November 22, 2014


Commissioner candidates agree to debate on website

Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams, left, and state Rep. Matt Lundy

Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams, left, and state Rep. Matt Lundy

ELYRIA — The Chronicle-Telegram will host a debate between Lorain County Commissioner Tom Williams and his challenger, state Rep. Matt Lundy, D-Elyria.

The debate, which is scheduled to take place Oct. 1, will be made available on The Chronicle’s website.

“We want readers to see the candidates matched up against each other and exploring how they would tackle the county’s problems,” Chronicle Editor Andy Young said.

Both Williams and Lundy had asked The Chronicle to be involved in a debate. The two men have sparred publicly and privately over what format the debates between them would take.

Williams, a Republican seeking his second term, has challenged Lundy to have debates moderated by local veterans and unions with tight restrictions on what they could say about each other. Lundy has dismissed that idea.

Lundy, who is term-limited from seeking another term in Columbus, announced last week that he would face off against Williams at a series of candidate nights and debates on two local radio stations, including WEOL-930 AM, which is owned by the same parent company as The Chronicle.

Williams also had complained that Lundy had refused to respond to his Facebook messages and requests to have a phone conversation. Lundy had said he wanted to sit down and have a face-to-face meeting with Williams.

But the two men said they had a phone conversation earlier this week about the debates that was brief and civil.

Lundy said Wednesday he is pleased The Chronicle will host a debate.

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Williams said he thinks the newspaper-sponsored debate will give voters a chance to see the differences between he and Lundy.

“I think the more we can talk and the more people can learn about the candidates, the better off we are,” Williams said.

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  • Exposing Trolls

    They are debating in person?
    I was sure they would come on here and debate each other in the comment section. The Commish has posted before.
    It seems the GOP supporters find this place the safest place to voice their opinions,suggestions and rhetoric. Safest…

    • golfingirl

      If you feel the Democrats have done a great job running Lorain and Elyria, by all means, vote for them.

      My concern is having all three commissioners from the same political party in charge.

      Regardless of which political party it is.

      I also feel Lundy has lived off the government long enough and is only interested in becoming a County Commissioner because he is term-limited as a state representative.

      I say NO to career politicians.

      • Pablo Jones

        It all depends on perspective. You could say they are doing a great job, if you like having them giving away handouts, attracting those that contribute less to society to the area, and driving away businesses and high earners. You would be for this is you were receiving handouts, or lived somewhere else where the businesses and high earners are moving to.

        Career politicians are always looking for that one high paying job period. Their pension will be based on their highest earning years. They can troll around in the low paying jobs to put their time in, but they need some high paying years to make their pensions pay off. I might be wrong but I think County commissioners make around $150,000 per year as established by the state. That would be about a $90.000 per year pension, even if on average he only earned $50,000.

        This is the same reason why Jim Tressel from Ohio State took a low paying job (respectively) after leaving Ohio state. He made millions coaching, he doesn’t need a $100,000 job. But after he gets his 30 years in his pension will be based on his highest earning years. I think he was making several million a year the last couple years he was coach. That means he is putting up with those $100,000 jobs for a few years until his pension starts paying out over $1,000,000 a year.

        • Joe Flabetz

          Lorain County Commissioners salary is around 75,000, as established by state statue, not 150,000.

          • Pablo Jones

            You are right it wasn’t $150,000. Not sure where I heard it from, I just remember thinking that was ungodly high for what they do.

            Based off the State code for Lorain county in 2001 it was $65,656. I assume it has been adjusted up with inflation since then. They also receive about 35% of their pay in other compensation. So probably around $80,000 now and about $25,000 in compensation.

      • Exposing Trolls

        Who said I was a supporter of any party? To the GOP, the view is this “If you are not with us, you are against us”.

        Compromise, not blaming the current practices, moving toward the future. Wish there was a Party called progress, because that is what we want. Keeping things the way they were back in 1950, is not progress.

        Maybe if people would find common ground, we would find a way.
        Career politicians are adults that have not been able to accept the fact of the real world, so they act like children and make a system they can only follow. They protect this way by making laws behind closed doors and late night sessions, all cowardly (All still ‘legal’ in the system they built)

        • golfingirl

          Never said you supported any single party.

          I personally vote on principles and policy, not political affiliation.

          I have voted for Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

          Those who vote the party, not the person, are politically naive and nothing more than political pawns, whom are taken for granted by both parties.

  • golfingirl

    I might suggest the CT allow readers to submit a few questions for the debate.

    And what is with all this Facebook stuff among the County Commissioners?

    Facebook is for children and amusement. It is not the way mature adults should communicate with one another, and run a county.

    Pick up the phone and talk!

    • johns62

      actually FB is becoming an integral part of communications today

      • golfingirl

        I understand, but not a communication forum to discuss the running of a county government agency.

        Previous stories on the commissioners has referred to their “battles” on Facebook.

        Acted like children when they were “unfriended” by other fellow commissioners.

        Grow up and speak to one another like adults. It is the least county residents can expect from their elected officials who control so many tax dollars.

        • johns62

          well since it wasnt for the business of running a govt agency per say, if other means are not working, go to plan B

    • Suzan Smith

      And answer when the other candidate calls!!

  • GreatRedeemer

    Given the current Commissioner line up. If Lundy is elected it will be 3 aye and 0 nay instead of 2 aye 1 nay

  • Suzan Smith

    Lorain County needs government reform – more than 1/2 the county has no representation at all on the Board except Tom Williams. If you support more sunshine law violations, having millions of tax $$ sunk into old buildings so cronies can benefit, a career politician coming home to run for Commissioner because his time is up in Columbus so he needs a job and two Ds looking to oust an R; you really aren’t paying much attention.