October 25, 2014

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Auto repair shop owner pulls gun after being threatened

LORAIN — The owner of Cruz Auto Repair said he pulled a pistol on a man who threatened him at the shop, 3340 Elyria Ave., about 10:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Jerediah Cruz said he was openly carrying a pistol on his waist when a man he didn’t know entered the store and began cursing him and threatening to assault him, according to a police report. Cruz said he backed away, but the man continued to follow him and wouldn’t leave so he put his hand on the gun, the report said.

Cruz said the man acted as if he was about to pull out a gun so Cruz said he drew his pistol and pointed at the man, who dared him to shoot him in the face. The man then left the shop.

Cruz said he regularly openly carries a pistol in a holster on his waist at work, but Tuesday was the first time he drew it. Open carry of guns in public is legal in Ohio.

Police said shop surveillance video showed the man was black and in his 30s, about 6 feet, 2 inches and 190 pounds. He was wearing a blue and red Cleveland Indians baseball cap, a white long-sleeve shirt with a red T-shirt under it, blue jeans, red sneakers and sunglasses.

  • Joe Smith

    I prefer to conceal but I am glad he was carrying based on the article.

    • Phil Blank

      Well, now everyone knows you carry.
      I’d prefer if they didn’t know anything, until the last minute, second, etc.

      • Joe Smith

        Nobody here has any clue who I am so nobody knows that I carry.
        I agree with the last second thing which was the reason for my original post as you don’t want to warn people by carrying out in the open

        • Kevin Welles

          i like open carry because in most cases it prevents crap

          from happening before it even gets started

          • Joe Smith

            The problem with open carry is that you lose the element of surprise. If someone wants you dead knowing you are armed they will just walk up behind you and shoot you in the back of the head giving you no chance.

            This is the reason that military’s will hide their assets from the enemy as you never show your cards and this gives the opponent info they need to defeat you.
            That and since everybody panics over everything these days, you would be harassed by the police constantly if you open carry in public and citizens would constantly be calling 911

          • Kevin Welles

            As much as I agree with your statement! I’m not afraid of and I actually look forward to police interactions…. I understand how police work and I know the laws… Difference between being respectful and being a submissive sheep if you know what I mean… Plus most criminals are cowards and flee at any sign I resistance… They see a person with a gun and decide to go somewhere else…. That’s okay with me because the only thing that I care about is come home to and protecting my wife an kid

          • Joe Smith

            The only thing but open carry a interacting with the police etc. is that the left can use it as a “look and the crazy gun nuts causing trouble” example and it can hurt us more that help and I understand the police well myself being a former deputy and I am well aware of the police mentality of wanting to be the only ones who should carry a gun.
            We are on the same side but just disagree some on how to go about it.
            Have a safe weekend

          • Kevin Welles

            Hey joe one last thing… There’s a lot of police officers where I live that support open carry… Right now in this time I don’t understand exactly why it is that open carry is so demonized considering a 100 or so years ago it was the concealed carrying people that were thought to be trouble makers… When did that mentality change? I feel like people who conceal have something to hide…. I’m a good honest man and I have nothing to hide from anybody and I can’t justify concealing… Obviously this is just my opinion and how I feel about it… But if I see someone I would rather know that their carrying a gun… It’s a growing thing… Also if you haven’t already and you get the chance read up on some of Switzerland’s gun laws and their crime rate… Have a safe week too :)