November 28, 2014


Commissioner candidates disagree on potential slate of debates

Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams, left, and state Rep. Matt Lundy

Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams, left, and state Rep. Matt Lundy

ELYRIA — Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams and state Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria, accused each other of dishonesty Friday as they continued to spar over the shape of debates before the November election in which Lundy is trying to unseat the Republican Williams.

“The guy’s a liar,” Williams said of Lundy when asked about a news release Lundy put out Friday announcing five events the pair will attend together.

Williams said that despite repeated attempts, Lundy has not responded to his efforts to discuss the debate proposals Williams put forward. He also said he did not know about the news release before Lundy sent it out.

But Lundy countered that he hasn’t responded to Williams’ efforts to contact him over Facebook because Williams “takes things out of context” in written communications.

“If I have a discussion with Tom, it will have to be face-to-face,” with witnesses, Lundy said.

Williams said it appears Lundy wants to avoid a written record of his comments. He also said Lundy hasn’t taken him up on his offer to talk following weekly commissioners’ meetings, something Lundy said he thinks would be illegal because it would take place on government property.

Williams said having a conversation in a government building wouldn’t be illegal as long as county resources weren’t used for campaign activities.

Lundy also said that Williams’ Facebook messages were “juvenile” in tone, including Williams comment that “as a commissioner I put my big boy pants on and handle the issues that are my responsibility. I suggest you do the same.”

That comment came after Williams had asked Lundy in the messages about why his campaign manager, Sheffield Mayor John Hunter, had called a friend of his to ask to set up a discussion.

Williams said he has become increasingly frustrated with Lundy’s refusal to have a conversation with him. At one point in the Facebook messages, which The Chronicle-Telegram received but never replied to, Williams posted his cell phone number and asked Lundy to call him.

“How do you have a conversation with a guy who, when you try to engage with him, he just ignores it?” Williams said.

Lundy said he sent Williams a certified letter earlier this month in which he put forth a proposed format for a set of debates and asked that they “work together” to have the events moderated by local newspapers and radio stations. He said Williams never responded to a request to provide times and dates for potential debates.

Lundy’s news release Friday stated that two of the debates would be aired on two local radio stations, including WEOL-930 AM, which is owned by the parent company of The Chronicle.

The release also said that Lundy and Williams — who said he never saw the release — would participate in events sponsored by the League of Women Voters, the Coalition for Hispanic/Latino Issues and Progress and the Lorain County Township Association.

Lundy said while his campaign never actually reached out to any newspapers regarding a debate, the League of Women Voters was open to newspaper reporters being involved. Williams has asked The Chronicle to moderate a debate, although the paper has not provided a response yet.

Williams said many of the events Lundy described in his news release aren’t actually debates but rather candidate nights that both were already planning to attend.

“He has done nothing,” he said. “It’s just typical Lundy where he’s using the format that’s been set up for years and trying to take credit for it.”

Williams also said he expects to see Lundy at other events at which multiple candidates usually appear.

Lundy has rejected a proposal from Williams to have organized labor moderate a series of debates in which each candidate would be barred from discussing his opponent and instead discuss their own qualifications and plans.

Lundy dismissed that plan as simply an effort to allow Williams to make a speech, something he isn’t interested in doing. Williams has said his plan would prevent the two candidates from launching attacks on each other.

Lundy also said he’s open to possible additional debates, including one that Williams proposed this week that would see the pair square off in front of veterans.

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  • Peter Aldrich

    I can guaranty you with Lundy, I’d want witnesses and a recording for any discussion…….

    • LorainCountyVoter

      It don’t matter. He’s a Democrat and Williams is a Republican. Williams is not going to beat him in this county unless he has done something outstanding in his term, and Williams has done nothing. Lundy is well liked and known. Add that to being a Democrat, and its a good thing that Williams didn’t put his name on any of the county buildings, because it would have been a waste of money. Trust me. Just ask some of the past Republican Judges.

      • JoyceEarly

        So Lundy’s qualifications don’t matter but William’s do? Please give me everything Lundy has done while state rep. Williams has been outstanding during his term. To say he hasn’t is a down right lie. If it’s about party affiliation then Lundy may win, if it’s about the best most qualified person for the job, Williams wins.

  • Peter Aldrich

    How about an old-style, ala Lincoln-Douglas, on the steps of the old County Courthouse (which should probably be condemned….)

  • SniperFire

    Did you ever see the C-T put non-stop articles up when a Republican challenges a Democrat for local government? Of course not. Why would that be?

    This is the C-T’s free marketing for Ted Bundy, and they are attaching negative association to the incumbent – who happens to be a Republican.

    Journalism is dead.

    • Sean MacNair

      yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all a conspiracy. Tell you what. Grow the hell up. Realize that the world isn’t out to get you or your party. And “Ted Bundy” instead of Matt Lundy? Jesus Christ, dude, could you get even more immature?

      • SniperFire

        ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all a conspiracy.’

        Prove me wrong with some links, or you are welcome to shut up and accept defeat. LOL

  • Christine Camarillo-Winrod

    Our family supports Commissioner Williams. He is an honest, God fearing family man who cares about our county. He has been the taxpayers advocate and a good balance for the board. Tom Williams is a good choice for Lorain County!

    • SniperFire

      The C-T would never point any of that out. They will, however, do every possible story available to them – as instructed by his challenger Ted Bundy, to bring up every negative connotation they can think of between now and election day.

      ‘Lundy’s news release Friday ‘

      Will the C-T be providing free news release coverage on a daily basis to any Repubican candidates this fall?

      It is all so predicable. And so Alinsky.

    • Razorback Twou

      “God fearing”, what has he done to fear God?

  • Rosa Garcia-Gee

    “The guy’s a liar,” Williams said of Lundy….. Very poor taste for a current County Commissioner to use in reference to a current State Representative .To call someone a liar is a true slur on their character, but more so it speaks volumes about the character of person using it .

    • SniperFire

      Is it a slur when it is so obviously true?

      • Rosa Garcia-Gee

        My point is the use of such a word by someone in office is in very poor taste. In my personal opinion our current county commissioner is showing lack of maturity and poor judgement by using it .

        • Bill

          It would only be in poor taste if it were not true. I would rather have someone speak from the heart and say what he means rather then sugar coat it like the career politicians (Lundy) does.

        • SniperFire

          So you didn’t answer my question because Lundy is, indeed, an obvious liar. Then again, after watching Obama, Pelosi and Reid baldface lie to the public, it is clear that lying is not something a liberal such as yourself finds offensive. You just don’t like to see your politicans called on it.

          You want the public to ignore the fact that Lundy is a proven liar, and restrict debate to just what you want it to be – which is a Leftwing media-assisted slur on Williams.

          “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum….”
          ― Noam Chomsky, The Common Good

          • Exposing Trolls

            Stomp your feet until they answer your question…
            Who wants to engage a conversation with you would only be there for one reason, to troll you… :)

  • Sis Delish

    Bring Lundy and Williams on this Blog…

    • Exposing Trolls

      1. This is not a blog
      2. Nobody would want to be associated with this site or the on liner comedians of this site.

      Nothing is static, everything is evolving.

      • SniperFire

        ’2. Nobody would want to be associated with this site ‘

        Commissioner Williams posts here. Fail. Now, stop trolling.

        • Exposing Trolls

          HAHAHAHAHA What!?!?! Someone with the screen name of the Comish may post on here…well all 3 times, but that means squat.
          Maybe I change my name to George Washington and you can claim the first president posts on here, then we can really get people to come here.

          • SniperFire

            Give him a call on the number he provides as confirm it. You continue to embarrass yourself. I imagine you are used to that sort of thing. LOL

  • SniperFire

    HEY C-T. How about questioning Bundy on what he meant by slurring Williams as ‘pro-corporate.’

    Does this mean Bundy is anti-business and, by extension, anti-jobs for Lorain County? Or are you really going to just put out his ‘news releases’ on a daily basis without question?

  • Commissioner Tom Williams

    If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me on my personal cell (440) 986-0327.

    • Exposing Trolls

      Okay, Comish? why do you bother to come on here when you know there are nothing but garbage comments and sick one liners about people on here. Have you no dignity? Don’t you have a website where this would be better discussed since you have no control over the comments here? Or do you Comish?

      • SniperFire

        Lundy doesn’t need to post here. He has Brad Dicken.

  • Jeremy Noll

    Google Matt Lundy lies to see what the result is. He has a track record of not telling the truth.

  • Bill
    • Bill

      Matt Lundy is a liar.

  • GreatRedeemer

    Mr. Lundy’s comments from the AFL-CIO forum.

    “There’s only one pro-labor candidate in this race, and you’re looking at him right now,” Lundy said to applause from the 100 people in the audience at Lorain County Community College. “I have a nearly eight-year record, that’s a proven track record of working for working families.”

    My opinion, just more tax and spend , more government, more taxes, more double dipping, more lucrative benefits.

  • Summer Smart

    What is wrong with wanting to have a debate without each candidate attacking each other? Aren’t we all tired of that? Don’t we all sit at our TV’s and talk about how sick and tired we are about not having the facts and only having a smear campaign happen in front of us election after election? Unfortunately, most candidates don’t know how to have a true debate anymore because they have lost sight of how. It is easier to attack than to stand up for what you truly believe it and stick with it!!!

  • Joe Flabetz

    Exactly what has Tom Williams accomplished since elected as a commissioner? Run on your accomplishments and successes, not throwing rocks at anyone else. Typical name calling, is reflective that someone cannot communicate well, convey a distinctive response and lacks team building skills.
    When are we taxpayers gonna hold all of these politicians accountable with facts and not garbage statements that cannot be supported.

  • golfingirl

    Now that Lundy is term limited and can’t run for another term in the House, he is running for Lorain County Commissioner.

    Or maybe he wants to spread the misery, that has become Elyria, throughout the entire county?

    Career politicians have to go! They should not be permitted, by the voters, to feed at the public trough their entire lives.

    Democrats, Republicans….all of them.

  • Exposing Trolls

    No, no laws, :)

  • SniperFire

    It is easy to confirm he posts here. You are standing in a hole and should stop digging.


  • Exposing Trolls

    What hole? Are you worried what the internet thinks of you or something…?
    That is not how this works, That’s not how any of this works

  • Exposing Trolls

    I replied to myself first…does that mean I won the internet?

  • Exposing Trolls

    No, I will reply!

  • Exposing Trolls

    No, me!