November 20, 2014


UPDATED: Man critical after head-on I-90 crash


Emergency crews work to rescue two drivers who were trapped in their cars after a head-on crash. BRUCE BISHOP/CHRONICLE

SHEFFIELD — One man was in critical condition and another in fair condition Wednesday morning at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland after a car crossed the median on Interstate 90 near state Route 611 and hit another car head-on Tuesday morning.

Kevin Mchue, 25, of Cleveland, was driving a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix westbound on I-90 near the French Creek Road overpass about 10:45 a.m. Tuesday when he bumped into another car, also headed westbound, Sheffield Police Chief Larry Bliss said.


Both drivers were flown from the scene by medical helicopter.

The bump caused Mchue to lose control of his car, and he traveled across the grass median and hit an eastbound Chevrolet Cruze head-on, Bliss said.

The Chevrolet Cruze — driven by 21-year-old Adam Couture of Massachusetts — spun around and was pushed into the guardrail in the eastbound lane, Bliss said.

Firefighters from Sheffield, Sheffield Township, Elyria Township and Avon responded to the scene, aided by the Ohio Highway Patrol and police from Sheffield and Avon. Couture was conscious and able to talk with police, Bliss said.

The men were trapped in their cars for about an hour before they were freed at 11:45 a.m. and taken by LifeFlight to MetroHealth. Couture was listed in good condition and Mchue in critical condition Wednesday morning.

There were no passengers in either car. The woman who was bumped while driving westbound was not injured, Bliss said.

Tuesday is not the first time Mchue has been critically injured in a car crash. In 2009, he survived after a car he was a passenger in struck a tree near 1499 Gulf Road in Elyria. Like on Tuesday, firefighters had to extricate Mchue from the car.

Eastbound traffic halted for about two hours while police cleared the scene. It reopened about 12:45 p.m.

Police still are investigating the cause of the initial crash.

Reporter Evan Goodenow contributed to this story.

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  • Joe Smith

    Good luck to all involved

  • luvmytoaster

    Wow, that does not look good….Prayers to everyone involved.

  • CQQL33

    Some one made a serious mistake. Anything is better than a ‘head on’, that is the worst. God bless those involved.

  • Carol Smith-Hollows

    Praying for those involved. My sister will forever suffer from being hit head on on November 30, 2011 on Abbe Road in Sheffield Village. He entire life changed that day.

  • Mark B

    When you are driving , put down the cell phone

    • Christina Rivera

      putting down that cell phone has been preached far to often….if drivers don’t realized that by now, they never will! just MO!

  • Patty Siniard Doman

    Slow down people ,I 90 is like mad max ,people drive took fast .

    • Razorback Twou

      It that the I-90 “raceway” we’re talking about here? From the picture the newer Cruze doesn’t look too bad, the older Pontiac looks like it denigrated. A statement on the safety of new cars maybe. All things considered. Heres wishing a speedy recovery to all involved.

      • Mark B

        The Ohio State Patrol is too busy patrolling city streets. I saw the sheriff on 90 last week running a speed trap . Whats going on ? Why is OSP doing on city streets when they should be on the highway. and the sheriff on the high way when they should be on rural roads . OSP needs to get out of the city , Elyria has their own police force and get back on the highways . Or is there just more money in it for them in the city. It really is all about safety you know…. yea right .

        • johns62

          If it was the Tahoe, he actually looked for overweight commercial vehicles that when they get on our roads cant handle the excessive weight loads and cause road failures and repairs

        • Disqususer8675309

          I drive 90 every day in that area to and from work. I routinely see the Sheriff clocking people. Rarely see the staties. Typically will see a sheriff pickup truck as you round the last bend before the Detroit Rd. exit on I90 westbound. Also see them as you crest the hill before I-90/80 and Rt. 2 split off past Rt. 57 westbound clocking both sides. They will also be under the French Creek Rd.bridge clocking Westbound traffic as they crest the hill. That’s the bridge before the Abbe Rd. bridge heading Westbound. Always see the sheriff or local PD. Rarely the staties. Only see them just before the Colorado Rd. bride heading westbound on 90. That’s it

  • Mary

    How sad. Praying for everyone. Seeing the pictures are bad enough, but watching the video and hearing the chain saw is pretty eerie. Poor families involved.

  • Scout

    Amazing that they have both, so far, survived this accident. I agree with Patty,below, that I 90 is like mad max. At 70 people are still speeding by and 70 is over the posted limit as it is. On that road, as all others, you have to pay attention constantly and watch the other drivers.

  • Debi

    As a witness of the aftermath of the wreck, I am amazed that either driver survived. Horrific is the only way I can describe what I saw while waiting for 2 hours for the authorities to clear st rt 90. Prayers for a full recovery!! Your life can change in a second, love hard, and with all you have!

  • grannyof6

    Wish these two young men a full recovery, it’s going to be a long road ahead. Sounds like Mr. Mchue as already experienced on horrible accident wear he was wrapped around a tree. Speed in both accidents probably played a big part in these. People think I-90 is a raceway, driver’s who think they’re in a hurry and come right up your rear end but don’t realize you can’t go any faster then the guy in front of you. Prayers to both young men and their families.

    • Bob

      granny, Do what I do when someone moron tailgate me. Just go slower.

      • Otter

        I’ve been known to do that too…it cracks me up to watch them…pounding on their steering wheel, and I’m sure calling me all kinds of names. I also enjoy when they go racing around me, and we meet at the next traffic light…

        • Bob

          Or when they fly around you right when a cop is on the side of the highway running radar.

          • Otter

            Ah, yes..less common, but the few times I have had that happen, I nearly wet myself laughing…I may have also waved.

        • grannyof6

          I’ve had that happen to me and the idiots fly around you then cut in front of you just to slam on their brakes and give you the “finger”!

  • Kathrine Kittyian

    He was high on spice

  • MacdaddyOH

    What would a girl like you cost for a night on the town?

  • Joe Smith

    Sounds like a cheap girl