November 23, 2014


Sheriff’s Office seeks school supply donations during fair

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office is aiming to “Cram the Cruiser” with school supplies during the Lorain County Fair.

Throughout fair week, a patrol car will be parked at the Sheriff’s headquarters, located just inside the main gate on the fairgrounds.

Fair visitors are encouraged to bring school supplies, including No. 2 pencils, colored pencils, large pin erasers, crayon boxes of 16; spiral bound composition notebooks, pocket folders, highlighters, index cards, pens, water-based markers, glue sticks, drawing paper, plastic storage boxes, rules/protractors, scotch tape, loose leaf notebook paper and 4-ounce bottles of white glue.

All school supplies will be donated to the Clearview and Elyria school districts.

The Sheriff’s Office hopes to make this an annual drive, with different districts receiving the donations each year.

Any business, organization or individual who would like to donate supplies but will not be attending the fair can drop donations off at the sheriff’s office lobby, 9896  Murray Ridge Road, Elyria, or call (440) 329-3844 to make arrangements.

The Lorain County Fair will be held Aug. 18 to 24 at the fairgrounds in Wellington.

  • Mark B

    Lets see , we provide the less fortunate with welfare , ebt card , free health care , free Obama phone , housing based in there income which is $0.00 , we give the kids free breakfast , lunch and dinner at school . Then they file their income tax which they paid NOTHING into and they get 2 or 3 thousand in the tax return, cant call it a refund as they paid nothing in the first place. Coats for kids , another free entitlement, now their school supplies.

    • LAB1660

      You forgot SHOES for kids, too.

  • SniperFire

    Go to Walmart and fill the car for about $300. Save $1100 on overtime for the Sheriff dept.

  • Sis Delish

    Just be grateful the Sheriff didn’t ask for iPads, etc.

    • Mark B

      That will be next

      • LAB1660

        I’m afraid you’re both right.

  • LAB1660

    There have been people in Cleveland who go the free school supply distributions in several locations so their kids can get extra backpacks so when they get lost or stolen, they have new ones. This constant need that grows each year is something that needs to be examined. We are all aware of the job losses and the impact those losses have had on our communities. There are those with true needs. There are also those with wants at the expense of others and who know how to take advantage of the system. The poor get more selective about “needs.” When the requests come for certain backpacks, other than basic school supplies, and, in particular, name-brand tissues, cleaners and anti-bacterial wipes, it’s time to close the wallet. Those are beggars, not grateful recipients.

  • Bill

    Getting to the point where every story no matter what it is about you are going to have the same clowns who are going to post something negative. There are less fortunate families in this county who are busting their butts just to get by. If getting some free school supplies helps them pay some other bill then good for them.
    Some of you must have lives that are just down right miserable and you must just be a joy to be around.