November 26, 2014


Avon Lake woman pleads not guilty in husband’s murder

Jeane Harrington

Jeane Harrington

LYRIA — The Avon Lake woman accused of killing her estranged husband in 2011 pleaded not guilty to murder, felonious assault and tampering with evidence charges during her arraignment Thursday in Lorain County Common Pleas Court.

Jeane Harrington, 56, is accused of wrapping plastic around the head of Michael Gabel, 55, at their Karen Drive home Aug. 16, 2011. She later called police and reported that she had returned home from running errands to discover his body in the den.

Avon Lake police have said the scene appeared to have been staged to look like a suicide. Harrington told a police dispatcher that her husband was having financial problems and had left a one-line note.

She also acknowledged having an argument with Gabel in the early morning hours that turned physical. Harrington told police she used a stun gun on Gabel about 20 times before she left the room.

Harrington, who is being held in the Lorain County Jail, was arrested earlier this month following a nearly three-year investigation by Avon Lake police.

  • harriet

    Really, does she think we are stupid enough to believe he wrapped his own face and head in plastic wrap. COME ON…..If he really were suicidal,, chances are suffocation wouldnt be his first choice……Guns or pills work really fine..Maybe he didnt have any bullets or applesauce to crush the pills. Just saying.