take 2 classes in a.m at l.c.c.c.i raise my family raises my kids.because we live here for now doesn’t mean my kids will grow up on the least im able to put a roof over their head,something quite a number of parents cant say.Not once did I say I go to school full time so don’t assume things you don’t know.As I previously said Im not going to explain the last 7 years of my life on a blog to a stranger but do not act like you know about me.Your right,people should get a education before having kids but that doesn’t happen for a lot of people.dont be so quick to judge people you don’t know.The behavior these people show at the gardens is in no means excusable but not everyone there is like it.

          • Chan

            My dear you are the one who felt the need to explain bits of your life in response to my opinion. I never asked you nor do I care but don’t put it out there if you don’t want it to be critiqued. If you aren’t excusing the behavior, say that and be done with it….Have a great weekend.

  • Patty Siniard Doman

    Turf war ,no excuse anyway on killing someone .

    • golfingirl

      Never an excuse for taking another live….I don’t think anyone would excuse these actions.

      “Street justice” is a way of life for those who CHOOSE to participate in this life style.

      As wrong as it may be, it is an unfortunate reality.

      • guest

        some kids feel they have to “prove” they are tough or whatever.some think this way of life is cool and you are 1000% correct,it is a choice of a lifestyle,they don’t want to better their life.they do it for attention and to prove “the ghetto” is the way to go.this man didn’t need to be killed.

        • brenda

          Not about it being the “ghetto”. Have anyone of you ever been there to call it a “ghetto”? I can show you a ghetto, come lets go for a ride. And no need to worry no one will see you my car has tint all the way around. From the windshield to the back window. Scared…..lololol.

          • guest

            this is my second time living there.thank you.i don’t have a choice but to keep a roof over my kids head

      • killamilla

        I agree with you…..wait did I just say that???

  • guest

    yeah im sure he does want the names to be revealed.that way if any family of those accused visit them in jail they can tell whoever to go after these people to shut them up…then their will be no witnesses mean no proof they were involved.which would get them out free….really? are they that dumb? as long as the judge knows who the witnesses are that’s all that matters.these men do not need to know who witnessed all.

    • brenda

      Lololol…..these people are not gangsters! Stop the madness people! I know each n everyone of them n no one of them would not have done anything with the crowd to edge them on! Stop it!

      • Guest

        Didn’t you say in an earlier post “you keep to yourself” and ” you don’t talk to anyone”?! Now you say you know each and every one of them!
        Which is it?

      • jz

        Your grammar is so bad I can’t even understand what you are saying on top of the contradictions. Explanation. Accepting a belief system that condones and rewards behaving like gangsta idiots. Motown, Beatles, Santana etc/ Dr. Dre etc. Spend one hour listening to the 1st 3 and I,m guessing you are very familiar with Dre and the rest of the rap crap. There is your explanation. Where are your values? There is your explanation. I,m not pointing at you specifically. Woodstock. Roverfest. We certainly were not perfect, but, some people are just destroying themselves.

  • Sis Delish

    If the Perps didn’t have the requisite “Hunting” License for dusting a Drug
    Slug, I hope the Prosecutor adds that to the charges. These days ya gotta have a license for Everything!

    • brenda

      Stop it….where do you get your language…you’re a grown woman talk like one!

  • ap

    Rip bro good die young i.stuck with you till the end i love you . And for the record davion as not selling drugs it was someone he was with this is his sisster i watched my brother get beet to death then he died in my arms keep your comments let him rest god will handle the rest

    • T.mosley

      Its so easy for people on the outside looking in to speak negatively. Everyone makes mistakes and Davion’s past wasn’t clean. But he did not deserve what happened to him. It hurts me to hear people talk about him like he was an animal. I knew him personally and he was a joy to be around and a very caring person. That’s what i would like to remember him by, not all the negative things.

      • guest

        thank you.i agree.he was a very sweet man,just made some mistakes.always had jokes though.always told me im to mean to be his friend.i miss him dearly.i still cant believe what happened to him and I hope justice plays haunts me the night this happened and I pray people that knew him remember him like you.he was precious,always wanted to help.always wanted to know what was going on with friends.always made sure he protected who he knew.R.I.P. Davion.we will always love you.

    • guest

      im sorry.i really am.your brother was a good person.he backed me up a lot.i will miss him and its a hard loss.he didn’t deserve this.not at one will forget him this I promise I loved him dearly.bless you and your family

    • guest

      if you or your family need anything please make it known.we would be honored if you needed help with anything just say the words,im so very sorry for your loss and I hope you and your family can pull need ANYTHING say it and I would be more then happy to do what I can.
      god bless you dear.

  • SpaceTech

    One drug dealer down, another twenty million to go!

    • SniperFire

      Gangstas off each other around the Country by the dozens everyday.

      Not sure why everybody is getting excited about this one.

      • brenda

        No gangsta. Not one…..are you?? I doubt it….all the real gangsters are dead or in prison…..except for a handful. Just call me OG’….did what I had to do to survive the streets…..never killed anyone…shot a few though…being a woman… one took care of me like me!

        • guest

          because a lot of people on here commenting don’t get what it takes to survive,we all made mistakes and we have to do what we have to do to rise above it

          • jz

            Survive like an animal or a human?

    • Simon Jester

      If nothing else, he won’t do that again ;)

  • Otter

    I’m guessing that everything that led up to the shooting took longer than the time it would have taken to call 911…yet no one did.

  • Arlin Brooks Brown

    Ely village is pure filth ..always has been ..always will be..and most of the thugs and whoors that love there r what keep it filthy .indiscriminate animals

  • Jeff

    This was definitely a killing over selling drugs on their turf!!!!!!!!!